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Monday, September 14, 2009

Best Screamer

Alrighty,well this is a bit of a follow up from my "nightmare on elm street 3" post.I had blogged it before on my myspace but didn't like the way i worded it,so i'm starting off fresh.At the top of my best screamer list is none other than Patricia Arquette.Now it's hard to realize why i picked this wonderful actress.Her screams are absolutely brain piercing!If she was getting attacked on the street shit you would know it.I bet she would then scare off her attacker because of that blood curdling banshee cry.Seriously this woman makes my ears quiver from that high pitched shriek!But it's beautifully welcome in my DVD player anyday.Patricia has a great talent and would have made an even better scream queen.But she plays in many different genre films.I love that she expanded her horizons though,if not we wouldn't see her in such cool flicks as True Romance,Ed Wood,Holes,Flirting with disaster,etc.Because we all know that scream queens stay strictly in their horror genre,that's where they are recongnized.I couldn't help but hand off this title to her though,that's how intense it is.

P.S. Robert Englund has written a book about his Freddy expirence and such entitled "Hollywood Monster".And Heather Langenkamp is coming out with one by the name of "I am Nancy",i'm really excited to purchase and read both of them!So if your a fan there's just a quick bit of info.

Anyone have any opinions on a favorite scream queen?Theres so many good ones to choose from!

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