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Thursday, July 9, 2009

All Over Me,1997 (Movie Review)

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All Over Me (July,16,1997)

A realistic drama exploiting teen homosexuality and how it effects them.It stares two 15 year old best friends Claude (Alison Folland) and (Tara Subkoff) living out they're teen years in New York City.Claude is soon discovering that she is very different from everyone else and has fallen desperately in love with her best friend.But Ellen has taken a completely different turn and fallen in love with drug addict street thug Mark (Cole Hauser).The film breaks in showing how close the two girls are and how they seem destined to be attached at the hips at all times,that is until Ellen starts dating Mark.Overcome by jealously and loneliness Claude is left not knowing what to do.She meets her new downstairs Rocker homosexual neighbor Luke (Pat Briggs) and they become friends.After a heated arguement between Luke and Mark at Claude's work place the pizza parlor Luke is stabbed to death that night.
After Claude finds out she gets clued in on exactly what happened that night and has to choose whether to do right or wrong to keep her friend.All the while struggling with her own homosexuality she meets lovely guitarist Lucy (Leisha Hailey) and might be falling for her as well too.This is a brilliant ride filled with such a sense of realism.Not to mention the ever amazing Wilson Cruz as Claude's co-worker Jesse who had befriended Luke and wants to find his murderer more than ever.His performance's always make me tear up he knows how to bring an auidence to their knee's with grief.If you haven't seen him in the television show "My So-Called Life",i highly suggest you look into it.I thought all these actors were absolutely perfect for they're roles.This film seems so truthfully inspired like the writer (Sylvia Sichel) was right there in they're shoes.It was also directed by her sister Alex Sichel,which i have no complaints about her either.It also takes on such a sadness to the fact that teens aroud that time really had to deal with harassment and judgement if they were any different from anyone else.
My overall opinion is i adore this film,it's more than beautiful and fun to watch.I can't wait to add a copy to my movie collection!If you don't have the money to buy a copy,i suggest you definately rent it and check it out!There's really not to much more i can say about this film,because the movie speaks for itself.
Character Designs:5/5
Overall Rating:5/5

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