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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Make Out With Violence (2008) Screener Review

Make Out With Violence (2008)
Director: The Deagol Brothers
Status: Screener Review

Alright to punt it bluntly this movies confuses the shit out of me. This boy Patrick (Eric Lehning) has been desperately in love with this neighborhood girl Wendy (Shellie Marie Shartzer). Wendy end up dying (They never explain why or how) and somehow is risen from the dead (They never explain either). Patrick and his twin brother Carol (Cody DeVos) and his little brother Beetle (Brett Miller) find her tied to tree's and decide to take her home. Well home to their friend Rody's house who's on vacation. Anyways the film is narrated by the little brother Beetle, who introduces you to the main characters and the basic plot of the movie. So Wendy somehow randomly dies or is murdered and comes alive to snap a dogs neck and is roped to a couple tree's by someone they never identify. So the brothers find her and Patrick feels it fit to take her back to his friends house and keep her in the bathtub. He's trying to somehow rekindle their non-existent lost love. I guess sometimes certain people's deaths just make already weird people even weirder and sane people insane.They have a funeral and proper burial for Wendy much expecting that she's never coming back. Little do they know that Wendy is a full blown zombie at this point in time. But she's a definition Romero zombie, wobbling around with stiff movements, and only eating flesh and blood things. It's really awkward how Patrick just stays with her alone in the bathroom a lot and begins acting more and more strange. All the kids try to continue on with their lives and you meet other characters. Carol's crush Addy (Leah High), Wendy's boyfriend Brian (Josh Duensing), and Addy's friend Anne Haran (Tia Shearer). Beetle ends up getting into a fight with Patrick and informs Addy that she needs to see something. So they go to Rody's house where zombie Wendy is being held captive by Patrick, and it all ends in tears...and a face being bitten off (which they don't show).

I love the character of Rody (Jordan Lehning). In his introduction he's just a complete nutbag, haha. Beetle stating that he "hates when people get sad or scared". The comes a little montage of him chopping stuff up and firing a shotgun. It's just really humorous considering the circumstances of the movie and what Beetle is talking about. Now there's a couple small things I can pick out that I enjoy in this movie, but all in all I don't like it. I like how they always call Anne Haran, Anne Haran. I have certain friends that I always refer to by their first and last name, so I found it kinda funny. Anyways the cinematography is really nice. Everything is pretty bright and colorful and if anyone loves colors it's meee! So the colors and lighting used were very delightful. I also like the style of clothing everyone wears. Especially with Wendy, her dress was adorable. You have to give credit where credit is due Shellie Marie Shartzer makes a great and sexy zombie. I mean in the way of acting, that would be pretty boring having to sit around like that and only being able to maneuver slightly in short stiff movements. And little Beetle was a good actor as well.

They introduce all the characters and give a little to much pointless information about them. It just really bores me. I was all about seeing this zombie bitch eat a couple people, but that's not the direction they took at all. Instead it's more of a slow paced zombie love story with family undertones. It's not a movie that I'd want to watch more than once. If your interested in more sappy stuff, then this movie is for you. When it boils down to it the main focus is on the relationships between the friends and family, and them dealing with the loss of a good friend. So there's no gore, no zombie attacks (Except on a dog and a rat), and no extreme violence. Which to me was pretty damn depressing. I love a decent story, but I love gore and violence even more. This isn't really in any way horror related. It's more drama filled then anything. It has some dark aspects to it considering their little brother watches Patrick torture Wendy. I mean that has to be creepy as hell from the eyes of a 10 year old (or however old he is). The story branches off into more of a tale of obsession with Carol feelings for Addy and Patrick's undying love for Wendy. The movie drags on with no actual entertaining point.

The build up the last moments of the film way to ridiculously. For the fact that it only shows blood pouring from his mouth after one little bite. It just turned out to be a bit of a disappointment to me. It gave off way to much of a family film vibe and that's not up my alley.

2/5 Stars

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Horror Ladies Mix Up

Okay I thought I'd do a little post about this because it's something that drives me mad. There's two actresses that frequent the horror genre that I constantly get mixed up when I see one of them in a movie. Melissa George and Naomi Watts! You'll recognize Melissa from horror movies such as Triangle, 30 days of night, Turistas, and the Amityville horror. You'll recognize Naomi from horror movies such as The Ring 1 and 2, Funny Games, King Kong, and Children Of the corn: The gathering.
It's amazing because I see them both so much and still confuse them. You don't know what either of them look like, take a gander below!

Naomi Watts

Melissa George

So you can understand why I mix these two pretty ladies up all the time. I feel a little better now that I have gotten that out of my head, haha.
Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Crazies Facebook Game

The Crazies Facebook App game:

The Crazies remake is coming to theaters soon and along with it plenty of promotional material in all forms. One cute one is the crazies game on facebook. It's a fun little time waster where your trapped in the town with a couple other survivors. With each level comes missions, and they get tougher and tougher the higher you get. You place your men and their weapons and then fire away as the crazies charge toward you. As the game advances you get money and gold to pawn for more money to buy different and more suitable weapons for your protection. You also get mission updates telling you Crazies killed, ammo used, and money earned to keep track of everything. If the crazies break down your defenses (in my case they bum rushed into one of my buildings and burned it down, haha) you are overrun by them and get to start over. It's a cool little game , so if this catches your interest the link to it is below.

You can find the game here:

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm On The LAMB



Thanks you guys!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

R.I.P. Corey Haim!

Corey Haim died this morning at the age of 38 years old.

Needless to say Corey Haim was an awesome horror actor. Acting in movies such as the classic vampire flick Lost Boys, Fever Lake, and The Back Lot Murders. Corey was a big drug addict though, which they believe is the cause of his death. They found 4 bottles of pills by him where he died. It's so sad. May he Rest In Peace!

Mr. Horror Blogosphere Voting!

So it's that time again! Time to vote for your favorite contestant in the Mr. Horror Blogosphere competition! I know it's going to be difficult. I, Myself took like 20 minutes to decide on my vote. I was caught between 3 bloggers I really like, but I ended up casting my vote for Patrick from Stabbing, Stabbing, Stabbing.
Anyways please go take the time to vote! I'm glad Chuck took the time to do this competition and I'm excited for the outcome!
Vote here:

And make sure to let Chuck know how awesome he is for running the male part of the competition!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Aleata In Weirdsville

Hello horror fiends. For those of you who are interested I've started a new blog about yours truly. It's going to be filled with a combination of goofy shit I find on the internet, wonderful Aleata life stories, And basically just anything I feel the need to address. I'm still in the process of making the layout/banner and such. I should have everything in order in the next week though, so follow it if you like.

Yes, it's almost the same as this URL but it has a B in there. Haha. Sorry if it confused anyone.


Monday, March 8, 2010

The Zombie Rabbit Award!

The Zombie Rabbit Award

Hello, boils and ghouls Aleata here with some more awards to give out. Thanks to Joe from over at He runs a great movie blog so make sure you check it out! It says I need to hand this award out to 4 blogs, so here goes!

4.) 42nd Street Cinema:
I love James blog! He reviews tons of great movies from various awesome genre's including Cannibals, Crime, Naziplotation, Slasher, and much more.. He has a effervescent blog in my eyes and it's one of my favorites. Plus I just adore his main banner. What a collection of great flicks!

3.) Slash And Dine:
Shannon gives you gore mixed with lot's of crazy awesome food. Yeah, that doesn't sound appetizing the way I said it, but trust me on this! She takes the themes of great horror movies and makes a delicious recipe to go along with it. Her page has also become of my favorites as well.

2.) Miss LipsTattoo:
Not only does this lady create some of the grooviest ghoulish jewelry I've ever seen, but she runs her own horror blog. Not only can you get movie reviews and interviews, but she posts step by step processes on how to make some of her fabulous jewelry. She has some of the coolest things that you would never ever think of.

1.) Patrick Stabbing Stabbing Stabbing:
Not only is Patrick an awesome dude, but he runs a totally sweet movie blog. So continue on to the link and get all you need to know about movies from Patrick's unique perspective.

Well that's all for now folks! Make sure to check out the links, and hopefully you enjoy them as much as I do!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Woods (2005)

The Woods (2005)
Director: Lucky McKee

Note: This is an older post I had lost on my broken laptop. So as you can see it's Winter right now and we wouldn't be hiking. HAHA. So I added some stuff and here it is! Enjoy darlings!

The Woods(2005)

So Sunday my boyfriend and I went hiking in Spangler park, which is absolutely B E A utiful! It got me thinking how much I really want to shoot a horror movie in the woods, but not a typical horror movie, something extremely unique. There exists only a couple movies that involve woods that are really special, and really bring a sense of originality to them. The first movie that comes to my mind is Lucky McKee's "The Woods". I just glow and sparkle with joy when I show someone this movie who hasn't seen it. I enjoy watching their awed reactions. Lucky McKee is indeed one of my favorite directors and deserves more recognition for the mind bendingly brilliant movies he creates. Some of his amazing flicks you should check out are "Sick Girl" (he did this fantastic movie for "Masters of horror" starring Angela Bettis and Erin Brown) , "May", and of course "The Woods". And the review starts now, enjoy!

This movie takes place in 1965. "The Woods" stars Agnes Bruckner as Heather a girl who is exceptionally different from other girls, and has a tad bit of a problem with setting things on fire. Her mother and father (Bruce Campbell and Emma Campbell) tire of her antics and send her to a private all girls school "Fallburn Academy", which she immediately grows an extreme distaste for. She off the bat notices there's something definitely wrong with the teachers and school. The actors chosen were all well suited for their parts. They all bring out great personalities or lack of personalities (when certain students are being drained of emotion). Patricia Clarkson made a very subtle yet wicked headmistress. You wonder how she can be so bent on destruction with the calmness she emanates throughout the movie. But the girls are sought out for their "special talents" that they acquire. Heather just happens to have the most important talent of them all, and her friend Marcy (Lauren Birkell) has an important role as well.

The dream sequences have such a fast paced shock quality to them they are wonderfully exhilarating. With such bright and vivid contrast to them (morning shots in the woods) as well. You really get caught up in the seclusion of this school way out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by bunches and bunches of trees. I mean the location is perfect for the cryptic type of forest that Lucky was portraying. The cinematography, especially of the woods is so beyond words. The trees take on their own evil character, and you start to really get paranoid watching scenes of anyone in or near the woods. I totally dig the twisted, vile, and enclosed feeling the woods give off. It's this unspoken evil that you know is lurking out there. Samantha (Rachel Nichols) plays the absolute perfect antagonist as she tries to torment Heather into leaving the school. Because she knows of the evil doings of the Teachers there. It ends tragically for Samantha when the Headmistress hears her trying to clue Heather in on what's going on. Heather even tries to escape a couple times but is prevented by the woods. I also love the myth about the 3 sisters. It's played in such a Grimm's fairy tale manner. As the movie continues on tree's attack, girls are brain washed, and it comes to a bloody fun ending you won't forget. The image of Heather with that red axe is imprinted in my mind. Seriously the axe rampage is beautifully done, and the type of blood used is to spectacular! And of course Bruce Campbell has a kick ass part as Heather's dad who will stop at nothing to save his daughter from the evil teachers. I also love the tree's consuming the girls towards the end. It's a mix of practical and CGI that just works delightfully. And you will rarely ever hear me say that. Lucky pulls it off and it makes for one of my favorite movies!

I also have to mention the soundtrack right here. Basically the entire soundtrack is compiled of Lesley Gore songs. I LOVE LESLEY GORE! I think the one song she is known for is the only song of hers I don't like (It's my party), ring a bell anyone? But seriously some of her very best songs were slapped into this movie, especially "You don't own me". To me it's extremely bothersome if you have a great movie with a bad soundtrack. Because when I fall in love with a movie I have to watch it a good 20 times before putting it back on my movie shelf, and trying to watch one of your fave movies and listening to the same annoying songs or scores really sucks! So when I come across a movie like "The woods" you could imagine how stoked I was. So here's to an amazing work of art!

This movie has been officially AA'd. Aleata Approved!

Also if you're a Lucky fan please be on the lookout for Offspring: The Woman. His new movie in the works.

Blogging Drama 3: The Drama Returns

Note: This post is DRAMA filled, so if you don't want to read it turn back now.

First off I sincerely apologize to all my readers for having to endure this drama. But I would just like to point out and correct some things. I've tried to be polite and respectful about things, but that's just not working out.

Okay do you find it strange that Heidi is harassing an entire group of writers with blogs? One by one she has been writing rude posts about everyone. You do know you review movies, and not bloggers Heidi? Heidi enjoys pushing everyone around and seems to think that no one is going to push back. And I'm getting harassed because I'm bullying the bully? In her latest post she just shows that she's not going to quit. I became aware of this when one of my friends posted something about it. If you recall she started this entire ordeal. I stood up because along with several of my friends I was being belittled by someone that I don't even know. Am I wrong for that? Now I would think that anyone else being harassed would stick up for themselves as well. No one had made any rude comments about Heidi or pretty-scary previous to the "ms horror blogosphere competition", so why is she continuously slandering us? Saying mean things isn't going to make anyone like you more. And seriously someone who reads through various blogs that you really don't like to pick out every single grammatical error that someone has made. Honey you have no life! I can give you suggestions of things to do if you REALLY can't find anything. On a serious note, I really feel bad for you. You have to be a miserable person with a miserable life to create such bullshit over the internet.

Let me correct some comments created about me.
First off, I said that " someone SHOULD punch her in the face" not that I was GOING to find her and punch her in the face. And she probably will get hers for all the negativity that just radiates off of her. It's called Karma. I was making a smartass remark to make people laugh and see the ridiculousness of the situation. Some people obviously couldn't sense the sarcasm...that's not my problem. I love how people are trying to take my words out of context and change them into something they want to hear.

Oh and I've gained more followers and hits on my pages thanks for the free promotion Heidi! As far as her trying to knock my status as a filmmaker. She hasn't seen any of our horror movies. We don't have any posted online, so how can she (and her readers that left rude comments about me) criticize my work? Yeah, it baffles my mind as well. Darling you haven't seen nothing yet. I know you wanted me to respond because you seem to thrive off drama. Well I think you should get a gig with a gossip column. Horror doesn't seem to be your thing.

I'm not a professional (wouldn't care if I was either) and I don't care how this looks to anyone. I have a right to defend my blog and the people who are being harassed. So GO FUCK YOURSELF Heidi! You are a nasty person who shows no respect for others. And to make me out to look like the bad person for defending myself and others, you obviously have lot's of free time. I suggest you get out more. Do you really think your going to discourage me from doing what I love to do? You nor anyone else in this world is going to shut me up. NEWS FLASH your making yourself look bad AND ignorant. That's pretty sad considering old? Come on tell me how much you really hate me (for no reason whatsoever) because your getting me more hits on my pages. Yes, I realize I'm not helping the situation anymore, but it's almost to funny not to poke fun at it now. Just remember I'm laughing at you.

Oh and please editor Heidi spell check my work. I threw in a couple extra mistakes for you to find.

Anything else said about me will be ignored. Anyone who posts anything derogatory on my page about myself or my friends, your comments will be deleted. So don't waste your time.

And I would also like to announce that I've started my new life as a rapper. My first single "get a life" will be out early next month.

Again sorry I had to put everyone through that again. But I have a RIGHT to defend my blog and myself against false accusations made about me. Have a good day.

Slash And Dine Contest

So Shannon Bucaro had a contest last month for her Slash And Dine column she writes over at Brutal as hell. The winner receives an awesome horror cinema book. You can check out the contest and the delicious cupcakes(which had a Happy Birthday To Me theme, I love her column) here:

Anyways she picked a winner from a bowl and I just happened to be the lucky winner! So I just wanted to post a little thank you to her! THANKS SHANNON! I'm totally stoked to get this book!! I will more than likely post photo's for everyone to see it.

So check out this months deadly Phantasm Falafel Sphere's here:

And check out Shannon announcing the winner here:

Anyways just thought I'd let everyone know, because I'm super excited!
Ta Ta For Now!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Women In Horror: Bianca Barnett

Bianca Barnett Interview:

I'm also very pleased I was able to get an interview with the lovely Bianca Barnett. She is an awesome actress to look out for in the horror world. So check out her interview and bio below!

Bianca Barnett first slashed her way into the heart of horror with her fearless performance as the horribly mutated villainess, Pig Bitch, in 2009’s "Albino Farm". Next, she portrayed Marlena, a drug-addled model who moonlighted as an organ thief in Ramzi Abed’s mind-bending thriller, "In a Spiral State". Bianca made her film debut in Abed’s "The Devil’s Muse", playing dual roles as na├»ve Rose, who moved to Hollywood with hopes of stardom, and the mutilated corpse of the mysterious Black Dahlia.

Currently, Bianca has five projects she is working on in 2010, including a cameo in Michael Colburn’s gruesome “The Toy Box”; a femme fatale in the neo noir “Kissing Jake”; and as the action heroine, Toy London, in “Vengeance Wears a Skirt”. She continues to work hard as a model and actress while maintaining straight A’s at the college she attends full-time. She strives to develop her craft by continuing to study theater and acting. She resides in a 1927 Tudor home in Los Angeles with her partner, movie maker Jason Barnett, and their two shih-tzu dogs.

1.) Let us start with the big question, what drew you to all things horror?

I grew up surrounded by sci-fi, aliens, and monsters. My dad founded Lunar Models, so I had the opportunity to go to conventions at a very young age. A childhood highlight was meeting Bob Burns and touring his “basement” museum where I saw ACTUAL movie props from The Time Machine, An American Werewolf in London, Alien, The Exorcist, The Munsters, and more. When we went back home, I had my step-granny sew a dress like Lily’s for me to wear!

2.) When and why did you decide you wanted to become an actress/model?

I think I always knew I wanted to do something to entertain people. I was always in school plays, doing recitals, ballet, tap, choir, theater, blah, blah. After my parents divorced, I would spend weekends in the country at my dad’s house. He had this amazing Victorian home, so I would write little movies and star in them with my sisters. I tried stop motion, makeup, and my own special effects. They were goofy, but when I think back, I realize that I was quite creative and truly had a love for the filmmaking process.

3.) Did you initially want to work in the horror genre, or did that come about later on?

Honestly, I just wanted a chance to act! However, I am a Goth girl at heart, so horror was always at the top for me. I think that I would like to transition into action films because it seems like a fun genre that is physically challenging. I don’t watch any modern action movies, but I love exploitation action films from the 1970s.

4.) What would be your favorite movie that you've done so far and why?

I love working with my death partner, Jason Barnett, because he is a superbly talented filmmaker, editor, special effects artist, and he knows how to light and compose a shot beautifully. I trust working with him on anything because I know he has a real vision! We have done two short films- the award winning “Bunny Time Cupcakes” and a creepy short film called “Bulbs”.

Albino Farm was my first real film, so that experience was really rewarding for me. The film was shot on location in Missouri, so spending time there was a great change of pace from being in Los Angeles. The people were all so sweet and helpful! I had the chance to do my own stunts, including a choreographed fight scene. I love doing new things and the idea of kicking ass in a movie is exciting, so I hope to do some action films in the near future!

Oh, and the Rocketz KILLING video turned out so beautifully, but I was sick with the flu the day of filming! Everyone was so kind to me, though, taking care of me and bringing me flu medicine.

5.) Are there any actors/actresses that you've made it a goal to eventually get to work with?

Ooh, I haven’t really thought of that! Honestly, I have to go through much more training before I can feel confident as an actor. I still do not feel that I am very good and I cringe when I watch myself on screen. I would kill (hee hee) to watch someone like Cate Blanchett or Meryl Streep prepare for and perform a scene. How amazing would that be? I would be studying every little gesture!

6.) What are the ups and downs of being a scream queen?

Well, honestly, I don’t consider myself a scream queen because I feel that title is relegated to a very select few. (I am quite honored that some people consider me a scream queen, though!) Personally, I think more of myself as an actress who works in horror and independent film. That being said, the “ups” are getting paid work, especially when there is a great cast and crew, and meeting the fans. The “downs” are not having enough time to answer all the fan mail, and waiting for other jobs to come along. I also hate that great opportunities seem to come along all at once, so I can’t choose to do everything! It seems like it is either feast or famine right now. Maybe that will change soon.

7.) If you weren't acting/modeling what do you think you'd be doing?

When I am not acting, I am taking as many science classes as possible in school! I am a full-time student and hoping to transfer to UCLA within a year or so to receive my baccalaureate of science.

8.) Do you have any words of encouragement or tips to aspiring scream queens out there?

Be true to yourself, do not EVER do anything you are not comfortable with, learn your craft, be professional, and show gratitude.

9.) Can you give us any inside information about any upcoming projects you have in the works?

There’s an action film written by John D. Robinson called “Vengeance Wears a Skirt” that should be filming later this year. In May, I have a cameo in Michael Colburn’s “The Toy Box” ,and in the summer, I am filming “Hellstorm” with Keith A. Smith. There might be other projects, too, but so far these are official.

10.) Who's your favorite woman(or women) in the horror world?

I love all of the elegant and sensual women of Hammer films. Barbara Steele is also a definite favorite.

11.) Out of all the female villains/murderers/monsters,who's the scariest to you and why?

Linda Blair still scares me in The Exorcist! There’s just something so scary about the idea of demon possession. I love it!

12.) And last but not least, what’s your favorite horror movie of all time?

I can only pick one? Well, The Exorcist and The Shining are still very scary to me. I have trouble watching them if I am alone!

If you would like more information on Bianca and her upcoming projects please visit these websites:
You can find out more at , ,

Blogging Drama Part 2: The Final Blog Dun Dun dunnnn..

Blogging Drama Part 2: The Final Blog Dun Dun Dunnnn......

Here we go again. This is the last time I'm saying anything about this mess because it's completely ludicrous. I'd much rather spend my time writing about the things I love then arguing about stupid internet drama. But I'm going to cover everything in this post. As to get it all out of the way. First off I'm not apologizing for anything I've said or I'm going to say now. That's the power we all have being writers/bloggers we can openly speak our minds about how we feel. Secondly there's the Heidi situation. Well let's see yes I'm extremely appalled by her and her actions. She concerns herself more with tearing down bloggers (and good ones might I add) then writing horror. It's truly pathetic. Sorry if your a big Pretty-scary fan, but it's how I feel. And yes I have had a few choice words about her and I'm still laughing about it. People take things way to seriously nowadays. I have a right to speak my mind about it I've been a target to one of her little crybaby fits. As far as that goes I'm not going to apologize for it. She can verbally attack everyone she wants, but no one else can have a say in it? Yeah, pry not! As far as the rest goes, I really don't care. Bash me all you like your just getting me noticed even more! *wink wink* =]

I think it's awesome Rhonny from got nominated for a Rondo award and also B-Sol from over at got nominated as well. So congrats to them and good luck guys! You can vote for them at

I really don't think it matters "how new" someone's blog is, if the blog is good it's good period. People should be supporting other horror bloggers and instead it's a fight in a big popularity contest. Blogging of the undead is what it is, everyone's trying to rip each others heads off. I love writing and supporting horror and that's what I'm going to continue doing without shame or apologies. I also hate how people are insulting each others blogs in a polite manner. If you don't like their blog then DON'T READ IT. Why must they persist in reading them and talking crap about them over and over again. This is an online horror blogging community, come on now.

Now moving onto the Mr. Horror Blogosphere contest. Wow, I really heart Chuck from He's kicking ass over there! I can't wait for the competition. These little friendly competitions help get people's blogs noticed and meet other bloggers. I still think there great! So good luck Chuck! You can count me in! You'll find the first interview for the contest right here:

In other Aleata Illusion news the trip to Chicago was a giant disaster, and I will be covering a post about it. So stay tuned for that it's pretty hilarious.

And I've updated my Tumblr page, add it if you like:

And last but not least my Women In Horror interviews are going to spill over into this month of March. I have about 4 more interviews I'm waiting on. So again I'd just like to thank all the wonderful ladies who participated! They turned out magnificent and I learned a lot of new things about everyone. So thank you and good luck to everyone and their new projects and such this year!

Good Day Everyone!
Aleata Illusion