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Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Article

Okay,so recently Brian's Ms. horror blogoshpere contest on was the subject of a post on article was written by Heidi something or other.Anyways she states this in the article "In a truly nauseating attempt at attention grabbing and women-judging, a blog called The Vault of Horror has started something called the 2009 Ms. Horror Blogosphere Contest, which pits female horror bloggers against one another in a popularity voting exploitationsplosion." Okay "attention grabbing and women judging",this contest was created to promote our blogs and be a fun way to meet other horror bloggers.Brian is also hosting a Mr horror blogosphere contest too.In no way is he degrading or stepping on any of us.I think the contest was a great idea!I didn't start my blog to long ago and i now have more people interested in reading my blog.I love meeting and talking to new people about the horror genere.I think all the participants are absolutely great writers and all run awesome horror blogs.I always check out all of the blogs when i have the time.The way she stated her opinion is like it's a nasty catfight to the death,and we're all trying to win it by using our looks.First off we're WOMEN we will be beautiful if we want to.It's not a crime to be attractive.And of course we were asked to submit photo's of ourselves to go with our interviews.It gives the readers a chance to see the bloggers that they're reading about.It's not like Brian asked us to submit "lude" or "sexy" photo's of ourselves.We were asked to pick whatever photo's we wanted to use.Which none of us submitted any type of indecent photo's anyways.I do model occasionally and i'm proud of my body.I'm not ashamed to post any photo's of myself on my blog.This is a problem,why?It's my choice,not yours.
Then she continues on stating, ""The winner of the contest not only gets bragging rights and the right to display the nifty Ms. Horror Blogosphere 2009 on her site-she will also get to choose an honest-to-goodnes prize," claims Brian Solomon, who thought up the contest. Despite being a contest amongst bloggers, who are writers and journalists, each entry requires a photo of the lady and a bio. Which begs the question - why aren't they just being judged on the quality of their blog and writing? Answer: because it is never too late to judge women based on their looks...".Obviously we are being judged by the quailty of our blogs,the contest is for our blogs.The addition of the interview and photo's was another great way to get to know all the bloggers.He began the contest posting all of our blog links and names,the interviews came later.None of the questions were offensive in any way to me.It was really fun to answer them because they weren't typical boring interview questions.We got to be really creative in our answers.Not to mention if any of the girls were offended,i'm sure they would have backed out of the contest.
Then she moves on to personally target me and one of my interview questions."And while we're super flattered to be listed as an inspiration for Sarah Jahier of Fatally-Yours, we're sad to see her as an entry in the contest. It's mostly statements like this that really get our goat, as voiced by entrant Aleata Illusion, "If a guy sees a really smokin' chick, he's going to be interested in reading her blog automatically. That gives it a bit of a sexist aspect, but it's not always a bad thing to be able to grab someone's attention that way." Oh i'm sorry for being completely honest,well news flash to Heidi,THAT'S THE WAY THE WORLD WORKS!Not just with females,the same thing goes for guys.Just check out Heidi's "Scary studs" articles. it just me or is she being completely hypocritical?!.
And now she speaks out directly to me,"Actually, Aleata, if you want anyone to take you seriously as a writer, it is a bad thing. If you want to be an Internet blog celebrity, which many people do, go right ahead. This will make it easier to separate the women from the girls when we get all that sorted out".So now i'm not a woman because i have the freedom to post photo's of myself on my blog AND i write.Oh no!That's right it's against human nature to be an attractive blogger..i totally forgot.That's by far one of the most idiotic things i've ever read.Needless to say i don't run a horror blog,because i want to be an "internet blog celebrity".I write because it's a fun release to get all my movie mania thoughts out.My main interest is making films,i don't even have that much time to dedicate to keeping my blog updated,which sucks.And the last time i checked i didn't even have a any votes,as you can see BJ-C is in the lead.And she deserves it,you can tell she busts ass on "Day of the woman".So Heidi get your priorities straight.This is a horror blog competition and that's what it's being judged as.
In closing,you know what's annoying and unnecessary Heidi,your opinion.So next time think before you write something so ludicrous about something so innocent.Not to mention you just made yourself look bad in front of hundreds of readers and are currently being laughed at.
But I'm not going spend anymore time arguing over the internet about this,because i do have what is commonly referred to as a "life" outside of the internet.I use my time to write fun stuff i'm interested in,not tear down other bloggers.Just as a couple other people were irked about the article,I felt compelled to post something on it as well.Especially for the simple fact that she felt the need to personally target me in the article.Again i would just like to thank anyone who takes the time to read my blog,i appreciate it more than you would ever know.


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Thank you and goodnight!

Aleata Illusion

Oh snap!Look another photo of me to win a contest!Oh wait,that's just My sister and I making a spoof rap video..nevermind..


  1. i freaking love you. you're one of my new favorites and if it wasn't for this contest, i wouldn't know where to find you


  2. Keep on doing what your doing, obviously the folks over at pretty-scary just wanted to bitch for the sake of bitching.

  3. We write cause we love horror. The competition gave needed exsposure to alot of wonderful bloggers and, for me, is a great experience. Pretty-Scary got it so twisted...
    P.S. Your blog is awesome!

  4. Thanks you guys!I think they're article was completely uncalled for,and it made me pretty angry that Brian felt he needed to apologize because of the way Heidi attacked him in it.I say f that!The contest is for fun/promotion and if they can't see that then f them!

  5. Great post, Aleata. I'm glad you stepped up to defend yourself, I felt terrible that you were singled out that way. It was completely uncalled for. Good for you for speaking up.

  6. Why is it that some people (Heidi) believe we care what they think?

    Think of it this way: 1)by being part of this contest you gain more exposure, meet cool people, and become a bigger part of this awesome horror blogging community we have going here. 2)Heidi makes herself look like an ass, hurts her readership, and becomes the poster child for "hypocrite." It's win-win for you.

    Great site. Keep it up.


  7. I'd feel redundant to post the same thing i've posted on other blogs, so i'll just say GREAT POST!

  8. I couldn't believe she targeted you. When I read that article I was seething with anger and disgust. You are right you were honest and Heidi just plain sucks. And it's funny because by posting that article she probably lost a ton of readers while us over here in the Ms horror blogosphere gained them : )

  9. Well said lady, I am glad to be part of a group of intelligent, horror chicks who should not feel any need t apologise for sharing what they do with our horror community.

  10. I only came here to look at the picture...I'm shallow!

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