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Monday, May 24, 2010

DeadGirl (2008)

DeadGirl (2008)
Director: Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Heral
Status: Movie Review

I've been gnawing off my fingers waiting to see this movie and finally did. I'm not disappointed at all! First off Trent Fucking Haaga wrote the script!! Trent is the man, and I've been a fan of his for awhile. When I heard he was writing this I was absolutely 110% on board. Also I noticed that Noah Segan was in it and I had recently watched him in Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever. He was such a lovable character, and I'd have to say he's become one of my favorite new horror actors. Look at that cute face, I can't help but love him! Not only is he adorable but he fucking rocks shit in this movie because he plays such a scary character. Going from good guy to evil villain really messed with my head. But that's what makes him so good, he shocked me. Then we have an actor that I've never heard of until this movie Shiloh Fernandez with a striking resemblance to Michael Pitt he broke out with a good impression. Now I heard this movie get bad mouthed by some people. Psycho nazi feminists, it's annoying. Especially horror writers that bitch and make a big deal about cinematic rape, yet cheer for cinematic murder. Yeah, cause your not hypocritical at all. They are movies people, chill. So if your one of those people you can stop reading now and go shave your armpits or legs or anything else along those lines. I can't help myself it makes me mad when people downgrade a good movie over something so stupid. You know what I LOVE THIS FUCKING MOVIE! I'm going to tell you know out of 99.8% of the movies I watch, I predict the ending. Watching this and approaching the ending I had NO clue what to expect. I became swallowed by the movie and just had to watch nervously to wait and see. Do you know how refreshing that was? It made me happy in the pants like whoa!

Noah Segan

Here's the deal Rickie (Shiloh Fernandez) is desperately in love with Joann (Candice Accola) to the point of being a creepy stalker, just hides in bushes and around corners starring. His best friend JT (Noah Segan) is an evil son of a bitch who tries to control him and everyone else for that matter. They are both major outcasts, but definitely cute ones. When Rickie and JT decide to skip school one day, they venture to an abandoned mental hospital to trash shit and drink (what looks like cans of mello yello might I add). Anyways like little juveniles they sneak around and find a dead girl sprawled out and tied to a bed. At closer inspection they realize that she's not dead, but undead, and JT gets a light bulb. A light bulb in his pants, oooohhhh snap! But yes he really does want to rape her into a coma, but she's a zombie, so he just rapes her repeatedly. Soon he begins to get other friends to join him in on the savage raping, Wheeler (Eric Podnar). Rickie the whole time is trying to hatch a plan to stop JT and do the right thing, which leads him to attempt to release her a couple times. JT gets more and more demented as the movie progresses, it even gets to a point where he's sitting in a chair in the asylum room in his underwear and an open robe. I was in a fit of laughter at that scene, because he's in the shadows like a scene from the godfather or something. Another disturbing aspect of the movie is the fact that these guys are just fucking this dead girl in front of each other. Who does that shit? That's pretty borderline gay (No offense to homosexuals here). Like do these guys think it's macho to have sex in front of each other, pry not! Anyways Joann's boyfriend who's obsessed with beating up Rickie finds out about the dead girl through Rickie's burn out friend and wants to see her. Johnny (Andrew DiPalma) and his friend Dywer (Nolan Gerard Funk) kidnap the Rickie and Wheeler and take them to the hospital to find out what it's about. JT convinces Johnny to put his dick in her mouth and Dwyer to fuck her, Johnny soon realizes he's made a grave mistake when his dick gets bit off and he begins rotting from the inside out. Which follows with a scene of Johnny shitting his guts out in a school bathroom, it's awesome! Then JT and Wheeler decide they need to change to another girl so they can have some fresh meat, since Johnny fucked up dead girls face. They go out on the hunt sitting in JT's car at a gas station waiting for the perfect and sexy girl to walk by. After a really bad kidnap attempt JT settles on Rickie's love Joann. Rickie goes to the hospital to save Joann and a bloody good battle ensues.

Jenny Spain dead and alive

Like I've mentioned before playing a part of a zombie that has to stay in one place in entire movie has to be so f'n difficult. Here the dead girl (Jenny Spain) has to be tied to a table in the nude the entire movie, as a zombie of course. I can't imagine how much that would suck! Mad props to Jenny Spain, she's a kick ass zombie! Now their make up person had to be onset 24/7 because every 2 seconds someone is getting their ass kicked in the movie. Bloody noses, bruises, split lips to the extreme! Haha, I really felt bad about it because Shiloh is absolutely adorable! To see him getting beat up by these jock assholes really pissed me off, his friend on the other hand deserved it. Trent really brought a sense of reality into the story, like what would happen if a couple teenage boys stumbled upon a dead girl? It's a zombie movie that he really made work. Everything is great the acting, music, plot, the setting designs. I really can't say anything bad about this movie. This movie really introduced some great actors to me, and their performances were nothing less out outstanding! So the ending comes and I'm all crazy with anticipation and when it does it feels so sweet. Like his friends were doing it out of cruelty, but he's doing it out of love and he has her all dressed up and such. It was cute! It was really fitting and I liked the way everything came together. DeadGirl is definitely a movie that deserves some recognition. It single handedly blows away all other horror movies released in 2008.
All in all I award this movie 5/5 stars! Put that in your pipe and smoke it, or in your DVD player and watch it!

Shiloh Fernandez

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  1. Awesome review. Your writing style kicks ass.

  2. Agreed, your reviews are very entertaining. I found myself fist pumping at one point! HELL YEAH (FIST PUMP)! Love the movie though! Very original, and that's hard to come by these days.

  3. I seen it on Netflix ,and I couldn't stop laughing.

  4. I saw it on netflix too, and was fairly traumatized, but wont argue it was intelligently made, even artistic and Van Santish at times. At any rate, even if I was traumatized by it, I salute your enthusiasm and protectivness for this gutsy film! Hail Gore!

  5. I just saw this movie its crazy how shiloh looks and acted just like Michael pitt, I couldn't get that outta my head threw out the film, lol also the fact that these guys were banging a dead chick with no condom haha