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Monday, August 24, 2009

John Wayne Rumor

Okay so this caught my attention,and frankly i couldn't stop laughing.Alright so i'm in the middle of the book "Hollywood Urban Legends" by Richard Roeper.I usually don't care that much about Hollywood Cinema,but come on people,who doesn't want to read about urban legends.These ridiculous rumors get better and better every year.Not to mention some good ol' classic urban legends.This one just happens to spot light the ever famous John Wayne.A popular actor in mainly Westerns back in the 1920's through the 1970's.Well this hilariously constructed rumor has been placed on more than just him...even Elvis.Eeek!

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So here it is,as stated in Roeper's book."Wayne was such a meat-eating fiend that,when he died,his autopsy revealed 40 pounds of impacted fecal matter lodged in his colon".Okay,okay i know that there are a lot of messed up UL's out there,BUT WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?.Who in they're right mind would start a rumor about how much shit was built up in someone's ass.Famous or not...if this is what you spend your days thinking about you need a psychiatric evaluation!I can understand and/or take into consideration a lot of really odd urban legends,but this one i just can't...haha.Not to mention you'd have to have a really wild imagination to believe something of that nature.I mean you'd have to be a mortician to even be able to obtain that type of information.Call me crazy,but i don't see many morticians talking casually over dinner about John Wayne's poop.I think they have more important things to spend they're time on.And other people SHOULD have more important things to spend they're time on.But i guess if it wasn't for these people,i wouldn't be laughing right now.

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So after my outburst of laughter ended,I was just left with the curiousity of that thought.The shit that people come up with nowadays(no pun intended).I'm only left shaking my head in amusement,just wondering what WILL they come up with next?!.Stay tuned for any more completely stupid Urban Legends i might run across.

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