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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sleepaway Camp 3:Teenage Wasteland(1989)

So i've found some of my older reviews that i haven't bothered to put up on here.So i'm going to try to get all those up this week,and i'm also working on a couple new reviews.Stay tuned!

sleepaway camp 3 Pictures, Images and Photos Sleepaway Camp 3:Teenage Wasteland (1989)
So it begins where the second left off,Angela Baker the "angel of death" looking for a slick way to sneak back into camp again.Angela like in Sleepaway Camp 2 is protrayed by the beautiful Pamela Springsteen.So what we have here is a small group of people who decide to re-open "Camp Rolling Hills",but they change the name to "Camp New Horizons",so everyone will forget the tragedy that occured there.But Angela has come back for revenge once again for all those drug addict,sex obsessed,foul mouth,juvenile deliquents!The camp is separated into two groups,there's the rich kids whose parents paid a large sum of money to get them in,and then there's the street rat kids who were placed there by the courts.Of course we all know Angela doesn't discriminate,she'll kill anyone!So even before camp Angela runs a girl over with a truck to take her place at camp,as she takes the name "Maria".As soon as she arrives at camp the terrorizing begins.There are 3 different camping teams in the woods,and she goes from one to the other picking off all the campers.There are such horrorific scenes such as a lady getting her head ran over by a mower,a couple getting brutally beaten with a stick,a boy getting a firecracker lit in his nose,and many more gruesome deaths!
Now personally this is one of my favorite movies,along with the entire Sleepaway Camp trilogy.They are all instant classic's and especially original with the black comedy aspect sewn in there.As was the second Sleepaway Camp the third is also directed by Michael A Simpson.I have no complaints with his direction,i thought he did an awesome job with the two.I've always loved the twisted concept of these movies.Everytime i watch it,i can't help but sing along to the "I'm A Happy Camper" theme song.And you have to absolutely love her sassy remarks she's always making.The smart ass attitude just makes for more laughs.I like how in this one you also get a quick delusional glimpse at what's going on inside her head.You can really groove with the 80s metal soundtrack,haha.Basically goes along with the theme of the movie well.The whole punk kids "Teenage wasteland" and "i do what i want" thing they got going on.
For the budget they had on this movie everything was pretty nice.The effects were so so,but i wish there was more of the gore splatter.(Side note:they cut a lot of the good gore scenes from the movie)The location with the cabins and woods and such was okay.Anyways if you haven't seen any of the "Sleepaway Camp" movies,i strongly suggest you give them a chance and check them out!Also for anyone who hasn't heard,they have come out with a "Return to sleepaway camp".I believe it came out towards the end of 2008,so that's something you "Sleepaway camp" fans will want to check out as well!
Character Design:5/5
Overall Rating:5/5


  1. I love the Sleepaway Camp movies. Parts 2 and 3 are among the greatest sequels ever made. I am glad you gave this straight 5/5 ratings!


  2. Oh right on!It's so hard to find Sleepaway camp sequel fans among people!=]