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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Female Villian/Killer Number 1:The Dead Girl-EXTE:Hair Extensions

Female Villains/Killer Number 1:The Dead Girl-EXTE:Hair extensions(2007)
Director:Sion Sono

Well hello and welcome to my first femme fatale entry.I will be doing these just randomly here and there.I thought it would be a good idea to introduce some of the killer ladies of horror.So i will be blogging about some of my favorites,and of course they are attached to some of my favorite movies.There's nothing better then sitting down to some good japanese horror!

She is about the greatest and most vengeful of all female villains/killers.She doesn't exactly have a motive,except for the fact that she's been done wrong and everyone is going to feel her wrath.I first came across this movie going through a horror movie list on and it reminded me of my little sister Tiara,because that girl is a hair/hair extensions nut.So i kept it in mind,and ended up ordering it off Netflix for Tiara and I,and it became one of our J-horror favorites.We basically get to see her as a corpse the entire movie,except for some key flashbacks about the torturous death she endured.You can see why she is so damn angry and exacts revenge on everyone that comes in contact with her hair.The dead girl is found in a storage unit which is completely covered in hair.The cops take her to the morgue where the morgue night watchman Yamazaki(Ren Osugi) steals her body and keeps it in a hammock in his house.The hair flows from the dead girls corpse flooding Yamazaki's house,spilling from her eyes,mouth,head,and wounds.He soon enough runs into Yuko(Chiaki Kuriyama) who is a young and motivated apprentice at a hair salon.He offer her and some of the other girls some deadly free hair samples,which they use for hair extensions.Then the gorey fun begins,as the hair brutally and bizarrely murders everyone it touches.

Not only is this chick absolutely gorgeous(alive and dead),but she kills people with her hair.Out of all the weapons and ways to murder people,she chooses to slaughter them with those beautiful black locks.I can't come up with anyone so innocent,yet so vicious at the same time.She was a victim in life,but in death she is a murderous corpse fueled by savage rage.When i started working on my female villains/killers she is the very first one that came to mind as my favorite.There is so much mystery and originality surrounding this character.It's always fun to make your own assumptions,but i still get curious watching the movie.It's one thing when people are flesh and blood killers,but i think it's so much more suspenseful and creepy when they are apparitions or evil spirits.You never know when there going to strike,you just have to nervously sit and anticipate the attack.This is exactly what this deadly lady brings to the screen,and in the most enjoyable manner possible.This is not a flick to miss people!So give it a watch and report back to me!=]

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  1. Great Post. Thanks for joining Chicago Ghouls!!!The nice thing about J-Horror is that everything is fresh and original. It's been a long time since I've seen films that actually gave me chills. If you have a chance check out my Black Sun blog. I just did a series of posts on Shigeru Mizuki's Yokai Horror tv series.

  2. I really want to see Hair Extensions...looks very interesting.

    I also have granted you an award for your awesome blogging efforts here at my blog. You don't have to do a follow up post, but I wanted to give you one anyways!

  3. I picked your blog for an award/meme thingy! lol You don't have to do what it says but I wanted you to know about it.

  4. Thanks so much guys!!!I really appreciate it!!Eeeek this is sooo exciting!I will do my awards as soon as i can!

  5. I blogged about this film too - it's awesome!

  6. Hi Aleata - I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for an award. So congrats and keep up the good posting! You can check it out at ETMC...