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Monday, August 10, 2009

The Master Of Disguise - Gary Oldman

I've put a lot of crazy movie psycho thought into it and I've finally come to a conclusion. Gary Oldman is in fact the master of movie disguise! Oh oh oh do you feel the excitement?!. Now this wonderful man as graced us with his presence in many great movies! When I say many, I do mean MANY! From "Sid and Nancy" to "Bram Stokers Dracula" he's just tickled my fancy. I'm highly convinced that this amazing actor could play any part unexpectedly thrown at him. This is someone that can put on a dreadie wig, fake scars on his face, talk with a Jamaican accent and sell it as a real person. In "True Romance" he actually pitched that whole character concept. Tony Scott with his trusting encouragement said "Run with it", and that he did. You want more reasons of why this man holds this title. I'll be more than happy to entertain your curiosity. Here's a short list of movies that you may or may not have recognized him in.

-True Romance(1993)Drexl Spivy- As I was speaking of earlier. His performance in this movie was let alone a shock. Him making you believe a white drug dealer would be parading around in cheetah print, dreadies, and scars thinking that he's black. I mean the whole idea of it is just ridiculous! I'm quite aware that there are copious amounts of weird individuals out there. But I've never in my life met one like this, have you? Didn't think so. His accent in it was also matched the attire perfectly. I mean just listen to the way he delivers that dialogue, completely unrestrained and confident. His attitude that says "fuck you, I'm god" in that role is just like.."wow i can't believe Gary Oldman just said all that shit dressed like that and I'm totally digging it". Just all around kudos for another well done movie!

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-Bram Stokers Dracula(1992) Vlad the impaler- I don't know if it's the long Fabio hair to the very creepy old vampire make-up. But if I would have watched this not knowing he was already in it, I would have had to take a double take. Here he plays the ever intriguing immortal Dracula. Gary pulls off the handsome, and romantic vampire in love with Mina(played by the lovely and talented Winona Ryder) beautifully. His display of his sorrow over his long dead wife that plagues him just bursts on the screen, then he does a 360 to his evil "I've been dead millions of years,fuck you" vampire persona. This is a immaculate version of the Dracula franchise movies. You really want to be on Gary's side as the tortured soul whose lived a life of sadness. Instead of a flat out blood thirsty (bite everyone) vampire.

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-The Fifth Element(1997)Zorg- Okay the hillbilly type accent is adorable, yet laughable. He plays the evil wealthy industrialist whose after the stones to control the universe or what not. Anyways this is a movie based wayyy in the future, so goofy costumes and all are in effect. Not to mention his funny little comb over. His performance just keeps me constantly laughing in this flick. Yet again with his whole get up you have to think, "Gary Oldman is that you"? He really has a way with evil characters, which is awesome, because I'm one of those people who usually cheers for the evil side in movies. Yeah, yeah I can't help's so much more fun that way. This is a futuristic comedy, not meant to be serious. He just really take his character to a new level. God, I heart this movie!

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-Sid And Nancy(1986)Sid- Wow, talk about the hot young Gary Oldman. In this movie he portrays the heroine addict, punk musician Sid Vicious. In my opinion this is the best performance of his career, not to mention he actually strongly resembles Sid Vicious! It's rare that someone can play a junkie accurately, but he does it, and does it fucking good. The scene in the subway where he actually blows a snot bubble out of his nose as he's going through withdraws, he hooked me. Haha, you have to love it! Gary after losing weight to play this part, lost a little to much, and ended up shortly hospitalized. Now that's some major dedication, jeopardizing your own health for a movie. If you haven't seen this go out and rent it! One word for Gary's performance in this movie is INTENSE.

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-Hannibal(2001)Mason Verger- I saved this movie for last, because I in fact HAD NO FUCKING CLUE THAT WAS GARY OLDMAN! I had watched the movie several times before noticing in the credits that, that was Gary. Yes, he plays A cripple with a completely disfigured face who has to eat through a tube. But this is a character that you would slap your knee about and be like "Damn that's a character". He plays one of Hannibal's surviving victims that Hannibal convinced to cut his own face off and feed it to his dog, then later salty about the incident is hell bent on revenge. This Verger character always made me laugh (I'm just a wee bit demented)and totally creep me out. I mean when Clarice has to get close to his face in the shadows...just a bit gross and freaky. I thought he might lunge out to lick her face or something. Anyways as always he sports a completely different and original accent. I sometimes find myself talking to people in it, and further my reputation of being a weirdo. This is definitely his most odd, yet outstanding part in a movie. I have to keep reminding myself that it's actually him. God damn Gary Oldman you are a tricky mother fucker!

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Well wrapping it up on my Gary Oldman rant. He is one of the most versatile, creative, attractive, and just plain fucking badass actors out there! That's what makes him the greatest Master of disguise in my book! Pure talent all over on his behalf, he earned it!


Aleata Illusion


  1. Aleata: Great post. I agree with you that it is Oldman's acting skill that make him such a mecurial monster - just like Lon Chaney.

    Very interesting post and loved the pictures of Oldman. - I forgot he was in Hannibal. There, he used his great vocal skills as well. -- Mykal

  2. Excellent post! I was thinking about writing a tribute this weekend after seeing around 5 of his films in a row. The man is really one of the most underrated actors of our time, even if he did do The Unborn for a paycheck. Hey, we're all in a recession!

  3. Thanks for the comments guys!I really appreciate the feedback!=]

  4. Pattymelt, your excellent movie review was the very first thing I read this morning. My cat babies were gathered around me as I chuckled and giggled and almost nearly cried, and I do believe they also appreciated the review mightily