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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cheerleader Autopsy,2003(Movie Review)

Cheerleader Autopsy (November 25,2003)

A black comedy written and directed by Stuart Dodge not for those easily offended.Begins with a college mortician student Blain Prunus (Brian D.Smith) who because of his idiot roommate gets kicked out of his dorm.With no place left to turn he flys back to his hometown to stay with his Uncle Clyde (Brian C. Smith).His Uncle is also into the Mortician business except is running an underground body selling scam to make extra cash.So he introduces his nephew into the world of making quick money,which is even easier for them because Uncle Clyde is also the sheriff of the town.A group of cheerleaders from Stinkwater going to the State finals end up in an accident that leaves them all dead.So Blain and his uncle collect all the bodies and bring them back to the morgue.It all starts to get chaotic when Wiffle (Josh Latta) a demented janitor in the mortuary becomes obsessed with wanting to be recognized through science.He's traumatized by an expirence of him losing a science fair contest in the 3rd grade and it has left him absolutely deranged.After Blain discovering the odd ball Wiffle chopping off corpse limbs a fight to the death ensues.
This movie had me laughing from beginning to end.There was slapstick horror just emanating from it.The jokes are particulary hilariously cruel,but that's really my type of humor,so i enjoyed this movie a great deal.For a low budget horror flick they did a stupendous job with everything.All of the actors were amazing and they brought originality to they're charaters.I mean those actors really had some crazy dialogue to dish out while keeping a straight face.They casted very lovely ladies to play the cheerleaders.The cinematography was also great,like i really couldn't believe some of the shots they got.This movie should be set as an example for other aspiring independent film makers.In my opinion I loved it!If your a fan of independent film making and have an open mind positively check this movie out!
Now just a little bit about the flaws,which there were not very many.The corpses and gore was not special at all.The corpses were horrible and looked exactly like blow up dolls.I would bet they wanted it to be that way for ridiculous entertainment purposes.But being me, I always love some disturbing and realistic gore.Aside from all that this is a definate original and is bound to keep your attention the whole way through!
Character Designs:5/5
Overall Rating:5/5


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