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Friday, February 26, 2010

Women In Horror: Sarah Jahier

Sarah Jahier Interview
Status: Horror Journalist

Sarah “Fatally Yours” Jahier is the founder, editor and journalist for horror review site Sarah took the horror world by storm back in 2005 when she debuted and it is now the go-to site for all things horror, covering everything from independent to mainstream horror films, music and books to horror products, conventions and clothing companies as well as featuring interviews with the big names in horror as well as the up-and-comers.

Sarah prides her horror site on giving honest reviews for the genre she so loves. Everything is done “for the love of horror” (the motto of in an effort to truly represent all the great (and not so great) horror that is out there!

In addition to running her own website, Sarah has written for Pretty-Scary, Bloody-Disgusting, DVD Resurrections, Horror Fanatics and the Underground Horror Movie Network. She likes it spooky.

1.) So what birthed your undying devotion for the horror genre?

I grew up a voracious reader and started reading Stephen King novels at a very young age, as well as anything spooky I could get my hands on – R.L. Stine books, Edgar Allen Poe stories, Anne Rice novels and so on. My love of horror movies really started to grow during high school, when one of my friends and I used to rent oodles of cheesy B-movies and spend whole weekends watching one bad horror movie after another. My obsession with horror suddenly turned serious when I watched The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. After that I couldn’t get enough horror films! A film class in college led me to broaden my horizons in horror and introduced me to Italian gialli, Asian ghost stories, and German Expressionist films and so on. From there, they say, the rest is history.

2.) When and why did you decide to start

Well, after graduating from my university, I really missed writing about horror films (I spent my last semester focused on writing about horror films for both my thesis and for my film class) and I wanted to keep writing about the genre and all the new horror films I was being exposed to. So after graduating, I started as a place where I could keep writing about the genre I fell head over heels for.

3.) I know a lot of people flock to, because it's an amazing horror website. Was it hard to get a following started for your website?

Well, since I mainly started it as a place I could express myself, I never really intended for it to have a following. But, as I started connecting with different writers on Myspace (this was years ago when Myspace was still relevant) the hits just kept on coming. Then people were contacting me to review their films and I started writing for a few other horror sites, both which helped get my name out there. After people became familiar with the Fatally-Yours name, I had other writers approach me and ask if they could write for the site! Overall, it was just an amazing experience that really showed me how cohesive and supportive the horror community can be.

4.) Do you think you are judged differently in any way being a woman horror writer?

When I first started, there weren’t that many women writers in the horror business, at least not ones that had an online presence. I had a few to look up to (Heidi Martinuzzi of Pretty/Scary, Stacie Ponder of Final Girl, Staci Layne Wilson of, but being a woman horror writer back then was kinda looked upon as a novelty. I sometimes felt that the first thing people judged me on was not how well I could write, but by my gender. Like they were thinking, “what is a woman doing writing about the horror genre?!” I feel that their biases didn’t last too long after they saw that I knew my shiznit. As long as a person has an appreciation for and is knowledgeable about the horror genre I feel that horror fans will accept them no matter their sex, race, ethnicity and so on. Plus, now it’s just a few years after I joined the horror community and the internet is teeming with new women horror writers and bloggers! I’m happy and proud to see such a huge influx of female writers!

5.) Is there a horror writer/blogger that has been strongly inspiring to you?

As mentioned above, Heidi Martinuzzi was a huge driving force in my success. She gave me one of my first writing gigs outside of Fatally-Yours with Pretty/Scary and continues to be an inspiration to this day. Not only did she start Pretty/Scary for women of horror by women of horror, but she’s also not afraid to speak her mind and sticks to her guns, no matter what other people think!

6.) Do you think you have more female fans based on the fact that you are a female writer?

I hope not! I mean, if people admire me I hope it is based on talent, skill or knowledge and not solely on the fact that I’m female.

7.) Are there any highlights you can share with us since you've started writing about all things horror?

One of my favorite things has been reviewing lesser-known independent titles and exposing readers to films, books or products they otherwise might not have known about. I am a big supporter of the independent horror scene (as long as the film is actually GOOD), and it’s so gratifying to see lower budget films that I’ve championed get the attention they deserve!

8.) If you weren't a horror writer, what would you write about?

Well, this is somewhat related, but I’d probably be writing about Halloween! I am such a little kid when it comes to that holiday – I get all giddy and it’s like I’m hyped up on sugar the whole month of October! I love the decorations, the colors, the costumes, the spooky atmosphere – October is definitely a horror lover’s dream month!

I am also big on animal rights and I am vegan, so I would probably be writing about that as well!

9.) If you could meet any one person in the horror world (dead or alive) to interview for a day with, who would it be?

That’s a tough one…I really would love to spend the day with Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira) just because she seems to have so much spunk and sass and has inspired/entertained so many horror fans! Same goes for Linnea Quigley…she always brings a certain spark to her roles and isn’t afraid to flaunt her sexuality. Barbara Steele is another one of my favorites who I would love to spend the day interviewing! As for those who are deceased, I would love to interview Frankenstein author Mary Shelley, producer of Halloween (and many other films) Debra Hill, Maila Nurmi aka Vampira, and classic scream queens Fay Wray and Theda Bara.

10.) Who is your favorite woman (or women) in horror?

I absolutely love Shannon Lark, because girl does everything – acting, modeling, film making, running the Viscera Awards and The Chainsaw Mafia, helping out other female filmmakers…she just doesn’t stop! I also admire Hannah Neurotica, who runs Ax Wound Zine for her passion and insight on horror and how she examines the genre through a feminist lens. As mentioned earlier, Heidi Martinuzzi is one special lady in my life! I could go on and on and on about my favorite women in horror, but I admire and respect any woman who defies the archaic but stubborn stereotype of a soft, delicate female and instead embraces the dark, violent shadows of the horror genre.

11.) Have you ever been interested in pursuing any other job in the horror/film world (actress, director, model, cinematographer)?

I enjoy what I’m doing now, but I love the whole “behind the scenes” aspect of film, so I wouldn’t mind being involved in a production or two. I think it would be really fun to get involved in the special FX part of the business…who wouldn’t love to play with blood and body parts all day?

I would also love to be an editor for horror books.

12.) And last but not least, what's your favorite horror movie of all time?

There are so many fantastic horror movies out there, but I always choose the one film that most profoundly affected me and really pushed me to fall in love with horror, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. That film bothered me so much that I even wrote my college thesis on it! And even after watching it probably more than a hundred times in just that particular semester, it still creeps me out!

For more information on Sarah and Fatally-Yours please visit her websites below!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Women In Horror: Diane Ayala Goldner Interview

Diane Ayala Goldner Interview
Status: Actress

You'll most likely recognize Diane as Biker Queen/Harley Mom in the hilariously insane Feast Trilogy. She has graced us with her presence in many horror flicks and hopefully we'll see her in many many more to come! You can check her out in Feast, Feast 2:Sloppy Seconds, Feast 3:The Happy Finish, Pulse 2:Afterlife, Pulse 3:Invasion, The Collector, Satanic, Halloween 2, Adam's Apocalypse, etc..It was an honor to be able to interview such a talented and friendly actress such as Diane, so I would just like to thank her again for her awesomeness! So now go check out her interview below and learn something new!

1.)So how did your love for the horror genre bloom?

As a kid, "The Wolfman", "Frankenstein", and "Doctor Jekyll", all stole my heart, "The Last Man On Earth" stimulated my imagination; and during the "The Haunting" I was hyperventilating so much, that my mother had to snap me out of it. As a teenager I was terrified and awed by the elegant horror films like "Rosemary's Baby" and "The Exorcist. Then there was the roller coaster ride of audacity brought on by Romero's "Dead" films and Toby Hooper's "Chainsaw".

2.)What made you decide you wanted to become an actress?

Well I don't know that I ever decided as much as I just love acting. Great acting makes me cry. It's so magnificent. The first time I acted, I was about 8 -I played a Jackal (haha) in a school skit, and I remember coming out of character as if I had come out of a sort of trance. When I was 14, I performed Juliet (From Romeo and Juliet) and learned of the other perk of acting -you get noticed! Oddly enough I hadn't really thought about that part. After the performance I was heading for my car and a group of kids from the "Foster Freeze" across the street ran over saying there's "Juliet", and...the boy I had a crush on made his way through the kids and gave me a little kiss (swoon).

3.)Did you initially want to work in the horror genre, or did that happen by chance?

I never though about genre. I love "Pink Flamingo's" as equally as "Howard's End". However, the independent films that I have dedicated myself to making with the Gulagers, such as "Fucking Tulsa", are pretty horrific.

4.)I'm a huge fan of the Feast Trilogy! How was it working on all three of those films (For anyone who doesn't know Diane plays the badass twin sisters Harley Mom and Biker Queen)? How was it to play such tough and independent leading ladies?

In the first "Feast" I was up for Tuffy's part which was a much smaller role until John Gulager (the director and my long time partner) started envisioning me in the part. Unfortunately, because of his input it became one of the staring roles and they ended up, of course, getting someone who was a more established actress. Fortunately, "Harley Mom" was available and the studio and everyone liked my audition enough to give me the part. Again because I had the role, John and the writers -Marcus and Patrick, were inspired to give my character some flourishes!!! The baby monster (mouth rape) sequence was not in the original script. When they asked me how I would feel about it, I jumped for joy, I thought it was so much fun. When it came to writing Feast 2 and 3, Marcus always had the idea of Biker Queen (Harley Mom's twin) and her all female biker gang. I think because it was a lower budget situation (and I think because they liked me in the first "Feast") there was no qualms from the studio about me having a staring role!! The cool thing about getting to do "Feast" 2 and 3 is there was some prep time to do research on my character. I learned to shoot and ride a motorcycle. As for being a "strong independent leading lady" -Yeah! That's alright by me. My expiration date is long expired so it is amazing that I was able to star in any film, let alone a horror film where most women are in their 20's.

5.)Who has been your biggest inspiration in life?

My adopted father Clu Gulager -81 years old, and his spirit is undaunted. His love of film, art and artist is kind and fierce. He is still writing scripts, walking miles, going to the movie theater daily, teaching acting class...and ...and...and...

6.)What would you say are the ups and downs of working in the horror industry?

Realistic or "fantastic" the possibilities of being inventive through the horror genre are limitless. The down side is the industry tends to fin the formulaic. That said, interesting things still get made.

7.)When it comes to your on screen characters. What type of characters do you prefer to play or would prefer to play?

That's a hard one, I can't imagine any type of character I wouldn't want to explore. As Sally Field said about nudity when questioned at the "Actor Studios" -"The question is not whether to do nudity or not, the question is whether the project and director is something you believe in and want to be a part of". I do like that somehow I seem to be setting the bar for the most outrageously fucked up memorable moments in film. Even in "The Shield" I walk through the police station brandishing a giant used condom which I then throw on the detective's desk.

8.)What would you say has been your greatest accomplishment so far?

Feast 2 -When I saw it, I thought "o.k. I can die now, I've played a totally cool character in a totally cool film".

9.)When you get a break from acting, what hobbies occupy your time?

I spend most of my time watching films but I love reading, exotic cookbooks, cooking, eating, drinking, dancing etc. I have been doing Tai Chi since I was 19 and the last few years I have taken up Belly Dancing!!

10.)Out of all the female villains/Monsters/Murderers in the horror movie universe, who's the scariest to you and why?

"La Llorona" -from a Mexican folktale (I was partly brought up in Mexico). What could be scarier then a woman who kills her own children, then roams lamenting and wailing "oh my babies" and...despite her laments and tears feels compelled to kill any child she encounters out alone at night.

11.)Who's your favorite woman (or women) in horror?

Ruth Gordon, who plays the kindly satanist next door in "Rosemary's Baby". The little girl in "Let The Right One In" was pretty cool. And I loved the mother in the "The Vampire Lestat" book, who leaped the Paris rooftops, rode hanging on the top of horse drawn carriages with her son Lestat, and who, when she'd had "enough", went to Africa and buried herself in the desert for a few hundred years.

12.)Do you have any upcoming projects in the works that you can share with us?

My character has the misfortune of running into Marcus Dunstun's antagonist in "The Collector" released to DVD about a week ago!! And also, Marcus recently made a brutally awesome music video co-staring the Gulager clan (which I can claim being a part of for 20 years). I'm lucky in that I have a few directors who actually write specifically for me. Clu Gulager wrote a part in his Western that would rival any and every of the "fucked up memorable moments" I have had in film so far. When you talk about inventive and dark, no one is more out right disturbing then Clu (and so funding is always problematic). Tom Gulager wrote a compelling fucked up character for me in the "neo-realistic noir horror film"(hahahaha that is a mouthful -I came up with it myself) that Marcus and Patrick (Feast and Saw writers) are working on getting produced for John to direct. And there are a few other directors that I have my fingers crossed for, who have me in mind for one possible role or the other.

For more information on Diane check out these websites:!/profile.php?ref=sgm&id=1059978092

Check out the Feast Trailers below:

Monday, February 22, 2010

Women In Horror: Tiara Schaffter

Tiara Schaffter Interview:

Tiara Schaffter is a horror/comedy actress that works for my very own Maggot Mosh Productions. She has appeared in such movie shorts as A final set of limbs, The adventures of Senses Fail, Why you shouldn't let your kids trick or treat alone, and many more. She is also an amazing hair stylist and make-up artist, which she is soon attending school for.

Check out Tiara's bio and interview below:

My name is Tiara Jane Schaffter.
Born and raised in Wooster Ohio with 4 sisters.
The day I graced this earth with my presence 11-2-92
Growing up I wanted to be a plastic surgeon, but when I turned about 13 years old I decided I wanted to be a cosmetologist.
Being an actress was something that just kind of fell into place.
I attended Ohdela digital academy, and I am soon to be attending regency cosmetology school, and the Paul Mitchell cosmetology school.
I am Very much single right now, and Not looking. I'm concentrating on my career, and making movies at the moment.
To see some of our clips go to <--- (not a typo) mosh productions
To contact me go to (Under construction at the moment)

1.)So what pulled your interest into the horror genre?

Well when I was a little kid my sisters Aleata and Raven would cover themselves in blood and gore and take pictures in different dead poses, I thought it was awesome. My sister Aleata and her love for gore and horror definitely inspired me to go into the horror genre.

2.)What made you decide to start acting?

Haha I've always been a funny out going person and acting is something that just kind of came natural. I was in a lot of plays and shit when I was in school, and it just kind of progressed into what I do now.

3.)What horror movies have you done thus far?

I have been in A final set of limbs, The Senses fail Buddy and Dan series, Why you don't let your kids trick-or-treat alone, Sleep Rapenea, and a couple others. We also have quite a few movies on the way.

4.)What type of role do you find easiest to portray in horror movies?

I tend to play men, and lesbians a lot. It's like I connect with my inner man when I'm on camera...Weird right?

5.)Who in your opinion is the scariest female Villain/monster/murderer in the horror movie universe?

Definitely Linda Blair in the Exorcist, and Betsy Baker in The evil dead. Those movies are Traumatizing.

6.)Any upcoming projects you can share with us?

I'll let you know that we are working on a lot of bad ass projects but they'll have to be a surprise. Sorry guys! =D

7.)Is there anyone you are dying to work with(Actors/Directors) in the horror movie genre?

I would actually be satisfied making movies with my sisters the rest of my life. But some actors I would like to work with are Michael Pitt, Brad Renfro, Rosario Dawson, Will Ferall and Jonah Hill. Some directors I would love to work with are John waters, Larry Clark, Eli Roth and Quentin Tarentino. All very talented people.

8.)Were you heavily inspired by any actresses/actors in the horror world?

I can't say that anyone specific "heavily" inspired me, but I really love Felissa Rose in Sleep away camp. I think everyone in the movie world had to get a little inspiration from that movie. It's great!

9.)Who is your own personal favorite woman(or women) in horror?

Aleata Illusion. Trust me she's gunna do some damage.

10.)Is there a downside to acting in horror movies?

The only downsides to being in horror movies, is the fake blood stains, and playing with stinky pig intestines.

11.)What is your favorite part about acting in horror movies?

My favorite part about acting in horror movies, is spending time with my sisters and friends. It's something that is rare nowadays, And all the ass I get. Oh yeah My sisters are crazy.

12.)And last but not least,what is your favorite horror movie of all time?

My favorite horror movie of all time is Natural Born Killers.

To further contact Tiara check her out on these websites: (Under Construction at the moment)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Salvage (2006)

Salvage (2006)

Salvage is a great independent horror flick. Written and directed by Joshua and Jeffrey Crook it runs 79 minutes of complete dysfunctional madness.The opening credits are quite unique with a continuous shot running through a junk yard(or salvage yard as they call it) ravaged with vehicles. There's something extra pretty about the coloration and hues that are used, all the blues and greens. It also gives off an extremely desolate and lonely feel. I think it's because the area is so wide open and clear,there's no traffic,people,skyscrapers..just the blue skies,dead corn fields,and green grass. We are quickly introduced to Claire(Lauren Currie Lewis) a cute teenage girl working as a gas station attendant. She shuffles outside to wait for her boyfriend Jimmy(Cody Darbe) to pick her up, but instead is met by a stranger named Duke(Chris Ferry) driving Jimmy's truck. Not knowing yet what to make of it she accepts the ride concluding that Duke is an old friend of Jimmy's. When they're partially through the ride, Claire begins to notice that something is definitely amiss with Duke. They arrive at her house and she jumps out and gets inside fast. Being the respectable generous man Duke is, he brings Claire her star earring before he sneaks in through her backdoor and mindlessly slaughters her. But that's not the only time, he assaults and murders her throughout the course of the film. Claire finds herself in a repetitive death spiral swirling around and around. She's trapped with a few familiar faces including her boyfriend,best friend,mother,and work associate at the gas station. She wanders from place to place trying to make sense of all the madness only to come face to face with her demise. Place to place...face to face..why does that bother me that I just wrote that. Haha, anyways turns out that she is indeed one dead sucka. The story doesn't stop there, oh no not yet! It travels at a decent pace through her struggle to get off a never ending marry-go-round of death. The result is a head on collision into deception,terror,and the afterlife.

The cinematography is marvelous! The shots look astonishingly professional. The dialogue is awesome as well it's never to cheesy,and not to far fetched. The realistic quality of the film makes it that much more creepy. Now if your looking for a balls out gore fest this movie is not the one to look for. But if your looking for a mindfuck psychological edge-of-your-seat type flick, this will be right up your alley! I really appreciate this movie for all it's meant to be. The weird thing is I don't have one bad thing to say about this flick. The locations,acting,FX,dialogue,stunts,laughs,supporting actors were all pretty good. So I really can think of nothing to complain about. Let's talk a little about the actors for a minute though. Lauren Currie Lewis was good as the confused and scared victim. I don't know if anyone would take offense to this kind of comment, but she plays a really good victim. She brings the right type of frightened to her performance, and it makes for very effective scares. Especially with an independent flick that doesn't have a very big cast. You need that right person to put the audience into freak out mode, and you can't do that with bad actors. So kudos for casting Lauren she plays her part well. I can also say the same thing for Mr. Chris Ferry as the murderous nutbag Duke. His appearance brings a lot to the part in general. He has a very intimidating look that really irks you. The way his eyebrows arch,his dark empty eyes,and his Michael Myers stature. You really get the feeling like "wow, if I met this guy in person I might keep my distance". He's not some mythical movie monster,he's a normal everyday guy,and that my friend is what puts the fear into people. I thought I had the ending figured out it was all like "SURPRISE ALEATA". I had made the wrong assumption, and that's a rare occurrence for me. Film makers usually assume what the audience is thinking and take another twist to confuse them. Well in Salvage they twisted the twist if you get what I'm saying. But the surprise ending fits the story perfectly and it's refreshing to see something classic mixed with a little insanity. The interactions and conversations between Claire and Jimmy are side splitting. They have a disposable yet hilarious relationship, and it adds some comedy touches to the story. The "bitch are you crazy" line was the best! I love the dream-like quality to it as well, how Claire keeps running and running but always ends up in the same place again. The thought is really unnerving and also proves positively effective.

Movie Fun Fact: This movie was shot in Ohio..why was I not surprised? Oh the cow lands and corn fields gave it away.

This flick is AA Aleata Approved! 5/5 Stars!

For more information on the Crook Brothers and their films you can visit:

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Frame 137

This movie gets it's own post, because I just found out about it and it looks FUCKING IMMACULATE! Say hello to Judd L. Tilyard's short film Frame 137! My god this 10 year old boy does all his own stunts and fire breathing! 10 years old! Wow! Absolutely impressive, seriously this kid is going to go places! This movie just looks fun in general and I'm totally excited! Let your eyes feast upon the most badass 10 year old you've ever witnessed living in a post apocalyptic world!

Do yourself a favor and check out the trailer below and get pumped!

Frame 137 Teaser from Judd L. Tilyard on Vimeo.

also check out the original source at Bloody-Disgusting!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day Horror Fiends!

We all know there are some great Valentine's day Horror movies out there! So fuck it, I'm gonna do some Valentine's day horror celebrating!

So Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Haha, I'm aware I posted this a little late. Sorry about that, been working on reviews like mad crazy!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Women In Horror: Lilith Stabs Interview

Lilith Stabs Interview

Lilith Stabs is a GOREgeous B-movie scream queen and model. She is personally one of my favorites so I'm totally stoked I've had this chance to interview her. I saw her first in the movie "cremains" and I've followed her movies ever since. If you've never heard of her please take the time to check out this interview and her bio below. You might just find a new favorite scream queen!

Lilith Stabs is an actress known for her varied roles in the b-horror flicks she
has starred in including Vampire Callgirls, Zombiegeddon, Something to Scream
About, etc. She has appeared in numerous media publications such as Femme
Fatales, Draculina, GQ, and others. Her likeness has appeared in the Razor comic
book from London Knight Studios as well as modeling with the new comic book
Stormfire from Red Sky Comics. She has modeled for various pin-up artists watch
for new artwork from artist Bob Hobbs.

Now on to the questions:

1.)Let's begin at the beginning,what sparked your love
for the horror genre?

LS: Well, luckily I love horror as much of life can be a horror. But my love of
the horror genre and acting was sparked later than normal, I suppose once I
became a fan of comic books and conventions, it led to my interest in b-movies,
since I was already into modeling and acting it just seemed appealing, and a
good way to get into movies that did not require a trek to Hollywood.

2.)Out of all the horror films you've acted in,
what's your favorite and why?

LS: I really like some of the projects I've worked on. But to answer this
honestly I really don't think my best work has been done yet. I think I probably
need to film some of my own projects to get this result that way I play a role
that showcases my talent.

3.)Is there any particular actors/actresses/directors that
you prefer to work with?

LS: I've had fun working with Robyn Griggs, Amy Lynn Best, etc. I am always open
to working with new people. Would have loved to work on something with Julie
Strain but have never been cast in the same project at the same time.

4.)Has there been a female figure that has been greatly
inspiring to you in your life?

LS: As far as famous people Anna Nicole and Marlyn Monroe come to mind as well
as some of the first performers I admired as a child, Cher and Stevie Nicks.

5.)Do you typically like horror movies, or is there another
genre that interests you more?

LS: I do love horror but also really enjoy comedies. I think some horror flicks
are laced with dark comedy and if done right can add alot to the film.

6.)If you weren't a horror actress/model what do you
think you would be doing?

LS: Working on photography and photo editing. Or perhaps writing, which I'm in
hopes of working on alot more of anyway. Or running a bunny rescue.

7.)I read on your myspace that your currently working on a
children's book project. Can you give
us any inside info about that?

LS: I do have a few that I have set aside. I have to get an artist for the
childrens books. I also have some other things I've written I want to do
something with that are so not for children:) But I tend to feel a little weird
about the writing stuff because its the one thing that I desire to do that I
have not done yet, is to publish a book. Not sure what I'm doing with these
projects but hope to have something published by the end of 2010.

8.)In your entire film career what has been your biggest
accomplishment so far?

LS: Staying around. I suppose there have been times I've sort of disappeared for
a bit, but never completely. Also sort of the same answer as I think I need to
film some of my own projects to get to the biggest accomplishment. I just need
some investors, finding those will be an accomplishment!

9.)Did you set out to become a scream queen or did you just
happen to randomly fall into the horror genre?

LS: No it was totally planned. I started going to conventions to network and
meet the so to speak right people. I wanted to be in a comic book and the
b-horror movies so I suppose I'd have to say it went as planned.

10.)Out of all the female villains/murderers/monsters, who
is the scariest to you and why?

LS: Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction (remember what she did to that poor innocent

11.)Do you have any upcoming film projects/photo
shoots/conventions you can share with us?

LS: I'm set to appear at the Con Nooga convention in Chattanooga, Tn. next
weekend. I have a comic book and trading cards available at Red Skye Comics. And
I never seem to know what is up with the movies and releases, etc.

12.)Do you have any words of encouragement to any aspiring
horror actresses out there?

LS: Networking and self promoting will get you far. And good luck and don't give
up easily.

13.)And last but not least,what is your favorite horror
movie of all time?

LS: Its a tie between Donnie Darko and House of 1000 Corspes.

Keep an eye out for any new Lilith movies and If you would like more information on Lilith Stabs, check out these websites:

Her Myspace:

Her Official Website:

Also check out some movie trailers below that she's starred in.


Demon Divas and the Lanes Of Damnation:


Something To Scream about:


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Women In horror-Brittney Jade Colangelo

Brittney-Jade Colangelo Interview:
Status:Horror Blogger, Writer for, Indie & Direct to DVD Reviewer for

You will mainly recognize Brittney as the voice behind her popular horror blog Day Of The Woman. As you see she also writes for various other horror based websites as well. Check out her bio below:

My name is Brittney-Jade Colangelo, I'm 19 years old and hail from the Windy City. I'm a beauty queen, competitive baton twirlier, philanthropist, and college student. I'm an avid Rocky Horror fanatic and an even bigger Cubs fan. I'm the mother of my "frankenhamster" named Frankie and my best friend is a 6 year old who loves youtube and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I'm an actress, trained vocalist, and Lady GaGa enthusiast. I'm a craftwhore with reconstruction and glass/mirror etching. I love to read and spend time with my incredible boyfriend Billy.

On to the questions:

1.)So what sparked your love for the horror genre?

My mommy :). My mom has been a diehard horror nut her entire life. My parents used to run the haunted hayride and haunted house in our town so it was something accepted as “normal” in my household. She raised me on Carpenter/Hill, King, and Craven. I watched the House on Haunted Hill remake when I was 9 years old and Googled the film to see if it really was the same guy from A Night At The Roxbury. A picture of Vincent Price showed up and I had no idea who he was. I brought the picture to my local ma & pa video rental store and he armed me with William Castle films and just about everything Vincent Price ever did. That's when it all began.

2.)When and Why did you decide to make your blog Day of the woman?

My baby will be 1 year old on the 20th of this month :). I started DotW after talking with B-Sol of The Vault of Horror. We became buddies on's forums and I brought up the idea of writing about horror with more of a feminine vibe and he really showed me the ropes. When I first started, everything I wrote had to do with women. I didn't want to exclude the male population, so I began writing about everything...with my feminine touch on it .

3.)I know you feel strongly about getting women's perspectives in horror out there,do you feel you are judged differently being a woman horror blogger?

I really wish I could say No, but then I'd be lying. I can not even begin to tell you how many times people have commented on entries that other writers x-post me on bigger named websites and commenters bash my opinion for no other reason than I'm a woman. I think we are judged to see what we can handle and things of the sort whether or not people write about it on their blogs.

4.)Are there any horror bloggers/writers that have made a huge impact on you?

I owe everything I have to B-Sol because without him, no one would even know my blog exists, but Kate from LTFTTE is the woman who really inspired me to start writing.

5.)If you could interview one person in the horror world(dead or alive) for your blog for one day,who would it be and why?

Camille Keaton. Her ass is my blog's header and as a Theatre Student, I am so interested on what sort of preparation she did for the role of Jenny in Day of the Woman/I spit on your grave.

6.)What made you choose "Day of the woman" as the title for your blog?

Day of the Woman is the original name of the film "I Spit on your Grave". I knew my blog was going to be more female geared and I wanted something to showcase that "I know my horror, and yes I'm a girl". Day of the Woman was perfect.

7.)In your opinion what are the ups and downs of running a horror blog?

The ups are definitely the people you meet. The bloggers, writers, directors, reviewers that I've met from DotW, B-D, and HorrorSociety are some of the greatest people I've ever come in contact with. Not to mention, the freebies are pretty sweet, as well as being "famous". Downside is that it does take up a lot of time and as a college student...juggling extra curriculars, schoolwork, a social life, and a "full-time job blogging" get to be very stressful.

8.)If you didn't blog about horror,what else do you think you would blog about?

I would honestly write about body loving. There are so many women (and men) who have unrealistic views about their bodies and it causes a lot of heartache and hardships. I would love to write to other women and men about changing the way they see themselves, everyone is beautiful regardless of shape, size, style or skin. I would write about ways to help with self confidence and acceptance to love themselves as they are.

9.)Have you ever been interested in pursuing something else in the film/horror world(Director/Actress/FX Make-up artist/Cinematographer)?

I'm a theatre student so my dream is to be a Scream Queen...but I know how hard it is so I'm not holding my breath. I'm also really really into doing home made FX and make-up. I take my makeup class next semester and I'm so excited I can't even handle it. My boyfriend is a filmmaker so maybe I'll get to star in something someday haha.

10.)Out of all the female villains/murderers/monsters in the horror movie universe,who's the scariest to you and why?

Margaret White scares the living shit out of me. Pardon my french, but that whacked out woman scares me half to death because I know there are people like her who exist. She doesn't have supernatural powers, she doesn't yield a weapon, she's just freaking crazy.

11.)Who is your favorite woman(or women) in horror?

Elsa Lanchester, Linnea Quigley, Tiffany Shepis, Felissa Rose, Hazel Court, Allison Hayes, Kyra Schon, and of course Jamie Lee Curtis.

12.)And last but not least,what is your favorite horror movie of all time?

Evil Dead. Hands down. I would do terrible & disgusting things to be with Bruce Campbell, EVEN the way he looks now all bloated and stuff. He's been my celebrity crush since I was 12 years old, I had a poster in my room...on my ceiling. Sam Raimi's style is one of my favorites and I love how over the top and crazy the entire film is. It's not just scary, but fun.

You can check out Brittney's blog Day Of The Woman at:

Also Follow her on Twitter:

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Women In Horror-Melissa AKA SpookyLittleGirl

Melissa AKA SpookyLittleGirl Interview
Status:Horror Blogger

Melissa aka Spooky Little Girl is a blogger who writes about all things macabre including horror movies,Halloween,Haunted places,and music. She is also the bassist for a horror based band called HexHam Heads.
Check her band out here:

and her blog out here:

Check out Melissa's bio to know a little bit about her:
Since early childhood, Melissa Pleckham has been a fan of the macabre in all its many forms, with a particular affection for ghost stories and horror movies. Her band, Hexham Heads, takes its name from a piece of British lore involving two mysterious carved stone heads of dubious origin that are said to be guarded by an intimidating half-man, half-wolf creature. In addition to her love of the horror genre, she is also a lifelong believer in the supernatural, thanks in part to her mother's tales of growing up in a haunted house. Along with her partner and bandmate, Ken Ramos, she is a co-Vice President of GHOULA, the Ghost Hunters of Urban Los Angeles, and the author of Spooky Little Girl, a blog dedicated to all things haunted and haunting.

And on to the questions:
1.)So let's begin at the beginning,what drew you to the horror genre?

Honestly, I think it's something I inherited from my parents. You know those movies you remember fondly from your childhood? For some people, it's Bambi or The Wizard of Oz, but for me, it was Halloween and The Haunting. My parents were always extremely permissive when it came to letting me watch scary movies - in fact, they kind of encouraged it. Plus, my mom would always tell me these crazy stories about a haunted house she used to live in as a kid, where she and her sister used to hear a woman's voice calling the name "William" when they were trying to fall asleep. After they had moved out of the house, her mom later told them that there had been a kid who used to live in the house who had died, and his name was William! I guess I was just always drawn to darker things, ever since I was little.

2.)Can you give us a brief description of your band Hexham Heads,what instrument do you play?

One magazine described us as "Sonic Youth throwing a punk rock through the window of a goth club," and I think that's a pretty accurate summation. We're noisy and dark, but we're not metal, and we're not exactly goth or punk, although we have moments where we flirt with both. I play bass, and I'm starting to branch out into singing. The first song I ever sang lead on is called "Spider Baby," as an homage to the Jack Hill movie, which is one of my favorites.

3.)You also have a horror based blog where you post about movies,Halloween,and music. What made you decide to start your Spooky little girl blog?

Basically, I just wanted to write about the things that matter to me, and few things in life are more exciting to me than Halloween, horror and the supernatural. I've always loved to write, and I would always do these lengthy reviews of different Halloween events in the southern California area (like Knott's Scary Farm, Halloween Horror Nights, etc.) just for fun, so I figured I might as well start a blog of my own. I also contribute to CreepyLA occasionally; I reviewed the first ever Los Angeles Haunted Hayride for them last year.

4.)Do you find it more difficult being a female horror blogger,when there are so many more male horror bloggers?

So far, I haven't run into any problems. I've actually found that there are a lot of really great horror blogs written by women. One of my favorite is Final Girl. I also love the name, concept and execution of the Ax Wound Zine. When you get into more mainstream horror press like Fangoria and so on, it definitely seems more targeted towards dudes, but I think it's easier to find a variety of voices online.

5.)Do you think your judged differently by male musicians being a female?

Probably. Sadly, I think people have lower standards for female musicians, so if you're even remotely capable, people are always really blown away. You think that the novelty of girls in bands would wear off after all these years, but I still run into sound guys who act like condescending dicks occasionally, or dudes who act surprised because my band is really loud. I grew up listening to the riot grrrls and bands like Hole and Babes in Toyland though, so I take it all in stride. I'm prepared to stand my ground, man!

6.)Who is your favorite horror based band(or bands)?

That's a really hard one for me, because I think a lot of horror-based bands seem to be metal, and metal's not really my thing. That being said, I do love Rob Zombie, who is somewhat heavier. I don't know if I would say that Bauhaus is horror-based, but they were obviously influenced by certain elements, including horror, and they're one of my favorites. But if I had to pick just one, I would go with the Cramps.

7.)Were there any certain musicians that have inspired you immensely?

YES. As previously mentioned, I was hugely into Hole and Babes in Toyland in high school, and I've basically never gotten over it. If you think about it, they were kind of scary bands - especially Babes in Toyland. Kat Bjelland is terrifying intense when she's onstage. Boys just don't get Kat, but lots of female musicians I know love her. The first bass player I ever idolized was Simon Gallup of the Cure. His basslines are incredible, and he always looked very cool and mysterious. I'm also really feeling Black Sabbath at the moment. Someone once told me I look like a young Ozzy Osbourne, which initially offended me a little, but I kind of take it as a huge compliment now!

8.)You seem to be intrigued by haunted places,what haunted place interests you the most?

One place that I'm really dying (pun intended?) to visit is Bachelor's Grove, which is a cemetery in Illinois, where I was born. My dad has some really scary stories about the place, and there's a very famous photograph that allegedly shows a ghost that was taken there. I would also love to visit the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Kentucky.

9.)Does your band have any upcoming shows you would like to give any information out about?

We're playing this Friday, February 5th at Spaceland in Los Angeles, although I'm not sure if this interview will go up before then! Beyond that, it's best to check our MySpace ( or Facebook if anyone's interested in finding out where our next show will be.

10.)Who in your opinion is the scariest female monster/murderer in the horror movie universe?

This is an easy one for me - Carrie White. For some reason, Carrie really resonated with me, and she absolutely terrified me. I like the movie, but I hardly ever want to watch it because she freaks me out. I feel sorry for the character, and I sympathize with her, but Sissy Spacek standing there, covered in blood, with those crazy eyes!? Shit!

11.)Who is your favorite woman(or women) in horror?

I will always have a special spot in my heart for Elvira. I think "horror hostess" sounds like basically the coolest job in the universe. Plus, I love that she's in on the joke - I think it's pretty feminist. You can't make crude comments about her boobs at her expense because she's already beaten you to it, you know? Also, I met her recently, and she still looks flawless. Just goes to prove that you should stay out of the sun, kids!

12.)And last but not least,what is your favorite horror movie of all time?

The original 1978 version of Halloween. A perfect movie from start to finish. Not only my favorite horror movie, but my favorite movie, period.

Again you can find her on these websites:

And her band Hexham Heads:

Suicide Girls Must Die!

I'm actually really curious to see this one.
Hot chicks stranded in a cabin and they get murdered one by one. I'm totally down with that! Looks to be a sexay gore fest! WooHoo!

Check out the article on Bloody-Disgusting:

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Women In Horror-Christine Hadden

Christine Hadden Interview
Status:Horror Blogger

Christine is a horror blogger. She operates her own horror blog Fascination with fear,which is personally one of my favorites! Please be sure to check her blog out!

Here's a small bio to get to know a little about Christine:
I'm a true horror-hound at heart. If I lived alone it would only be a question of what horror movie do I watch tonight, instead of trying to see if I can sneak one in the DVD player and pass it off to my husband as merely a thriller. Horror is part of my every day life, and I'm always hoping I'll find that next movie that will scare the living shit out of me, which incidentally hasn't happened in over ten years.
During the day, I work full time in administrative medicine, having been at the same medical practice for over 19 years. Of course I'd love to just sit around writing all day, but alas, I must eat and have shelter.
I'll be married twenty years on Valentine's Day (yeah, I know...) and live in a small town in western Pennsylvania (just like the sad excuse for a town in the original My Bloody Valentine!). We have no kids by choice because we'd just fuck them up. We do have two cats. You can't influence a cat, so we're good.
We also own a cabin in the woods about an hour north of home, where we escape to on weekends. And yes, it looks very similar to the one in the Evil Dead movies.
When I'm not watching, reading, or writing about horror, I'm probably strolling through a Borders store, riding with my hubby on his Harley, watching Pittsburgh Steelers football, or vacationing on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Now on to the questions:

1.)So when did your love for the horror genre bloom?

*At a very young age. I'd consider my love of the nastier Grimms' Fairy Tales to be a precursor to reading first The Hardy Boys mysteries and later Stephen King. And as a kid, I always watched horror with my mom on Saturday afternoons - Godzilla, stuff like that. As soon as I was old enough to be left alone while my parents went out I was surfing the premium channels like Showtime and settling in to watch Friday the 13th and The Exorcist, among other things.
As a teenager I watched horror almost exclusively, and I guess that still continues to this day. And as far as reading, it's always within the genre and has been nearly all my life.

2.)What made you decide to start your blog Fascination with fear?

*I love writing, and have been doing it since I was a kid - I've kept a journal since I was 8. So it's in my psyche, so to speak. Starting FWF was a creative outlet for me to rave regarding something I'm passionate about. Plus I had to reign in all that horror and put it in one place so I wouldn't ramble on and on to my husband, family and friends about horror all the time. They don't share my unlimited affection for the genre and can only take so much.

3.)Do you think you are judged any differently being a woman horror blogger?

*Maybe there are still some ancients out there who berate women for having an interest in the horror genre, I hope not, but in reality I'm sure there are. I feel pretty comfortable sitting where I'm at with the great community of horror bloggers I've met in the last several months, and am fairly confident that none of them give a rat's ass what sex I am. But maybe I'm naive.
Having said that, if I'd have avoiding posting a picture on my blog (a 'la Final Girl) and just simply stated my name as Chris, no one would know any different 'cause the name could go either way. Though eventually I would have been discovered by the vast juggernaut that is Facebook.
Personally, I think some of the best blogs are run by women, because for one thing we're serious about our horror and not worried how much T & A is in a movie. Go figure.

4.)What type of horror movies do you mainly find yourself drawn to?

*That's really hard, cause I'm such a fan-girl I pretty much watch everything. I will say I prefer a superior plot to a complete and utter gore-fest, and I also love a lot of foreign horror movies. Subtitles don't ever distract me from watching something. I also really dig a movie dripping in eerie atmosphere and/or art direction. I can forego some plot if it's pretty to look at. And I love love love a scary ghost story, which are infinitely hard to come by.

5.)If you could get an interview with any one person in the horror world for one day,who would it be and why?

*Bruce Campbell. He's the king. Speaking of kings, Stephen would be a great interview but he doesn't do them any more to my knowledge. George Romero would be awesome as well, as we both hail from the same area of Pennsylvania.

6.)Who is your personal favorite horror director(or directors) of all time?

*John Carpenter, because of his subtle skill at making you fear what you cannot always see, Wes Craven for his body of work, Romero for his longevity and masterful zombie empire, Dario Argento because....well it's Dario Argento.
As for new within the last few years? Neil Marshall knows how to scare me.

7.)If you didn't blog about horror,what would you blog about?

*This might sound strange, but definitely Thoroughbred Horse Racing. I'm a huge fan. I'm not much of a gambler, but I love the horses - I study pedigrees and all that industry stuff.
I do already have a second blog (which actually has earlier origins than FWF) on which I rant and rave about whatever comes to mind (including horse racing). I won't plug it here, but if you search my (horror) site you'll find the link if you're so inclined...

8.)Are there any horror bloggers/writers that have been a huge inspiration to you?

*Brian Solomon (B-Sol) of The Vault of Horror has been the most important influence because of the (much discussed and much dissed) Ms. Horror Blogosphere contest in Nov. '09. The contest did what it was intended to do- showcase a group of women horror bloggers and their work. More people know who I am and about my blog because of that than for any other reason. He is very supportive of his blogger friends.
I would be remiss if I also didn't give a shout out to John Cozzoli over at Zombo's Closet - nearly a year ago he invited me into the League of Tana Tea Drinkers (LOTT D) and that opened a lot of doors for me and got my blog noticed. So thanks John and B-Sol!

9.)Out of all of the female monsters/murderers/villains in the horror universe,who is the most frightening to you and why?

*Naturally Annie Wilkes (Misery) comes to my mind first. But when I was a kid, the movie that scared me into complete and utter submission wasn't a horror film per se, it was Mommie Dearest. Faye Dunaway blew me away with that frightening performance. For weeks afterward I would close my eyes and see her ferocious, hateful face. She was absolutely wicked. It's scary because when you're a kid you know that if nothing else, your mother loves you. She is supposed to take care of you and nurture you. Not beat you with a wire hanger! Gah!

10.)Can you give us any inside info about what's to come with Fascination with fear?

*Right now I'm running a daily 'Female Villain in Horror' spotlight throughout February to celebrate Women in Horror Month. I'll have an interview with the author of the upcoming book about the films of Dario Argento sometime this month also. Regular features like Sunday Bloody Sunday and Mindless Movie Monday will continue, and I have a few other ideas for upcoming features as well - none of which have catchy names yet so I can't say much.

11.)Who is your favorite woman(or women) in horror?

* I always seem to identify with the villains. I don't know what that says about me, but I truly think the antagonists are the most interesting roles. The aforementioned Annie Wilkes is a great character, so kudos to Kathy Bates.
Sadly, most "final girls" are so annoying that by the end of the movie you're really hoping they will just meet a grisly end. Like the chick at the end of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre...who didn't really want her to fall out of that truck and become fucking mincemeat?
Okay, I did like Jodie Foster in The Silence of the Lambs. Well played, that.

12.)And last but not least,what is your favorite horror movie of all time?

God, just one? Alright, I'll man-up. JAWS. Quite simply, the perfect film

And again thank you Chris for doing the interview! And everyone be sure to check out Fascination with fear!

Follow Christine on twitter:

The Silent House(Teaser Trailer)

I've just received information and an exciting teaser trailer to a Spanish movie coming out soon called "The Silent house". It actually looks really good,and is filmed in one continuous shot. Now that's impressive! It definitely is something I'm going to look for when it's released.
It hasn't been picked up for distribution yet,but some companies have their eyes on it. So watch for it's release! Thanks Gustavo for the heads up!

Here's the synopsis I've received for it,some cover art,and the teaser trailer below!:
The film is directed by Gustavo Hernandez, photographed by Pedro Luque (renown for his worldwide success in “Ataque de P├ínico”) and produced by Gustavo Rojo, at an amazingly low budget which amounts to U$ 6000. “The silent house” digs deeply into the unexplored subject of psychological terror, and the story runs through a terrifying story through a single continuous shot. This makes the film unique in the audiovisual market since it was filmed with a SLR digital, to be more precise, a Canon EOS 5D Mark. The film is therefore the first one in Latin America and the second one in the world to have been filmed by a photograph camera. This makes it the first film of horror in the world to have been filmed with this particular narrative language.

To be filmed in one single shot implies that the sequence is filmed in one go, without cuts, and the camera movements need a prior careful and meticulous planning which leads the viewer to share each one of the experiences of the character.

Laura ( Florencia Colucci) and her father ( Gustavo Alonso) settle down in a cottage which seems to be off the beaten track in order to update it since its owner ( Abel Tripaldi) will soon put the house on sale. They will spend the night there in order to start the repairs the following morning. Everything seems to go on smoothly until Laura hears a sound that comes from outside and gets louder and louder in the upper floor of the house. Wilson goes up to see what is going on while she remains downstairs on her own waiting for her father to come down. The plot is based on a true story that happened some time ago in a small village in Uruguay. “La Casa Muda” focuses on the last seventy four minutes, second by second, when Laura intends to leave the house which hides an obscure secret and she hopes to leave unharmed.

REAL FEAR IN REAL TIME, this is the most remarkable underlying feature of the film which will not go unnoticed by all those who may be willing to experience this different and disturbing filming experience.

Smash Cut(2009)

Smash Cut(2009)
Directed By:Lee Demarbre

In this giant Herschell Gordon Lewis Homage flick,we have a lovely dose of Gore Gore Girls insanity. So we meet Able Whitman(David Hess) who is in the midst of being spit upon by movie fans and critics alike after the release of his new film "Terror Toy". After her sister vanishes April Carson(Sasha Grey) and Issac Beaumonde(Jesse Buck) start their own investigation,and it leads straight to the b-movie director. To get behind enemy lines April auditions for a part in Able's new movie "Terror Toy 2",and Able automatically takes a shine to her. But unknowingly April has been using actual body parts as her film props,and one being her very own sisters severed head. From the point of April's sisters accidental death(in a car wreck) Able goes completely bonkers murdering everyone in his cast and crew. Obviously since it's an homage to Herschell's life and movies it has the 70's era feel to it(I love the scratchy texture editing they used). The way it's shot and the colors used makes it so appetizing to the eyes. It's just a naturally FUN and nutty gore fest for the audience. David Hess is just astounding as the B-director gone mental. For those of you not familiar with Mr. Hess,go out and rent Wes Craven's original "The last house on the left" or Ruggero Deodato's "The house on the edge of the park". I'm genuinely surprised that no one got raped in Smash Cut. All the ladies of this film are absolutely gorgeous..Jennilee Murray,Mercedes Papalia,Meghanne Kessels. I also really love how after Able and Gigi(Jennilee Murray) get into the car crash,Able takes like 2 seconds to get angry,then rips her arm off to stuff in his trunk. Well what else can you say about it,he's a independent horror director.

Okay,now here I go on with some more rambling about the things I really liked in this movie. Ohhh the catchy music that I just grooved to like whoa. You guys know what I'm talking about..when your all alone watching a movie,and you hear some catchy tune... Then you start bobbing your head in a funky way,and after wards your like "why the fuck did I just do that"? Moving on to the costumes. I'm a total crack fiend about 70s style clothes, so I was loving the outfits! I'm also going to pop on my list of "things I like" Michael Berryman and his crazed wig. I mean really,really? There was so much hilarious dialogue and David was way to hysterical playing a lunatic director. When he just starts in on his manical laughing fits I couldn't help but just start cracking up. And I need to get into the Harpoon part,Ha Ha! "Where did you get that harpoon"? "The harpoon store"! Hahaha,who the hell buys a harpoon to murder someone and attempt to set up a suicide? Jesse Buck as Issac was fabulous,I loved all the shots with him doing his snazzy detective stuff. Gave me Gore Gore Girls flashbacks.

The story mostly follows the same basis as does the gore gore girls. Lee even went out of his way to make the flesh in the eye gouging scenes look as phony as possible. If you are a big Herschell fan you'll notice even Ray Sager from Wizard of gore(Montag),and the gore gore girls(Grout) shows up as the sex crazed pervert priest in a couple scenes. Not to mention Herschell showed up to introduce the movie and played a couple scenes himself,which he was perfecto in! Thumbs up! Now where there's some thumbs down is when it comes to Sasha Grey's acting. Yes,I enjoy watching her in porno...but this movie...not so much. She's a bad actress,hence the reason she's a porn star. I couldn't stop starring at the awkward way she talks out of the side of her mouth. I still enjoy her beautiful presence though. I mean her in that nurse costume,hell yeah! It's nice to see her taking a shine to acting though,and maybe she'll get better with time.

Highlight Of The Movie:
It's no doubt when David Hess karate chops Sasha Grey in the back and just drops her. I absolutely lost it! As a matter of fact I'm still trying to recover from that scene.

So enclosing Aleata rates this Nutty H.G.L. homage flick a 5/5! I really appreciated it as it's own horror flick as well,had it's own trade mark printed on it from the beginning. I will definitely be looking out for more of Lee's flicks in the future!

Aleata In Horror Extravaganza!

My Interview is up on

Thank you Sarah!!

And I have a Scream queen of the day spotlight on Dollar Bin Horror's blog!

Thank you Rhonny!

I'm so excited,I have interviews coming to my page soon people! Stay tuned!!
And again happy women in horror month to all the amazingly fantastic ladies of the macabre out there!

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Women In Horror Month:

Well women in horror month is here and I'm happy as a little demented horror girl can be! This month I will be posting interviews with some of the coolest ladies in horror! So those will be popping up throughout the month,and i would like to thank all of them in advance! Love you ladies!!

Moving on let me introduce you to my own personal women in horror. The lovely ladies that have to put up with me and my horror madness all the live long day.

My little sister Tiara:
She's been my actress,hair stylist,make-up artist,editor,screen writing partner,best friend and has to deal with me continuously babbling about horror movies. She always says "Aleata you talk about these people like I know who they are"(You'll catch an interview by her sometime this month).

My Mom:
She's always supported my independent filming habits,which most of the time I'm bitching about something. She takes me to Halloween conventions,promotes my work,and let's me borrow money for movies when I'm broke!

(My mom was 16 in this photo)

My Older sister Brittany:
She watches movies with me when no one will. We both collect and share our movies with each other. Our motto is "let's get drunk and watch some horror flicks".

My little sister Raven:
She helps me with my movies when I need it. She's also my new wonderful FX make-up lady. And we are both obsessed with Japanese horror.

Well that's it for now folks,have a grrreat week!
Happy Women in horror month!
Aleata Illusion