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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chillerama Release Date!

A moment that I've been waiting for has finally arrived! Chillerama will be coming home with us November 29th from Image entertainment! $29.97 on blu-ray and $27.97 on DVD. If you're not sure what movie I'm referring to, read more below!
Next up we have "Chillerama"! This isn't just a normal Joe Lynch movie, it's actually split into 4 different stories and of course directed by 4 different directors. Not to mention it's 4 men that I always keep an eye out for.
Joe Lynch(Wrong turn 2, Knights of badassdom), Adam Green(Hatchet,Frozen,Spiral), Tim Sullivan(2001 maniacs,Driftwood) and Adam Rifkin(Detroit rock city,The dark backward). The segments from the movie are their babies as follows:
Adam Rifkin-Wadzilla
Adam Green-Diary of Anne Frankenstein
Joe Lynch-Zom-B-Movie
Tim Sullivan-I was a teenage werebear
You can not tell me that those don't sound amusing just from the titles. Anyways the film is about the closing night at a drive-in theater and the owner Cecil B Kaufman(Richard Riehle) wants to play some of the greatest movies that he can dig up that have never been shown to a living soul until tonight and those are the movies of course. The movie also stars horror favorites Lin Shaye,Kane Hodder, Joel David Moore and Ray Wise.

Special Features

* Directors' video commentary
* "Wadzilla" deleted scenes and trailer
* The Making-of "The Diary of Anne Frankenstein"
* "I Was A Teenage Werebear" behind-the-scenes, deleted scenes, and trailer
* "Zom-B-Movie" deleted scenes
* Directors' interviews
* Original theatrical trailer

Check out the trailer below and get stoked: