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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Murder Party (2007)

Murder Party (2007)
This is a great independent film of the horror/comedy genre. Written and directed by Jeremy Saulnier. This story depicts a group of art students (The Collective) who are desperate to impress Alexander (Sandy Barnett) because he says he has a huge amount of grant money. The money they all badly crave to get a jump start on their careers as artists. The saying fits here as some people will do anything for money, but viewing the movie title you should guess they go pretty far for cash. So the movie begins with anxiety ridden loner Chris (Chris Sharp) who finds an invitation on the ground entitled "Murder Party". So having no plans whatsoever he says "Why not" creates a makeshift suit of armor out of cardboard, a loaf of pumpkin bread, and heads out to his soon to be night of doom. I just want to comment that Chris's cat is absolutely precious! Such a fluffy little guy!
He arrives at a big desolate warehouse where he meets all the suspicious acting artists. After a failed attempt to murder Chris with an axe(Macon is hilarious. haha) the crew tackles him and ties him to a swivel chair. Then they wait for orders from their leader Alexander. As the night progresses the movie becomes filled with mass amounts of drugs, sex, dancing, insanity, pizza, and not to mention the word "dildo" used several times(Intentionally, I love those guys). They spend a lot of the night contemplating how they should murder Chris for their art video. But when one of the artists finally snaps, "Everyone dies"! Then the excitement boils down to Chris and the murderer face to face at an art show. This movie is way too awesome to give away any more information.
So I am really hung up on this movie. I literally couldn't direct my attention anywhere else but the t.v. screen! The story had a really original concept, and it's really difficult to find in movies nowadays. The actors were absolutely fabulous! They kept you terrified when you needed to be, and had you laughing at their hilarious antics. The dialogue was great and believable, definitely cool lines you'll find the fans quoting! Especially beautifully brutal performance by Bill (William Lacey) he is someone to look out for in future movies. The soundtrack was pretty good, a lot of clubbing music. The instrumental music was extremely intense keeps you on edge throughout the flick. About the set designs, I thought the warehouse was great! Had so many neat little contraptions in there, like the conveyor belt, and all the paths made from stacked boxes. I also love the fact that the chase scene was located on roof tops. The three characters running around on them just made it look like so much fun!
This is positively a movie to buy, I know I'm adding it to my collection. I really have no negative comments on this flick. I immensely enjoyed this black comedy! The first 10 minutes or so were a tad bit on the lagging side, but you needed that. You had to get clued in on how Chris's character lives, and how it effects the ending so well. So if you really enjoy extreme truth or dare, boobs, lot's of blood and gore, and just having a good laugh at other people's expense, then murder party is for you! Take a gander at the trailer and enjoy!
Character Design:5/5
Overall Rating:5/5

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