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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry X-Mas!!

Merry Christmas everyone in horror movie land!Hope it's as enjoyable for you as it was for me!Plus I made totally badass Christmas cookies!=]
Anyone get any bangin movies this holiday season?
I received Jaws 3,Zombie strippers,Class of 1984,and Private parts!YaY!
Movies i bought myself for Christmas are;My little eye,the Texas chainsaw massacre the next generation,Slither,When a stranger calls,Fight club,Evil dead 2,Monty Python and the holy grail,and the million dollar hotel!Yeah,i know,i get a little out of control buying myself presents.Haha.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's A Winter Horrorland!

It’s A Winter Horrorland

Hello,Hello you lovely horror movie fanatic's!I finally have access to a computer long enough to create a new post.This will be the first edition of my favorite Winter/Christmas themed collection of horror flicks.These are the movies that get you into a festive mood for the Winter season and upcoming Holidays.The gorgeous snow covered fields that stretch on in the sunset,Holiday celebrations with friends and family,snowmen piled up in yards with smiles decorated across their faces,and then you see that bright red blood spraying over the beautiful glittering snow and get even more excited and joyous.I was racking my brain half of today to come up with the list,so I decided on some really good ones!Comment below and let me know if I missed any good ones and/or suggest some to me.Again these are not in any particular order,aside from number one,which I loves!Oh,and spoiler alert right now!Sometimes I slip up and don’t even mean to,so I always gotta pop up those spoiler alerts!Don't want to ruin anything for anyone.=]

10.)Wind Chill(2007):

If you weren’t aware yet,I have a review for this movie a ways back if you want to check it out.There’s nothing that says Winter cheer like getting a ride from an extremely creepy stalker back home for Christmas,But in their case they never make it that far.The guy(Ashton Holmes) decides it’s a good plan to take a short cut on their way home,which leads to them almost getting hit by another car,ran off the road,and stranded alone in the bitter cold weather.Fighting for survival against the freezing temperature the guy and girl(Emily Blunt) are visited by some evil spirits that have long ago died on the road.When I heard the word “Winter” this movie came right to mind.It’s a great macabre journey into the history of a lonely,and extremely haunted road.With a hint of demented love story to add to the mix.Trust me it’s worth renting/buying this holiday season.

9.)Ginger Snaps 2:Unleashed(2004):
The second Ginger snaps is indeed my 2nd favorite one,haha.Backtracking to the first Ginger snaps,Brigitte(Emily Perkins) mixes her blood with Ginger(Katharine Isabelle) to make her trust her,infecting herself with the Lycanthropy virus.Brigitte immediately goes on the run,all the while shooting herself up with Monkshood to slow the transformation process.Brigitte then being picked up on the sidewalk after being attacked by another wolf whom wants to mate with her,is placed in a drug rehab clinic.Now being deprived of her only means of fighting this monstrous disease,she’s looking to break out,acquire her Monkshood, and kill the other wolf.Every once and awhile she becomes plagued with mysterious appearances by Ginger,who repeatedly points out that Brigitte is now a monster,and there’s no stopping the change.I was disappointed by the lack of Katharine Isabelle’s presence in this Ginger Snaps sequel,but it still makes with an amazing story and just annihilates all the idea’s that you’ve concluded in your head.And of course taking place in the beautiful Winter season.

8.)Jack Frost(1996):
This is such a quirky and ridiculous Winter comedy about a murderous snowman by the name of Jack(Scott MacDonald) Frost.It all begins when Jack the serial killer is being transferred to his final destination,being his execution.A horrible car accident occurs and Jack comes out having been violated by a dangerous chemical substance from the other truck,which causes him to change into the infamous killer snowman JACK FROST!He then pops on his carrot nose and tracks down all those individuals involved in capturing him.There’s nothing worse then a killer snowman with a grudge against you,who’s fueled to the brim with a determined revenge plot.Also you can’t forget Shannon Elizabeth’s amazing bathtub death scene!Oh man,I not only love this movie,but I love the sequel as well.Yeah,I’m a fiend for these kinds of nutbag movies,and I’m damn proud!It’s pretty obvious why this movie is on my list.


I’ve always had quite the strange fascination with cannibalism,and that obsession still lives on today.So you can imagine how I much I dug this flick.First and foremost MAD PROPS to Robert Carlyle for one of his greatest performances ever(in my opinion).He should have gotten some sort of award,you know like a statue of a severed limb or something of that nature.Carlyle was like the Dr. Jeykll and Mr. Hyde of psychotic cannibals.He was such a devious character,with such amusing qualitys.I literally go fucking hysterical everytime I watch the cave scene,it’s just that badass!Just talking about it makes me want to pop this movie in right now.Anyways this movie is based around the 1840’s,you know around the time that if you were in the position of starving to death in some woods your best friend would eat the dick out of you to survive.Starring Guy Pearce(who’s always a pleasure) as Lieutenant Boyd who after becoming a “war hero” is sent off to a fort in Nevada.There,he is witness to the slaughter of his whole camp massacred by the one and only Carlyle.Boyd is injured badly in the process hides out for awhile,also being tempted by the corpses of his fellow soilders while incapable of moving to search for food.When he gathers the strength to hike his way back to civilization theres an unexpected surprise at the fort for him.
It’s an intelligent,yet still extremely hilarious look at cannibalism back in the 1840’s.A flick I would recommend to anyone!Just make sure to be cautious while investigating seemingly abandoned caves located on some sketchy mountains.

6.)Pick Me Up(2006):
Being me,I’ve seen every single Masters of horror movie there is.But Pick Me Up is definitely one of my favorites along with Sick Girl(Directed by Lucky McKee).I mean, I seriously have a hard on for this movie.Directed by the great Larry Cohen(It’s Alive,The Stuff).This movie is infested with spectacular actors and crew.The three leads are Fairuza Balk,Michael Moriarty,and Warren Kole.Here’s the deal;Trucker(Moriarty) picks up people in his truck to murder them,Walker(Kole)murders people who pick him up while he’s hitchhiking,and Stacia(Balk) is the innocent victim that gets caught inbetween a battle for her corpse.It’s one of the most amusing and slick horror/comedies out there.The three of them play so well off of eachother,it’s like you want to picture them as friends in the end.Well friends that have really sadistic personalities and a good sick sense of humor.But it’s all about fighting to get their hands on Stacia and win the competition between who is the more clever and competent serial killer.The end is a fight to the death after all three of them are tossed from Trucker’s truck.I refuse to spoil the ending because it’s so original and fun,but trust me there’s going to be a twist that no one expected.


How's this title for a family member for Christmas?!.Oh who can forget good old Annie Wilkes?I'd have to label her as one of the most psychotic/sadistic women on the big screen.I mean that lady has some severe and incurable mental problems.Based on the genius novel "Misery" by Stephen King,I believe this movie caused permanent damage to people everywhere.I read the book before i saw the movie,and it really missed a lot of great details that would have intensified the movie to the extreme.It's usually the case with most book to film creations.Aside from them abandoning most of the gore and odd Annie breakdowns in the book,the movie was great.Kathy Bates portrayed Annie Wilkes so exquisitely,i really think there's no one else in the world that could have even attempted it.She was exactly as i'd pictured her when i read her character description in the book.Anyways Misery revolves around Paul Sheldon(James Caan) a famous novelist of the hit romance series Misery.On his way back to New York in a blizzard,he gets into a bad car wreck.Enter Annie Wilkes(Kathy Bates),who boldly comes to Paul's Rescue.He awakens in a small room in Annie's house,she explains she's a trained nurse and how she's coincidentally his number one fan,and all seems fine.Not after to long Paul starts to realise that Annie has some serious issues.He then realises that he's not there as a patient,but a prisoner.She not only wants Paul as her own forever,but she wants a new Misery book written exactly to her liking,or there will be harsh consequences.I'm going to leave off on anymore details,but it's a winner,trust me!

4.)Let The Right On In(2008):
The only word i could studder after watching this 2008 Swedish romantic horror film(Directed by Tomas Alfredson) was "MASTERPIECE"!This rarely happens with me,i'm a critic,and if i feel that strongly about a movie you know it HAS to be good.The cinematography by Hoyte Van Hoytema just knocked the air right out of me.The snow filled scenery shots are so absolutely fantastic!This macabre young love story was based on the novel(by the same name)and screenplay by John Ajvide Lindqvist.I haven't had a chance to read it,but it's definitley on my list of books to purchase.The story follows 12 year old Oskar(Kare Hedebrant),whom is a frequently harassed outcast amoungst all the other kids.Until he meets 12 year old girl Eli(Lina Leandersson),a lonely pale girl who is different from all the others.It soon developes into a steady relationship with casualties.Oskar is then slowly reeled into Eli's dark dangerous world of living and surviving as a vampire.This movie has one of the most uncomfortable disturbing reveals since Robert Hiltzik's Sleepaway camp was released in 1983.Also the movie is just sewn up perfectly with a magnificent ending.There was not one split second i could pause it or look away.It was really nice to see something original and new for a change.

3.)The Blob(1988 Remake):

Holy cow,i love the crap out of this flick!Yes,i'm also a huge fan of the original as well.I just felt the remake was more appropriate on this particular list.Hint Hint:The snow blaster they use to freeze the blob with,and turn that guy into a big frosty goo ball.So it starts off with a meterorite falling down to earth and crashing in the state of California.It basically attaches itself onto an old hobo's arm and three kids Brian(Kevin Dillion),Meg(Shawnee Smith),and Paul(Donovon Leitch) rush the man to the hospital,and from then on the chaos ensues within the town.And in the end it's none other than a government experiment gone wrong(Go figure).They have some of the most extraordinary special FX in this movie.They came up with some of the fanciest vomit inducing treats.The blob goo itself is truly sensational,the effects where the people were dissolving into the goo was something i'd never seen before when i first watched the movie.I found it pretty amusing the goo was pink too.You know the blob is this horrid ball of goo terrorizing and murdering people in the most impressively insane ways.The Blob 88' had me at the hospital scene,although i am in love with both of them.In my opinion both the 1958 and the 1988 versions were both instant classics.So if you haven't yet experienced the miraculous Blob movies,run to get them..and click your heels together in a dramatic way as well!

2.)The Curse Of The Cat People(1944):

Yes,yes.I chose "the curse of the cat people" over "cat people".I enjoy both these movies immensely,but Curse has beautiful snow ridden sets(not through the entire movie).I love Simone Simon's wardrobe in this movie better as well.That main dress she wears is gorgeous,i guess that's mainly to enhance the fact that she's deceased.She has a very fairy goddess like quality to her appearance.Obviously this is a sequel to Producer Val Lewton's suspense/horror-esque flick "Cat People"(1942) starring Simone Simon.I was a little confused after seeing this one,because it doesn't have much to do with the first movie,but i liked it.The story picks up where the first one left off after Irena(Simone Simon) has passed away Oliver(Kent Smith) gets hitched to his ho-bag co-worker Alice(Jane Randolph).That whole story always pissed me off because i like Simone so much,haha.Anyways Irena begins magically appearing to their young daughter Amy(Ann Carter),and forms a friendship with her.She also befriends a lonely old lady(Julia Farren) who used to be an actress,with a evil and jealous daughter(Elizabeth Russell).I'm totally surprised that Amy hasn't gotten kidnapped and murdered yet with how gullible that little girl is.I'm just saying if some old lady is whispering to me from a window,i'm running away.Things come to a close when Amy is caught in a snow storm(after running away from home),she then finds refuge at the old ladies for protection,and she is met with the angry and jealous daughter who wants revenge for not getting the attention that Amy has gotten from her mother.Dun dun'll have to watch the movie to find out what happens.But this is a keeper for sure on all accounts!

1.)Dead End(2003):
That's right folks,Dead End made number one.This movie actually freaks me out in a way,i(as odd as it sounds)have a fear of never ending driving,going in circles and never coming across anything different.Being caught in a constant merry-go-round of oblivion with no means of escape is pretty freaky.So it's the night before Christmas and the Harrington family Frank the father(Ray Wise),his wife Laura(Lin Shaye),their son Richard(Mick Cain),their daughter Marion(Alexandra Holden),and her boyfriend Brad(Billy Asher) are on the road traveling to Frank's mother-in-laws house for Christmas dinner.A series of horrific events are put into play with Frank takes a short cut and falls asleep at the wheel.Everytime they stop the car from that moment on someone dies a brutal death.Let me just say they picked the best cast for this film,i can't imagine anyone else in it,especially Lin Shaye with her catatonic and hilarious performance.Watching this film plagues me with a sense of claustrophobia from the driving in circles with all the same trees dark night,and i love it!Even with all the driving in circles this movie is not dull for one second.It gives you plenty of genuine scares with a hint of black comedy.Writer/Directors Jean-Baptiste Andrea and Fabrice Canepa definitely knew what they were doing,and it makes for a nightmarish trip down a lonely road bound with twists and turns at every stop.So go go watch it and report back to me with all your happy and wonderful comments about it!

Well i hope this post was informative to a lot of you,and you find a new movie to enjoy.I'm already working on a second edition of it.I went to the store the other day to buy some new DVDs and just happen to come across like 3 more winter ones that i like.Hopefullly i'll be able to get my laptop fixed this month,so i can continue updating this blog more often.It's just ridiculously expensive!A piece broke off the crevice of my laptop,and it took out my entire screen,so i have to replace both things.But anyways MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!I don't know about you guys but i'm asking Santa's bitch ass for a new laptop!=]

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