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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry X-Mas!!

Merry Christmas everyone in horror movie land!Hope it's as enjoyable for you as it was for me!Plus I made totally badass Christmas cookies!=]
Anyone get any bangin movies this holiday season?
I received Jaws 3,Zombie strippers,Class of 1984,and Private parts!YaY!
Movies i bought myself for Christmas are;My little eye,the Texas chainsaw massacre the next generation,Slither,When a stranger calls,Fight club,Evil dead 2,Monty Python and the holy grail,and the million dollar hotel!Yeah,i know,i get a little out of control buying myself presents.Haha.


  1. Nice pick ups...I loved My Little Eye! I got the Martial Arts not so masterpiece, Undefeatable and The Great Silence, and the Pontypool book!

  2. I went a little crazy with the DVDs myself lol All I got will be what I end up reviewing for the next week or so I suppose.

  3. Hope your holiday was a happy one!
    And I also bought Fight Club this Christmas as well. Great minds think alike;)
    Let me know if My Little Eye is any good, I can watch it instantly on Netflix...

  4. Some good buys there. Especially Evil Dead 2. I hate to sound biased but it's one of my favorites.