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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wind Chill,2007(Movie Review)

Wind Chill (2007)
The story of two young college students (Emily Blunt and Ashton Holmes) riding together to they're destinations for Christmas.Everything gets messed up when they begin to argue and almost hit another vehicle causing them to crash in the middle of nowhere in the freezing cold weather.The girl has been quite paranoid that the guy might have premediately set up driving her after she finds out he's not from Delaware.Then you get this creepy vibe like,"wow this guy might be a stalker psycho".Darkness falls and the girl starts seeing people walking by the car she tries to talk to one and realizes this is not a living breathing human.She starts to comprehend that there’s something supernatural going on.Eventually they barricade themselves in the boys car to wait until morning to find help.But the long dark night brings many malicious and disturbed spirits to visit them.They have to fight between the blistering cold weather and the evil lurking outside the car doors they reside in.With no food,no working cell phones,no help from any living humans,and the winter chill ready to freeze them to death,they have to decide what they can do in order to survive this horror.There are more then one strange stories revealed as the night continues on.Directed by Greg Jacobs he might not have made this 87 minute movie all worth watching.
I really like the concept of this movie as it is.It would infact be very eerie to be stranded on a deserted highway in below zero weather.It would be much worse though if she had been alone,at least she had a companion.I love movies that have lot's of on screen snow,it looks beautiful.So whether they were on location or set,both looked great!The 2 main actors were very skilled at they're profession.The random supporting actors,which you don't see much of were pretty good as well.I definately think it's worth a watch for everyone.I think more people would find this movie more enjoyable then i did.So if your ever out at a video store,and you can't think of a movie you'd want to grab,it's one to pick up.
The effects were quite simple,but okay.This movie is a little too slow paced for my taste.It had to much lame dialogue for the two characters a good portion of the time.Beyond the cover there is really not much to look forward too.But Emily doing the “quotations” thing with her finger while reciting important dialogue had me laughing pretty hard.Has a handful of suspense quality that i'm sure will keep most people on edge.But i guess it's all about how easily you scare.Well there's nothing more to say about this flick.It's now up to you folks to judge.
Character Design:4/5
Overall Rating:3/5

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