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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Short Movie:The Adventures Of Senses Fail

Haha,okay this is a really old short that my Sister Tiara and I made.It's about Buddy(The singer) and Dan(the drummer) from the band Senses Fail.It's a little spoof about how Buddy is an alcoholic and Dan is bulemic..and Buddy's girlfriend gives them an intervention.We did it off the top of our heads,but it's fucking hilarious.The quality isn't that great,but whatever.I decided to slap it together and post it for your enjoyment.

I'm working on piecing together 2 more of our short movies,so i should have them posted in the next day.I got a new editing program,so i'm pretty stoked about putting together some of our new material.Anyways i'll be posting my movies on:

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  1. I'll add ya, i got alot on my account aswell, posted a link on my blog aswell.