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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Video Game Update!

Video Game Update!

I'm going to be adding a lot of noise on video games soon, so if your interested stay tuned! Yay for me! I usually don't play video games because I get violent, but I've been playing a lot with Ian and I'm back on my old addiction. I won't just be updating horror related games, but all different kinds that interest me. So if your a gamer then I'm sure you'll appreciate my new posts.

Alright so I've beat the first Saw game and never even thought about them making a second one. But why not they've made around 100.3 movies already. Why the fuck not make a second one? Anyways I'm not bad mouthing it, I actually thought the first game was pretty fun. I'm actually currently working on a review for it, that's how I found the news of a 2nd game in the works. So expect that I'll beat and review it. I guess it's basically the same set up as the first one only surrounding detective Tapp's son Michael. I'll tell more information as it comes.

Check out the trailer I found for it below and let me know what you think:

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