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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jennifer's Body(Movie Review)2009


Jennifer's Body(2009)
Directed By Karyn Kusama.
If you're as big of a movie nut as me,then your following movies like a year before there final release.One in particular that i've kept my eye on quite awhile has been the Diablo Cody scripted "Jennifer's body".Now i have great movie instincts and i had quite a good feeling about this flick.So i finally got to see it Saturday(one day shy of it's release date).The story is narrarated by Needy(Amanda Seyfried) locked away in a mental institution,but at the beginning we don't know why.Alright let's get into the basic concept of this teenage horror flick.We follow the beauty queen of high school Jennifer(Megan Fox) and her nerdy best friend since they were children Needy(Amanda seyfried) going through their daily high school routine.Jennifer convinces Needy(as always) to go out to a crappy bar to see this indie myspace band "Low Shoulder".The band begins playing and the stage just ignites into flames Jennifer and Needy escape thanks to Needy's quick thinking.But while their outside recovering from the shock Jennifer seems to be in a trance-like state.The singer of Low Shoulder appears out of nowhere to encourage Jennifer to get in their bus(a safe place he says) and go for a ride.The only thing i could think to myself at this point was RAPE VAN,haha.Not to mention he gave her a roofie calatta just seconds before hand and was pushing her to drink up.So i mean if your not getting a creepy feeling already,it'll catch up to you soon enough.As Needy tries to tell Jennifer to stay she gets one last look at her best friend before the van door closes and she's left alone outside the flaming bar.She gets home and calls her boyfriend Chip(Johnny Simmons) and tells him the strange events that occured that night,also worried sick about Jennifer's Whereabouts with the weirdo band.A little bit later Jennifer unexpectedly shows up covered in blood and is acting more than odd.She doesn't say a word,but instead attacks a roasted chicken and vomits a putrid blackish substance all over Needy's kitchen floor.Needy at this point realizes that Jennifer is not the same as she was before she got into that rape van.The next day at school Jennifer seems to be okay,with the addition of cruel remarks about the bar burning and people dying.What ensues from then on is a hot demonic chick cannibalizing all the high school boys she can get her hands on.

Jennifer's Body

From all the Megan Fox coverage and interviews we don't realize that Amanda Seyfried is the actual main character.Now since it's a movie about the evils of high school we have a younger cast.But i think they all did a fantastic job,there's actually no one i can pin point to harass at all(i'm such a critic usually).The locations fit beautifully with that "stuck in a tiny desolate town" feeling.Just in general they had some great locations for the different scenes that take place(the abandoned pool,the sacrifice in the woods,the house under construction).Now my taste of music is way different from the music they have here,aside from Hole.But i have to give them some major kudos,because the music slapped over this movie also went really well with the theme of it.At the end when they played the song "Violet" by Hole, i was just like "wow,that's pretty freakin' groovy"!Also another funny fact Hole has a song titled "Jennifer's Body".I have a feeling "Jennifer's body" being named such was no coincidence,but done intentionally.Now this isn't the only movie out there with posession caused by a band,but it was done in a completely original way.I mean they band didn't just hypnotize her and off onto a murderous rampage she went.But it was a sacrifice gone wrong,as we learn half way through the movie.The band mistaking Jennifer for a virgin, sacrifice her to Satan in some dark deserted woods.What they didn't know is that if sacrificed and not a virgin they'll come back as a demonic force to eat people to keep a good complexion.

Jennifer's Body

Jennifer's Body
The ending was fantastic!I loved the dramatic way they chose to take it.The flash backs during the scene prove effective and you get that sense of sadness for Needy having to murder her best friend.Yet the anger is present as well,with the fact that Jennifer ate Needy's boyfriend.Also a touch of comedy as Needy's murder weapon of choice is revealed(a box cutter).All of this madness crushed together with great actresses and an equally good director and we have a fabulous scene.Now i don't want to bad mouth Diablo Cody.I think she's a great writer,she gets the whole "teenage girl" thing(she also wrote the teen pregnancy hit "Juno").But Diablo's teenage lingo gets a bit to ludicrous for it's own good.I know when your a teenager you practically have your own language,but some of the words are really incomprehensible and it makes the characters seem a little annoying.There are also some really cheesy lines i felt were inappropriate for the dialogue.The "Tampon" remark was just flat out fucking stupid.And the dress they make Needy wear to the prom was just ri-god-damn-diculous!Yeah,we understand she's a geek,but this isn't the butt fucking 80s.But every movie has it's quirks,what can you do?Also the CGI,everyone knows how i feel about CGI.The CGI didn't much bother me at all.The flick is so layed back and enjoyable that i could forgive a little bit of nonsensical effects.Aside from that i thought the movie was pretty fucking cool.It's definately on my list of "movies to buy".You don't often find very many good new horror hollywood movies,but "Jennifer's Body" is positively one to see.With all these remakes it's nice to see a fresh idea thrown out there for once.I probably forget to mention a couple things,but i've only viewed it once.I'll probably come back to tweek this review,just wanted to put my love for this movie in the open while it was semi-fresh in my head.What do i rate it you say?!.

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