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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Women In Horror Month:

Well women in horror month is here and I'm happy as a little demented horror girl can be! This month I will be posting interviews with some of the coolest ladies in horror! So those will be popping up throughout the month,and i would like to thank all of them in advance! Love you ladies!!

Moving on let me introduce you to my own personal women in horror. The lovely ladies that have to put up with me and my horror madness all the live long day.

My little sister Tiara:
She's been my actress,hair stylist,make-up artist,editor,screen writing partner,best friend and has to deal with me continuously babbling about horror movies. She always says "Aleata you talk about these people like I know who they are"(You'll catch an interview by her sometime this month).

My Mom:
She's always supported my independent filming habits,which most of the time I'm bitching about something. She takes me to Halloween conventions,promotes my work,and let's me borrow money for movies when I'm broke!

(My mom was 16 in this photo)

My Older sister Brittany:
She watches movies with me when no one will. We both collect and share our movies with each other. Our motto is "let's get drunk and watch some horror flicks".

My little sister Raven:
She helps me with my movies when I need it. She's also my new wonderful FX make-up lady. And we are both obsessed with Japanese horror.

Well that's it for now folks,have a grrreat week!
Happy Women in horror month!
Aleata Illusion


  1. Egaad you have a scrumptralecent looking family!

    Anyone who can execute a properish Devil Horns deserves an automatic Hall Pass from me.

    Boooyaaah, Fam, Booyah! :)

  2. Im not sure if The Stepfather is considered a horror flick- but it was pretty awesome. I liked the new one better than the first-