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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Saw The Video Game (2009)

Saw the video game
Publiser: Konami
Status: Video Game Review

Alright so as much as I despise the Saw franchise, the game is fun. You get to play as detective David Tapp(Danny Glovers character from the first Saw movie) and roam about an abandoned and well rigged with traps mental institution. You wake up in Jigsaws signature reverse bear trap head gear and have to escape before time runs out and your brains are splattered all over the room. Then you have to maneuver through the hospital halls and rooms finding clues, tools, tapes,messages and cures to survive the endless amount of tasks you have to complete. But you have to be extremely careful as you venture because Jigsaw has set countless traps everywhere. From wire/shotgun traps to poison filled rooms you have to keep a sharp eye out. Not only for the traps, but there are other victims held hostage in the hospital who will do ANYTHING to survive. These people can be equipped with weapons such as nail studded baseball bats, pipes, syringes, scissors, lamps, molotove cocktails, and so on. The fun is not only for them , you can acquire all these weapons as well, they are strewn through the hospital. Some weapons are in locked cases that you have to play games to reach, others lay out open on the floor. Your main objective of the game is to save 6 people's lives who are related to the Jigsaw case that Detective Tapp was working on, and to catch Jigsaw once and for all. So it's exploring, finding clues, killing people, then you come to a main person rescue mission and repeat. It may be repetitive, but it's guilty pleasure fun. Anyways you meet several familiar characters from the first Saw movie including Detective Tapp, Amanda, Steven Sing (Tapp's partner..yeah the Asian guy from the movie), and of course Jigsaw..oh and Billy the little doll guy who rides the bike. A new yet simple type of story line is played out here. It's basically detective Tapp has to save all the people who have wronged him involved with the Jigsaw case including Sing's wife Melissa(Who's a bitch and neglected her son), Amanda (The first survivor of Jigsaw), Oswald (A newspaper writer who bad mouthed Tapp), Jeff (the second Jigsaw survivor who tried to commit suicide afterwards), Jennings (Tapps corrupt partner who killed an innocent person), and Obi (Some crazy fuck who wanted to be "tested" by Jigsaw).
A neat fun fact about the game is that Tobin Bell the actor who plays Jigsaw has lended his voice to the game as Jigsaw. Also Leigh Whannell and James Wan were also writers for the game along with David Cohen. As you know Leigh Whannel wrote the first saw movie and starred in it as the trapped Adam. I would also like to mention that I have a little crush on him, haha. And James Wan came up with the story and directed the first Saw, so you get a little comfort knowing they were involved in the creation of the game.

One thing I absolutely went crazy about was the names of some of the characters. Check it out...wait for it..wait for it...Oswald Mcgullicuty..and one more time...Jennings Foster, HAHAHAHA! I want to get some pets and name them after these people, it's so fucking ridiculous. I spent a good chunk of my time laughing about these peoples names. Everytime a case file showed up or it was time to save the person I would just lose control. Aside from their oddball character name choices the game had a lot of other hilarious things to it. The fact that you could stab people with hypodermic needles really tickled me. I was really excited about the fact that I was about to stab someone in the neck with some type of super AIDS, you don't get to do that everyday. The hidden messages with lock combinations and such are fun as hell to find. With some you have to close the bathroom stall doors then look in the mirror and match up the pieces, very clever indeed. This is just a game that you shouldn't blink while playing, there's so much hidden stuff. Not to mention Detective Tapp is barefoot and there's glass randomly scattered on the floor. There are also televisions throughout the mental hospital that you can watch stuff on and find clues on. Oh and did I mention that Jigsaw has told every single person in that asylum that it's Tapp's fault they are there and he has a key that they need? Another funny thing is is that you can watch people kill eachother and die in traps while your running around aimlessly. It's also a blast to rewire traps so that other people will fall victim to them. You can be sneaky like a ninja and hide while someone walks into your shotgun trap and gets their head blown off. It's very enjoyable that the game has lot's of blood. You usually get a heads up before attackers charge your way as well, so that's a bit nifty. I really got attached to the nail studded baseball bat though, no one had a chance. Haha. You will also find homages to the Saw movies, for instance the second Saw where Amanda gets thrown in that pit of AIDS syringes. Well you have to dig in toilets full of drug addict ridden needles to find keys at certain points. Call me crazy, but you just can't cure AIDS. Are we going to find out that Jigsaw was an underground government scientist and he just happens to have the fucking cure for AIDS? Yeah, just wait till Saw 15.3! Shit, maybe I'll start writing the Saw movies.

There are a few things I really didn't like about the game. The poisonous gas rooms for one, once you get trapped in them you have to find the valves in the foggy ass room followed by pipe jigsaw puzzle. I hate the pipe puzzles they are difficult and just not fun to do, I cheated a little and had Ian do them for me. As I said before the game is a bit repetitive. A lot of the hallways, rooms, and objects around all look for the most part identical. You also find yourself using the same tools and weapons, which are neat, but none the less repetitive. I wish they could have thrown more interesting things my way. Another thing I had difficulty with was crossing the little wooden planks, god I hated those things. You have to balance perfectly with your controller to make it across safely, or else you'll fall a floor down or into some razor wire. Also you have to fight manbearpig bitch towards the end of the game and damnit did I want to rape that fucker! He was a bit of a bitch to kill, but you end up electrocuting him outside. All in all the game is not hard at all except for a few of the tasks. The graphics are good, the sound effects nicely done, and the story line was typical but okay. Throughout the game it gives you play by play instructions of what you need to do, so you don't get confused at all. It's the type of game you'll want to turn out the lights and play alone, it matches so well with the dark creepy asylum. So if you want to indulge in some mindless bloody mania, this is your game! As far as I know they have the game out for the XBox360 and PS3. If you have gamefly it's definitely worth renting to play if you have nothing better to do.

Check out the Saw game trailer below:

I know I've already posted about it, but in case you might have missed it..check out the trailer for the upcoming Saw 2 video game below:

Hopefully we will get more blood and guts!
So tell me, what did everyone think of the Saw game?

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