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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Danny DeVito Does Horror

Danny DeVito Does Horror
Status: Horror Info

So I heard on Fangoria that Danny DeVito was getting himself into horror awhile ago, and was totally stoked! Well I finally found out from one of my geek connections where we can find this amazing man's work. So along with John Albo his partner, Danny has been making short horror films for their website
So After you approve the fact that your 18 or older, get on that site and watch these!

Wow! I've been watching all of the flicks today and I gotta say, they are pretty neat. I especially enjoyed the short entitled "Raw" about a vegetarian boy who has a butcher father, who tries to force him to chop up cattle and such. It has a very fitting ending to it. And Dummy had me in fucking stitches! Danny Devito punching a bitch was pretty f'n hilarious. Not to mention they are seriously going all out with the blood and gore! Anyways the site is filled to the brim with fun stuff such as horror shorts, blood factory web store, blog, photo galleries, and plenty of updates to let you know what they are doing next.

Also in their new updates; Danny DeVito and his entire crew will have their own booth at The San Diego Comic Con 2010. How awesome is that? I really wish I had the cash to go to one sometime, I mean this would be one of the first booths I'd hit up. At their booth you'll be able to make your own horror film and then they are doing a live panel Friday, July 23rd at 9:30pm in room 5AB. That's in a couple days people, so if your going, keep it in mind!!

Also The Blood Factory has their own page on definitely be sure to check these out! Anyways I'm really looking forward to anything new that will come from them, so I will positively keep you folks updated!