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Monday, October 19, 2009

Issue One Of Fabulous Halloween Movies To Watch

Well it's the wondeful Halloween season again and you know what that means...Horror movie marathons galore!Now i didn't compose a list of just "horror" movies,but ones based on or around Halloween.If you think about halloween you think about horror movies,but most horror movies have nothing to do with halloween.So i thought i dedicate some issues of halloween movie lists to the season and my love for all things horror.I didn't just jot down random movies,i actually took about a week to think of some of the very best!I think i'll do about 3-4 issues for this years halloween movie lists.So get with the halloween spirit and check out these fucking awesome movies if you haven't already!

house of 1,000 corpses
10.)House Of 1,000 Corpses[2003]
Well there's plenty of obvious reasons why i chose Rob Zombie's madness filled "House of 1,000 corpses" as my number 10.This movie oozes everything halloween from Captin Spauldings "murder ride" to Otis(Bill Moseley) dressing up in a girl's fathers skin as a halloween costume.This is actually the only movie Rob Zombie has done that i've actually liked.It's original and way can't help but love the psychotic family.If there's a cinematic family that has the halloween spirit it's this one led by Mrs. Firefly(Karen black).So if you want to get a little traumatized,all the while laughing and enjoying yourself immensely grab this movie!You won't be disappointed!
the nightmare before christmas
9.)The Nightmare Before Christmas[1993]
A Tim Burton Halloween/Christmas clashed classic!I think about everyone has seen this masterpiece.Halloweentown filled with ghastly Halloweenesque characters.We have Jack Skellington the "pumpkin king" who grows weary of Halloweentown and wants to find something new so he attempts to take over Santa Clauses place during the Christmas season.You will not find a better animated musical Halloween movie then this.The songs are catchy and creepy with a frighteningly macabre musical score by Danny Elfman.You craving Halloween,gambling boogeymen,evil little trick or treaters who hold Santa Claus captive?Pick up a copy of "the nightmare before christmas"!I remember seeing this movie in theaters when it came out and i've loved it ever since!
Halloween 3
8.)Halloween 3:Season of the witch[1982]
Alright i'm not a big fan of the "Halloween" franchise at all.But the one i do like is the one that has absolutely nothing to do with Michael Myers...enter Halloween 3:Season of the witch.Instead of a knife wielding madman we have a clever story of an infamous Halloween mask maker by the name of Conal Cocrahn(Dan O'Herlihy) who is out to kill every child in America.The silver shamrock masks are the most popular masks on the market this year and they also happen to cling and rot your head producing a number of cockroaches,snakes,spiders and other icky creatures from them.Ohhh goody goody if you haven't seen it yet,aren't you interested?!?.Starring the wondeful Tom Atkins as Dr. Dan Challis investigating a crazy man who died in his hospital clutching one the of child hungry masks.I just light up every single time i watch this movie.Coming across little bratish candy monger children around Halloween really makes you appreciate this flick.Not to mention it has the greatest commercial song ever "Happy happy halloween halloween halloween happy happy halloween silver shamrock".So sit back boys and girls,put on your silver shamrock masks,and WATCH THE FLASHING PUMPKIN!
idle hands
7.)Idle Hands[1999]
This is a hilarious flick about a lazy kid Anton(Devon Sawa)who finds out what happens when you don't use your hands for anything good.Being the slacker he is his hand gets possessed by evil forces for being so worthless putting into action rather funny events.He cuts it off and has to chase it down and save his girlfriend before the hand sacrfices her to the devil on Halloween at a school dance.Yes,we have the whole Halloween atmosphere going on.Along with some brutal costumes that are actually real,bones the cat,and Anton's dead parents strung up as Halloween decor.This is a flick that should be added to everyone's movie collection.Not to mention it has the lovely Jessica Alba half naked in it.Now i know your drooling on yourself a little bit.
the switch killer
6.)The Switch Killer[2004]
This is a movie that will indeed fuck your head up for life.Now it has a LOT of enjoyable stuff in it.We have a transsexual murderer,a ton of strippers dancing(bonus),lesbians,and halloween parties with hilarious party goers rockin out to the band.I mean seriously when you watch this movie when the band is playing keep a sharp eye on the people in the audience.Kept me amused for fucking months!This is an independent flick,which makes it a little bit harder to find.But trust me it's definately worth purchasing off amazon/ebay.And off course it's based around Halloween time,yay!
Katherine Isabelle
5.)Ginger Snaps[2000]
This is one that always seems to make my lists,why you say?Because it's fucking amazing!And i'm a bit in love with Katharine Isabelle,and this movie is fucking amazing.Yeah,yeah best werewolf movie ever!Of course it's based around Halloween,and just so happens everyone thinks Ginger's werewolf transformation is a great costume.Adding a nice little touch to the movie,just little details like that make it sooo good.Anyways this is a movie about two sisters that really despise society and on a little adventure to kidnap a stuck up girls dog one of them is attacked and bitten by a werewolf.Ginger not only hitting puberty,but now has to deal with the experience of changing into a werewolf.This is one of my personal favorites and is bound to make everyone feel a bit uncomfortable.
Side FX
4.)Side FX[2005]
This is another immaculate independent flick i've come across.It's about friends Matt and Tuesday whom share a college dorm room.Matt is a campus drug dealer willing to sell anything,which leads to the downfall.Getting ahold of a drug called "Ace",and selling it to college kids who then think they are vampires and need blood to live.So Matt throws a Halloween party and starts giving out Ace as a party favor and what do we have?!.A whole buncha blood thirsty college kids.Oh snap!
3.)Murder Party[2007]
Everyone knew this movie would pop up on this list somewhere.I'm a total sucker for the Lab of madness guys.Anyways Murder party revovles around a group of artists in "the collective" who will do anything for a grant from a supposed rich guy Alexander(Sandy Barnett).Alexander has them throw a Murder party on Halloween where they trap an innocent guy(Chris Sharp) in a warehouse and plot to kill him.But everything ends up going very wrong when one of the collective members snap.Well basically a bunch of them snap,but in their own ways.Anyways another one of my favorites and guess who i'm being for Halloween.Yes,he's the guy with the werewolf mask Mr. Macon.Watch this movie!
Satans little helper
2.)Satan's Little Helper[2004]
Another one of my personal favorites(go figure a lot of my faves are based around Halloween).Anyways this is a story about Dougie,and Dougie is addicted to a video game where he's Satan's little helper.Becoming a little obsessed with Satan he dresses as a little devil for Halloween and wanders off to find Satan.That's where he meets a tall masked man who without speaking a word insists he's Satan himself.So Dougie goes on a day adventure with this man who's actually a murdering anarchist out to destroy everything he can.I don't know why i haven't reviewed this movie yet.Jeff Lieberman you are a genius!This movie is a whole bunch of hysterical insanity.It's so fucking funny you will literally laugh your face off your face,and i know that sounds appetizing!After i watched this movie,i told everyone about it that would listen!
Trick 'R Treat
1.)Trick 'R Treat[2009]
This movie was just finally released by Michael Dougherty and damn,i mean DAMN did he just own shit!!I couldn't believe my eyeballs!This is a comic book-esque movie in the footsteps of George Romero's "Creepshow".In the likes of Halloween this movie has everything you'd ever dream of.It has various different stories all combined into one movie.You follow the little guy Sam with the burlap sack over his face.I like to call him the Halloween monster.He's like how Santa is to Christmas to me.If you don't follow the rules of Halloween he will indeed stick you with a Halloween pumpkin pop shank!I'd have to say he's my new hero,and there's a spot on my body where he will be inked.This isn't a review so i can't get into much else..i can only assure you THIS IS THE MOVIE OF THE YEAR!It was originally supposed to be released two flippin years ago,but it's out on DVD now.So watch it and bask in all it's glory!


  1. Really cool list. I definitely agree that Trick 'r Treat and H3 should be on there, but you also included some that I've never seen before. I must check them out!

  2. Thanks!
    Yeah,if you get a chance definately check out the ones you haven't seen.They are great flicks!
    Have a happy Halloween!=]