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Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Favorite Nightmare!

Okay,so my friend Steve brought over his movies,and he has all of the nightmare on elm street's.I just love em!!After i got over my ridiculously manic excitedness i took a little trip down memory lane.I'm not quite sure why i don't own all these already,probably the fact that i'm always ballz deep in independent cinema and don't allow much time for anything else.Now i love all the nightmare's,they tickle my pickle.The cheese,amazing effects,creative deaths and dreams(or shall i say nightmares).It's really hard to say that you could hate this movie franchise,but there's one in particular that i've always loved much more above the rest.Could you guess what that one might be?!.

Nightmare On Elmstreet 3:Dream Warriors

So i could give you a million reason why this is better than they rest,and i'll start right now.Okay we have my personal favorite screamer(I'll have to put that blog up for you to enjoy) the lovely Miss Patricia Arquette!When i first saw the movie i basically didn't know who she was(back in the day),but as time passed she's really become one of my favorite actresses.She did an amazing job as the sleep deprived teen Kristen Parker that is Freddy's new target.We also have some familiar faces: Robert Englund as Freddy back(of course),Heather Langenkamp as Nancy,John Saxon as Nancy's father,and an extra special appearance by Zsa Zsa Gabor(which is my 2nd favorite scene in the entire movie)!In case your wondering what my favorite scene is it's the hilarious scene where Freddy comes into Kirsten's room and says "where's the fucking bourbon" and grabs her mom,always the one thing that stuck with me.

I love the opening scene with the credits,how Patricia is making Freddy's house out of paper mache and popsicle sticks.It was such a good original way to open up number 3.It was really done beautifully and definately grabs your full attention.The music score was skin crawling creepy and fit perfectly thanks to Angelo Badalamenti and Dokken.The nightmare sequences are ohhh sooooo good,we get some more familiar aspects with Freddy's house and the freaky little girls playing jump rope.But,but,but they have soo much more cool new stuff to let transcend into your brain.So this flick revolves around a group of kids who are having the "Freddy" nightmares.They are all checked into a mental institution type deal for attempted suicides.Enter Nancy who's been through psychology school and is back to try to save the Elm Street kids.With the head Doctor trying to drug the kids claiming that they need the sleep to get better,it's a fight to the death.

Okay so i went off topic from the dream sequences,so let's address them.Kristens first nightmare with the little girl she's carrying changing into a skeleton,loved it.Then when Kristen is in the bathroom and the whole sink comes apart and turns into Freddy's arms.I mean it was so like wow,the detail to it.Philip and the marionette scene.So freddy pulls this kids veins out of his arms and legs and leads him to a tower where he is offed.Then with Taryn and the little opening and closing mouths on her arms where Freddy's own heroine needle claws are injected into her.There's so many more you'll just have to watch the movie to see.

Unlike the other nightmares this one has such memorable characters,you can't help but be a little perturbed when they get picked off one by one.Not to mention how many new secrets are revealed to the audience in this one.We find out about Freddy's mother,dream powers,where Freddy is buried,and many new tactics to keep yourself awake if your being dream stalked by a psycho child killing burn victim.It also leaves a lot of doors open for movies that followed.In addition it cracks me the fuck up that Freddy refer's to many of the girls as "Bitches"."Come and get him BITCH","Welcome to the prime time bitch".I mean with Robert Englund saying it,it just makes it that much more funnier.Oh that child murdering Freddy!Anyways if you haven't seen it yet,i highly recommend it!I gives it a 5/5!


  1. Definitely my favorite of the bunch, too! Great review!


  2. this film and the first are certainly the best of the series. i'd say this ties with the first...the second film is such a low note..(i dig the gay subtext in it though)

    no one says "Bitch" like Englund.
    wish i could with the same fire and frequency...

    in my dreams.