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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Remake Rumble(My Thoughts)

So the latest,hippest trend,i'm sure you've all picked up on lately is the remake craze!They are single handedly ruining every movie i've ever loved!I'm not saying that ALL remakes are bad,but at least 99.5% of them are.Not to mention i've never seen one good remake of the japanese films that americans are butchering!
Now for instance i enjoyed the "House on haunted hill" remake.. minus a couple of the actors in it.But i loved the homage to Vincent Price,and the gore effects were great.Had this whole hallucinatory funhouse feel to it,it even trailed off from the original story,but they kept it nicely in check.Just want to throw out there,it's one to keep an eye out for.
House on Haunted Hill Pictures, Images and Photos
House on Haunted Hill Pictures, Images and Photos
Anyways back to the main discussion.This whole remake franchise has gotten on my last fucking nerve.Seriously most of the film makers out there shouldn't be allowed to make movies,if they don't have the creative intergrity to write one original script.It's like watching the same garbage over and over again.Looks like Hollywood is losing all it's glory.I,Myself have a million original idea's floating in my head for movies.Now everyone should be turning there eyes and full attention to the independent film scene.Because while all these corporate hollywood whores are raping every movie they can get rights too(including movies that were just released such as "Let the right one in",and "The Host").There are real film makers out there making art.This is the independent crowd.Let's go give a rundown on what's going on in the underground film world as of late...

B scream queen Debbie Rochon will be starring in two movies that i personally cannot wait to see."Won Ton Baby" and "
Slime city massacre".Also from John Lechago is coming "Bioslime".Now i watched the trailer for this movie eariler today and i couldn't believe how fabulous the effects look for a low budget flick.I urge you to go to or and watch a trailer and look up some photo stills.If your not as impressed as i am you have some serious issues.I wish people has more respect for what the real underground film makers are doing.

Well i'm actually going to have to finish this a little later,have some things to do.But until then.Cheo!

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