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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Flying Croc and Zombiewalk News!

This isn't remotely related to horror movies, but it could be one. Yes, one I'm going to make based on this insane event that took place in the Democratic Republic, Congo. Okay so recently a crocodile got loose on an airplane, the spontaneous croc caused a stampede, which triggered the airplane to tip and then crash into a house and caused the deaths of 20 people, one survived to tell the story. The crocodile did survive, but some dickhead with a machete murdered him when he was sifting through the wreckage. WAIT, WHAT?!?!!. First of all, who the fuck is sneaking crocodiles on board a damn plane? Second of all, who the fuck let this idiot sneak the crocodile on the plane? This asshole brought this crocodile along to sell to someone, ASS HOLE! Then the group of people on the plane were so retarded that they all jumped to front of the plane causing it to nose dive into a house right beside their landing destination. Why does this make me laugh my ass off? So this taintlicker has been wrangling this crocodile into a sports bag and somehow couldn't manage to do the same thing when it finally escaped. This crocodile should not be blamed, poor little guy! Maybe one day people will stop smuggling wild animals into their luggage on airplanes..jesus christ. I had to share this because it's just so fucking ridiculous. As you may have realized there was one survivor from the flight, and that how this story was retold. How did they survive that flying croc? We may never know! I do know that people are fucking morons and it wouldn't surprise me if this same incident happened like a million more times. Aleata Illusion can do nothing but just shake her pretty little head.
On a sidenote, this Friday is the zombie walk in Kent! Who's coming?? I'm gathering the troops and creating my sexy zombie outfit this week! Totally stoked! I'm also available to help with costumes and do zombie make-up. If you need me let me know people! Let's do this! We will also be going to a Halloween party at a punk rock bar afterwards, so let me know if you want to come! I will see you guys there! =]

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