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Friday, January 15, 2010

Wrong Turn 2:Dead End(2007)

Wrong Turn 2:Dead End
Director:Joe Lynch


Alright since i have an upcoming review with the amazing Joe Lynch,i thought "why not pop a wrong turn 2 review up".Let me start off saying that this is the only movie in the trilogy i like.It should be obvious enough,Joe Lynch is written all over this movie!Not only is it stuffed upon bursting with violence and gore,but it's extremely entertaining and fun.It bitch slaps you and holds that attention until the credits.Not to mention this movie has an instant classic scene in the first 5 minutes of it.Yes,i am speaking on Kimberly Caldwell being chopped completely in half and dragged away to be cannibalized by a group of incest mongoloid babies.You gotta love it!I also love the fact that it takes place in broad daylight.I've always been intrigued by that,because in most movies they take advantage of darkness by using it as a scare tactic.I think it's mostly a cheap thrill,and more people should look for the straight forward scares.Don't get me wrong it's used well in some movies,but i just think it's over used in general.Now in this case we just have hungry mongoloids who don't give a shit,but in any case i wouldn't want a mongoloid after me.

We begin with Kimberly Caldwell (playing herself),and she's driving out in the sticks trying to find where a reality TV show is being shot.Her and a number of other contestants have been chosen for the show,along with Dale(Henry Rollins) their retired marine host.Anyways they are all recruited to some woods in the middle of nowhere where they must survive the apocalypse.The last man or woman standing will receive a hefty sum of prize money.The contestants are rigged with ear pieces and cameras,so viewers will be able to follow them on their journey.They also wire the woods with microphones and cameras to get other angles.So the game begins!All the contestants spread out in the woods with their one partner and prepare themselves for a day of chaos,which ends in a blood bath.So they kick our brains around as we follow a couple different lead ladies,and then they're murdered.I actually enjoy the confusion,it's much funner then opposed to the same typical one character you follow.So they are all massacred one by one by sadistic cannibalistic mongoloids,and it's so much more then just that.There is mongoloid sex,boobs,mongoloid babies consuming human fingers,people being ground up into sludge,and Henry Rollins going Rambo(you can't go Rambo without rubbing mud/paint all over your face,yeah).I'm just kind of disturbed i put "boobs" in between things referring to incestuous mongoloids breeding.The special FX is beautiful,and in general there are some creative deaths.There's also a homage to the Texas chainsaw massacre towards the end,I'm sure you'll be able to pick the scene out.Anyways check out some highlights below.

Funny Moments:
Now i have to point out some key funny moments in this flick,because they are to hilarious.Lets start with the old crazy man who lives in the cabin in the middle of the woods.Alright for one this guy has the funniest f'n accent I've ever heard.Listening to him jabbering on about how the trout are ugly had me literally rolling on the floor.And is it just me or has anyone else noticed the guy is chugging on a bottle of pepto-bismol?He even has a pepto-bismol mustache..that is the single most hilarious thing in the movie.Hahaha,i rest my case.Wayne Robson you are the comic relief,you senile old man you.The final funny thing this old man did was attempt to take down Rollins,old man you sure are crazy!*Shakes head*

Vomit Inducing Moments:
Moving on I'm going to point out some things that will most likely make you puke.They get to watch a mongoloid brother and sister bang.It made my "15 most uncomfortable movie moments" list.Now watching mongoloids have sex was not at the top of my to-do list,especially for the fact their related,and especially because he's got her up on a tree stump.I really didn't know whether to laugh or dry heave on someone.Also there is a scene with brother mongo jerking off to one of the female characters,and he spits on his hand while he's doing it.It just made it that much more gross.Another scene that really perturbs me is the one where after the mongo boy kills Jonsy and Amber,he starts drinking their blood.With all the diseases floating around in blood I just think to myself, "that bitch is gonna get AIDS"!

Oh and I'm just curious,who the hell names their son "Texas Battle"?
Okay,well that pretty much sums it up.

I highly recommend this movie!
I give this movie,a well deserved 5/5!

Enjoy the trailer below:


  1. I've seen the first one and part 2 and liked them both, the movie was a non stop action thriller and the best part was the gore, an entertaining horror movie than any fan of the genre shouldn't miss.

  2. this movie has an instant classic scene in the first 5 minutes of it.Yes,i am speaking on Kimberly Caldwell being chopped completely in half and dragged away to be cannibalized by a group of incest mongoloid babies.

    I don't need to read on...I think you just sold me right there. Hell if that had actually on American Idol, that would be like the most awesome episode ever! :)