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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Smash Cut(2009)

Smash Cut(2009)
Directed By:Lee Demarbre

In this giant Herschell Gordon Lewis Homage flick,we have a lovely dose of Gore Gore Girls insanity. So we meet Able Whitman(David Hess) who is in the midst of being spit upon by movie fans and critics alike after the release of his new film "Terror Toy". After her sister vanishes April Carson(Sasha Grey) and Issac Beaumonde(Jesse Buck) start their own investigation,and it leads straight to the b-movie director. To get behind enemy lines April auditions for a part in Able's new movie "Terror Toy 2",and Able automatically takes a shine to her. But unknowingly April has been using actual body parts as her film props,and one being her very own sisters severed head. From the point of April's sisters accidental death(in a car wreck) Able goes completely bonkers murdering everyone in his cast and crew. Obviously since it's an homage to Herschell's life and movies it has the 70's era feel to it(I love the scratchy texture editing they used). The way it's shot and the colors used makes it so appetizing to the eyes. It's just a naturally FUN and nutty gore fest for the audience. David Hess is just astounding as the B-director gone mental. For those of you not familiar with Mr. Hess,go out and rent Wes Craven's original "The last house on the left" or Ruggero Deodato's "The house on the edge of the park". I'm genuinely surprised that no one got raped in Smash Cut. All the ladies of this film are absolutely gorgeous..Jennilee Murray,Mercedes Papalia,Meghanne Kessels. I also really love how after Able and Gigi(Jennilee Murray) get into the car crash,Able takes like 2 seconds to get angry,then rips her arm off to stuff in his trunk. Well what else can you say about it,he's a independent horror director.

Okay,now here I go on with some more rambling about the things I really liked in this movie. Ohhh the catchy music that I just grooved to like whoa. You guys know what I'm talking about..when your all alone watching a movie,and you hear some catchy tune... Then you start bobbing your head in a funky way,and after wards your like "why the fuck did I just do that"? Moving on to the costumes. I'm a total crack fiend about 70s style clothes, so I was loving the outfits! I'm also going to pop on my list of "things I like" Michael Berryman and his crazed wig. I mean really,really? There was so much hilarious dialogue and David was way to hysterical playing a lunatic director. When he just starts in on his manical laughing fits I couldn't help but just start cracking up. And I need to get into the Harpoon part,Ha Ha! "Where did you get that harpoon"? "The harpoon store"! Hahaha,who the hell buys a harpoon to murder someone and attempt to set up a suicide? Jesse Buck as Issac was fabulous,I loved all the shots with him doing his snazzy detective stuff. Gave me Gore Gore Girls flashbacks.

The story mostly follows the same basis as does the gore gore girls. Lee even went out of his way to make the flesh in the eye gouging scenes look as phony as possible. If you are a big Herschell fan you'll notice even Ray Sager from Wizard of gore(Montag),and the gore gore girls(Grout) shows up as the sex crazed pervert priest in a couple scenes. Not to mention Herschell showed up to introduce the movie and played a couple scenes himself,which he was perfecto in! Thumbs up! Now where there's some thumbs down is when it comes to Sasha Grey's acting. Yes,I enjoy watching her in porno...but this movie...not so much. She's a bad actress,hence the reason she's a porn star. I couldn't stop starring at the awkward way she talks out of the side of her mouth. I still enjoy her beautiful presence though. I mean her in that nurse costume,hell yeah! It's nice to see her taking a shine to acting though,and maybe she'll get better with time.

Highlight Of The Movie:
It's no doubt when David Hess karate chops Sasha Grey in the back and just drops her. I absolutely lost it! As a matter of fact I'm still trying to recover from that scene.

So enclosing Aleata rates this Nutty H.G.L. homage flick a 5/5! I really appreciated it as it's own horror flick as well,had it's own trade mark printed on it from the beginning. I will definitely be looking out for more of Lee's flicks in the future!

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