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Friday, November 27, 2009

Photo Fab

Okay,so i'm thinking we the bloggers don't put enough photo's in our blogs.I think we need a little more (not to mention a little more SEXY pictures),heh heh heh.So i thought why not do a post entirely with pictures,because pictures do tell stories just as much as words do.So throughout the years i've been to a couple amazing Halloween conventions in Chicago,and i've met some of my horror hero's there.So i bet your thinking "Aleata are you trying to win another contest"?Not this time folks,i would like to share some of my proudest moments in time.Getting to meet some of these spectacular horror icons/muscians/fx artists/actors/performers was a life changing expirence for me,and it was even more encouragement to pursue what i do best.So i thought why not share some of these memories with you guys,along with a tad bit of my reminiscing.So join me in this groovy macabre dance down memory lane.
P.S. if you notice my smile looks a little crazy,it's because i had vampire teeth put in there.Oh and don't mind some of the collages with the pictures,i scanned some of these straight from my scrapbook.

Yes,this is actually him.Butch Patrick who played Eddie Munster on the infamous T.V. show "The Munsters".Being one of my favorite T.V. shows ever,i was estastic to be able to meet the man himself.Now only if i could have also been honored with the great luck to have met Fred Gwynne(who played Herman Munster) and the GOREgeous Yvonne De Carlo(Lily Munster).I would have melted with pure love into a comatose state for 2 1/2 weeks exactly.When i come out of it you would better believe someone is getting raped!

I know you guys are going to be jealous about myelf getting to meet this lovely lady.Mrs. Cassandra Peterson,whom is more commonly known to the world of terror as Elvira.The one and only mistress of darkness!Now i have a truly heart wrenching story behind this photo.My sister Brittany and I waited in line for hours to get to meet Elvira and get a signed copy of her new release at the time "Elvira's haunted hills".Which for the record is an absolutely hilariously fun comedy/horror/mystery flick.Now Cassandra is not only a born performer,with an exuberant presence that could make even the most bitter person glow with joy.But she is also the kindest,she has such a natural friendly quality that it's hard to find in a lot of famous people.So anyways after waiting for a couple of hours in line her manager or whomever was running the signing said "it's time to finish up and go".I was right there ready to meet her intoxicated with happiness.Then this lady goes "no more pictures either",just being a bitch.Well not only did Elvira sign movies for my sister and I,but she posed for a photo with me as well.It was great after the lady got all pissy Cassandra was like "no i'll get a picture with you,your my kinda girl".Serisouly i don't think she realized how much that meant to me.So here it is and here's to you Cassandra!

Here's Cassandra without her Elvira get up on.

We all know him from movies such as Spider baby,House of 1,000 corpses,The devils rejects,and many many more great flicks!But he was mainly recognized when made famous as the psycho clown owner of a stop-n go type gas station with his own personal horror ride,Captin Spaulding.Since the 1960s he has taken the horror world by storm and left corpses along the way.Ladies and gentlemen the one,the only,Mr Sid Haig!He was so nice in person,and i found out that he's an ordained minister,betcha didn't know that!I'm just full of fun facts!

Okay this man i recognized when i heard his voice,i had no idea he was at the convention.I kid you not tears welled up in my eyes as i turned around to face Bill fucking Moseley.This guy has been one of my favorite horror actors since i can remember.His voice just sends sassy little shivers up and down my spine.I can't wait to see the new movie he's in called "Dead Air".Not only is he a talented actor,but he's a great muscian,and he's performed with acts such as "Cornbugs" and "Buckethead".

You know how most people are deathly afraid of clowns?Well i have a bit of an obsession and undying love for clowns..almost to a sick extent.I have never understood why people are so scared of clowns.I actually wanted to be a clown for a couple years of my life,hey i'm colorful and adore my sick sense of humor.So anyways these two goofballs are two of my favorite clowns!They do performances for all kinds of events including conventions,weddings, get the drift.Well these two clowns have the greatest sadistic jokes that'll ever violate your ears.I got to witness them walk up to this random guy and who was talking to these other people.Twitch was like "hey remember that one time we got wasted and stole that car,then ended up in jail",and just went on this in depth rant about their "old days".Fucking hilarious!Also Twitch and I happened to both be sporting purple and black striped attire.Heckles pointed it out at the convention and i've been in love with Twitch ever since.

Here's a photo of Heckles in Twitch in color,i felt it was appropriate.

Dee Snider,now if you don't know who Dee is,then you need to catch up with the times.He's the lead singer of a group formed in the 80s by the name of "Twisted Sister".They released popular songs such as "We're not gonna take it" and "Burn in hell".Sound familiar,they should!Well Dee now hosts a radio show with Fangoria and his beautiful co-host Debbie Rochon.If your interested in listening in on the movie madness go to I also just want to add that Dee is another awesome individual to meet in person!

I actually never got this mans name,but i'm pretty sure my mom said he was in actor.Alls i know is we were both in some skeleton gear and i kept seeing him everywhere at the convention.Everytime he saw me he'd be like ,"THERE SHE IS" and we'd do this dramatic run and hug ordeal.He was really fucking cool!

Just a little extra here's a couple more pictures of me hanging out there.There's a couple of people's pictures that got lost on my moms old computer.I have a picture of myself and Dustin Diamond.Now i'm not one of those people who gets "star struck",i'm pretty chill when i meet famous people.But when i met Dustin i went into shock,i just stood there and starred at him.My mom had to kind of butt into the conversation and say, "she wants to get a picture with you".If it hasn't clicked yet,Dustin played "Screech" off of "Saved by the bell".I also met a gaggle of lovely ladies that did the fashion shows there,and Bobby Weiner the FX-make up artist.I met her two years in a row.Originally i wanted to be an FX make-up artist,i even had a school lined up in California to attend back when i was 18.But i decided i wanted to be a Director and backed out.But Bobby was one of my references.So go check out her make-up by the name of "Bloody Mary".They sell it at Hot Topic's everywhere.

Me Walking around

Me dancing with a pink gorilla in front of a bunch of people

So that's it for now my little love birds!Hope you've enjoyed our memory bubble together today!But serisouly as i was writing this i just thought of me talking to people and a little bubble popping up above my head with photo memories in it,haha.

Ta Ta for now.


  1. Good stuff. Sadly, I've never made it out to a horror convention but that's because I've mainly lived in San Diego and they didn't have one (only Comic Con). But now that I am in Dallas, they have an annual Frightmare Weekend that I am definitely looking forward to this year.

  2. Hey, stop posting pix of yourself!! Don't you know that's unacceptable?? :-P

  3. I know!The blogger police are going to come and get me!!

  4. Oh and and i would love to visit Comic Con,they have such great stuff there!!Let me know how the frightmare weekend goes!