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Monday, November 16, 2009

5 Romantic Horror Movies To Fall In Love With

Top 5 Most Romantic Horror Films:

Some of the very best horror films are romantic horror whether you realize it or not.There's always that underlying romance between a man and women crushed in movies.What says "I love you" like murdering your love objects entire family,or fighting your lover to the death.You can't deny it,love really bring out the psycho's.Oh the joys of love!Here are 5 of the best romantic horror films that you are bound to fall in love with.

5.)Suburban Nightmare(2004):This is the love story of love stories and a flick i never get sick of.Starring Brandy Little and Trent Haaga this is a film about a really dysfunctional marriage.So what happens when a a husband and wife are both psychotic serial killers and they get into a marital fight?Well an all out fight to the death of course!Written and directed by John Keeyes;this is a romantically bloody brawl between two complete mental cases.Remarkably fun with a couple of good twists.The dialogue is so sweet in a maniac relationship type of way,no wait,it's just sweet.

4.)The Signal(2007):Ohh David Bruckner/Jacob Gentry/Dan Bush brought us this insane love story.While cheating on her husband Mya(Anessa Ramsey) and her lover Ben(Justin Welborn) expirence an odd occurance.The t.v. flashes on transmitting some kind of weird signal,as the t.v. fuzzes multi-colored splotches.All electronic devices cease to work(aside from the crazy signal) and people start becoming homicidal maniacs.It's a bloodbath from start to finish as Ben desperately searches for Mya.But of course there's the psychotic murderer husband Lewis(A.J. Bowen) whos brain is scrambled by the signal and also wants to find Mya.I just would like to note that A.J. Bowen's performance in this flick is one of the best i've ever seen.He's so great portraying the confused and insane husband.He brings a lot of good humor to the movie,then in a second can be pretty scary.Coming to a close with lot's of excitement,chaos,and catatonia.Mya,Ben,and Lewis all meet in terminal 13.

3.)A Bucket Of Blood(1959):This is a story about Walter(Dick Miller) who is a busboy at a beatnik joint.Envious of all the artists and poets and also in love with the beautiful Carla(Barboura Morris) he dreams of becoming a famous sculpter.Things begin to get complicated when Walter starts murdering people and molding clay over their corpses as art.It began as an accident,but after all the attention he gains from his "art" he can't stop.All that trouble just to get the attention of a woman you love.Directed by Roger Corman this in fact my favorite movie ever made,i mean ever!

2.)Sick Girl(2006):Starring Misty Mundae(aka Erin Brown) and Angela Bettis this is by far my favorite Lucky McKee movie!Being misunderstood by everyone(especially girlfriends)because of her undying love for her bugs Ida(Angela Bettis) is a lonely Entomologist.One day she meets Misty who she immediately falls for and they move in together.A mysterious box shows up one day on Ida's doorstep and inside is a strange bug.Eventually the bug gets loose and burrrows in one of Ida's pillows,later biting Misty.As Ida begins noticing Misty's odd and angry behaviour the bug bite starts to change her physically and mentally.She becomes a killer queen bug who is also impregnated with a whole buncha babies.Trust me this flick is a great time!This is infact a Masters of horror just for the record.With an ending that is sure to surprise anyone.

1.)High Tension(2003):
Directed by Alexander Aja.There's no perticular reason why i picked "High tension" for number one,because i love all these movies so much.But here we have the story of Marie(Cecile De France) and Alex(Maiwenn Le Besco) who are on their way to Alex's familys house in the Country for college break.When an unsuspected murderer shows up family members are brutally murdered one by one.Seriously like the title this movie has so much intensity to it.It follows Marie through the night as she alludes and trails the fat sweaty killer to save Alex.Now i really don't want to drop any spoilers about this movie,because it's so good.So just go and watch it,and you'll understand why it's on my list.


  1. Love this idea for a list. I'll be thinking about my own favorite "romantic horrors" all day now. I've never seen "Sick Girl" by the way, but it sounds totally disturbing, especially for anyone who hates bugs...

  2. Haha,definately.It gave me the creeps!What would your list be?