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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Female Villain/Killer Number 2:Kat-Zombie Strippers(2008)

Best Female Villain/Killers #2 Kat-Zombie Strippers(2008)
Director:Jay Lee

Just from the title,i knew i would love this movie.Then i find out that the ever lovely Jenna Jameson(Yes,the porn star) is in it.She plays the confident,hot,and vicious stripper Kat.Being the most popular stripper in the club, she has her own dressing room and reads "the complete works of Friedrich Nietzsche" in between her dances.When a zombie infected soldier stumbles into the strip club,trouble starts.Kat goes to take a new girls(who loses her nerve)slot and gets tackled and her throat torn out by the zombie soldier.Not knowing what to do the hilarious club owner(Robert England),and a few of his little helpers carry her backstage with no intention of calling an ambulance.As their plotting and arguing amounst themselves Kat rises from the dead and what do you know...SHE WANTS TO STRIP!..And the guys who come to the club can't get enough.The strip club becomes more popular than ever as all the girls are all transformed into flesh hungry zombies(most by their own will,because their jealous of Kat's growing popularity),and they hide all the half eaten zombie victims in the basement

I think Kat is one of the best villain/killers because she's a totally sexy zombie and everyone loves it.When she takes the guys one by one backstage for a so-called "lap dance" no one even questions it.Especially when these men are not coming back,everyone is still all about her.Kat's performances get hotter and hotter and finally it comes to a fight scene with her and her enemy stripper.There's ping pong balls being shot out of vagina's,skin being ripped off bodies,100 mile per hour pole dancing,and gun shots being blasted everywhere.Also i never really thought Jenna was that attractive(i think it's the extremely tan complexion and fried blonde hair),but she looks absolutely ravishing in this movie.There's something so intriguing about Jenna in a tiny little bikini,with her succubus contacts,covered from head to toe in blood mutilating men.How can you say no to that?She's a great actress as well.I mean there's a big difference going from porno's to actual movies,and i think she did a great job.She played her character well and that's why she is my deadly killer lady number two!Zombie strippers is a sexy,gore-filled and hilariously fun flick!So check it out when you get the chance!I highly recommend it!


  1. So this is what happens when porn stars try to go mainstream acting. Crazy.

    I love how you write about it. Keep enjoying life on the big screen!

  2. ANY FILM that uses Eugène Ionesco's "Rhinoceros" as its inspiration is aces in my book.

    Actually, I enjoyed Zombie Strippers - it was a hell of a lot of fun.