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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Released Now,Fuck You!(My Thoughts)

Okay so something upset me a bit today.I go into Best Buy to buy my boyfriend a flick,and you know by instinct and a gravitational pull BAM i'm in the horror section.What i saw was a shocker to the max..well first off all there horror was new wave garbage including the 8 movies to die for,gobs of remakes including "Friday the 13Th" and "My bloody valentine 3-D"..etc..Alright so everyone knows how i feel about remakes i express my thoughts about every couple of minutes in psycho rants!Let's get back to my explainaton here..i look up at the top shelf and to my surprise Lucio Fulci's(My very favorite director/inspiration/idol/gave me a reason to love gore even more than i do)"Cat in the brain" and Dario Argento's "Four flies on grey velvet" are chilling there.Now let me remind you that these are the only old school movies in this entire horror section.Both priced at the ridiculous amount of $19.99.Now for all of us real classic Italian horror fans these movies were impossible for us to find.Mostly having to check online and in exchange stores to track these suckers down.I sat there just starring for a long moment at that DVD,then got pretty enraged.They are re-releasing these movies for the new wave idiot horror genere fans to pick up and exploit.I know it sounds selfish,but it really got to me.All of us real horror fans that know our shit,we found these movies with the real horror aspect and the fantastic gore,and the unforgettable scripts.We were born with this immaculate love of the horror genere,not randomly grab it off a shelf with the new release trash because we think it's a new release.I've went through long relentless ordeals to find a good portion of the movies i know and love.So i mean just coming across these movies caught me by surprise.I'm glad they'll now be easily available to people,but if your a real fan you already own them!It takes an entirely dedicated and and in general kick ass horror fan to appreciate the talent of these two masters of their genere.People have tried to imitate(especially Arengto,you'll see it in lighting in A LOT of movies) and one up them,but the matter of the fact is...THEY NEVER EVER WILL!So as i just needed to let off some well pent up steam.So for those of you devoted horror fans not in the know,i highly recommend you check out any and/or all Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci flicks.

Fulci's most well known flick "Zombi"

Argento Flicks

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