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Friday, July 23, 2010

Prom Night 2: Hello Mary Lou

Prom Night 2: Hello Mary Lou (1987)
Director: Bruce Pittman
Status: Movie Review

This is another one I remember from when I was a littlin'. The one image burnt into my memory was the snarling, drooling rocking horse in Vicki's room. It was funny because my sister Brittany asked me about what movie it was recently and I was like "you know, I don't remember". But then about 2 weeks later Brittany buys Prom Night 2: Hello Mary Lou and runs downstairs like "I know what it is"! It's brilliant the way she always finds movies at the right time. This movie actually seems like it should be in the Nightmare On Elmstreet series. With all the macabre happenings, high school kids, and possessed inanimate objects. It has an extreme dose of Freddy-esque material, but that's how it stands apart from the other prom night films! It's like if a nightmare on Elm Street and Carrie had a love child, this movie would be that raving, blood drenched, demented child. It makes for a jolly and gorey good time! And oh you hear Aleata say this a lot, it's one of my favorites! I really enjoy me some 80's horror flicks, and Prom Night 2 is definitely a winner!

So let's cut to where else, the 80s! Ow owwww! So the story revolves around Vicki (Wendy Lyon) a high school girl who begins to get haunted by Mary Lou Maloney (Lisa Schrage). I would like to throw in that Lisa Schrage is fucking gorgeous and I would ask her to the prom any day! Her features are just so perfect and she has those big beautiful light blue eyes. Mary Lou 30 years ago was a trashy rebel that everyone viewed as a popular goody two shoes girl, whom everyone loved and voted prom queen. But her current square boyfriend Bill (Michael Ironside) finds her messing around with her delinquent lover Buddy(Richard Monette) behind the stage at the school dance and freaks. His bout of insanity leads to Mary Lou being caught on fire while she's accepting her prom queen crown on stage. The opening sequence with Mary Lou in the confessional saying she did vulgar things and then writing her own number inside the box under "for a good time call" is sooo classic and fanfuckingtabulous! It's one of those scenes I just watch and impulsively yell out "hell yeah", haha. Anyways Mary Lou is such a fun character you automatically like her and want to see what she does next, well at least I did. I felt the need to side with her the entire film,as per usual. Everyone gets their heart broken in high school, but who actually goes out and sets their ex on fire. Haha, what a dickhole. Plus the guy looks partially bald in high school, and that just makes me not like him. Boo on you creepy psycho bald man! But the scene where she flails around enveloped in flames is pretty brutal. We get to watch her literally toast like a marshmellow, now that's a good time betches! So back to Vicki, she's young, blonde, popular, and Mary Lou wants that body. Not in a sexual way, but to possess and cause trouble with. I actually would like to express the fact that I think Wendy Lyon is ugly as hell, she looks like a freakin old woman. She seriously reminds me of a tacky old Amish woman. Vicki and her boyfriend Craig(Justin Louis) are planning to happily attend the school prom, but Mary Lou is soon going to change that. Oh and did I mention that Craig is Bill's(Bill is also the school principal) son? Yes, it's getting extreme up in here! So up until prom Vicki's friends are mysteriously dying in the most awesome ways possible! Then Mary Lou completely possesses Vicki's body and has a good ol' time with it. By that I do mean she does a number of really twisted, fucked up things. Then she takes Vicki's body to the prom to cause a butt fucking crazy massacre. Once she emerges from Vicki's remains and takes full Mary Lou form, and the real chaos and bloody mayhem ensues!

We get some of the most beautifully fucked up scenes in this movie. Don't believe me? Well then let me give you a little taste of writer Ron Olivers madness. There's a scene where a chick who just found out she's pregnant gets offed, an incestuous make-out scene between Vicki and her own father, a sexually charged rocking horse licking his lips(ooohhh creepy), Vicki takes a swim in a chalkboard(one of the best scenes), a borederline rape scene, and a girl gets smashed inbetween some lockers when Mary Lou sings a catchy tune. If you weren't curious a little bit ago, you should be now and it only gets better. This is a movie that for one reason or another is quite memorable. As I've said before I'm still not quite over the traumatizing rocking horse scene. I also remember there being another movie with a creepy rocking horse, but the scene took place in an attic...does anyone know what I'm talking about? Because me and Ian can never figure it out. Anyways another thing I enjoy about this movie is all the colors, the set design, the characters clothing, etc. And they also did something movies usually avoid for some reason, showed the main characters tits, and bush for that matter, and just her whole naked body! I mean that's awesome in my book, but they usually show like the random slutty friends tits, not the heroines. Yeah, Aleata loves boobies, what of it?!?.

Also this movie has some of the most catchy quotes you'll ever hear. My favorite is.."There's no god Buddy, and there's no heaven, and you know what pissed me off the most? There's no fucking wings"! Then there is all the nifty little one liners Mary Lou says, hey she's from the 50s, what do you expect? "See you later Alligator", is pretty common but still sounds good when she says it. Along with the highly original deaths, the special effects are magnificent! So *High five* Jim Doyle and William Guest! It's funny because Jim Doyle also did the special effects for the first Nightmare on elm street and a Friday the 13th, pretty neat! You know I've just realized that I really enjoy horror movies that take place at the prom. There's something about people being slaughtered on a strobe lit dance floor that really gets me. You'll probably notice that I don't have a paragraph for the things I "dislike", because I pretty much liked everything in this movie. It keeps your attention no matter what's going on in it. So I really can't complain, the movie is just that damn enjoyable. I think it's always so much funner when movies take a supernatural approach, other than the flesh and blood killer type. You have a lot more options in the creativity department, and they really go all out. And I can't stress enough how much I adore unhappy endings.

5/5 Stars..I like it, I like it a lot!


  1. I did a review of this a few weeks ago as one of my favorite childhood horror memories, too. The locker smooshing scene is my FAV-orite.