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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Inglourious Basterds Was Glorious!

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I'm pretty sure everyone in the entire world has already seen Inglourious Basterds as soon as it was released last Friday.But if for some ungodly reason you haven't i want you to A.)punch yourself right in the nose and B.)GO SEE IT!!Jesus what kind of motivation do you need people?!?.Okay i have been waiting for this movie ever since i got word it was in the making.Okay first off,it's a Tarantino flick,yep i went there.And secondly and much more importantly one of the stars is none other than Eli Roth.I hear the name Eli Roth and i jump up and scream "WHERE"?!?.

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Ever since i discovered his 2002 beautiful masterpiece "Cabin Fever" i've been in love.I'm so in love with Eli as a director i was even quite upset about his acting career,because let's face it,it's taking quite a bit of time out of his writing/directing.I'm completely on edge for his next two upcoming projects,which if you don't know about will now..His very next movie is going to be a Sci-fi thriller entitled "Endangered Species".Then coming closely behind that one is based off his Grindhouse Faux trailer horror flick "Thanksgiving".The Trailer was enough to make me punch the person next to me out of pure delight.I'm HIGHLY anticipating this full length gore-fest!Not to mention he'll be guest starring in Alex Aja's remake of the 1978 classic "Piranha"(which will be in 3-D) as a wet t-shirt host,and he's producing the horror flick "Cotton".

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Okay,back to the subject at hand.Eli Roth plays the "bear jew" Donny Donowitz,his signature weapon:a baseball bat(signed by jewes that he's going to use to bash as many nazi heads as he can with).Anyways as you might have gathered already,he's part of the invincible nazi killing troupe so named "The Basterds" by the nazi's themselves.Let me just personally state Eli is such fantastic eye candy for the big screen.I mean he's Eli Roth,he's fucking gorgeous!!He's had a few cameo's in the past(Cabin fever,Death proof,Hostel,and his own Thanksgiving trailer),but Eli can fucking act.Not one second of him on screen bored me a bit.I mean he went from his tiny cameo's in Troma movies to acting right beside Brad Pitt.Talk about imtimidating for your first big part in a movie.They worked wonderfully side by side,and not to mention they both created fantastic accents for themselves.Speaking of Eli's Boston accent and Brad's hillbilly tone.And maybe just someday they'll work together again,i just hope it's Eli directing.(Not saying anything bad about him acting again,i just adore his movies to much).

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Just on a side note,this is not any sort of review for Inglourious Basterds.I think i'll rewatch it a couple more times before i get to one.I just really f'n love Eli Roth and had to express it to anyone who will listen,haha.Anyways like i said this movie is supurb,truly the movie of the summer.I would definately rate it a 5/5 stars,no questions asked!

Well until next time,tata.


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  2. jake and i went to see inglorious basterds sunday night. AMAZING movie =)