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Monday, March 1, 2010

Blogging Drama Part 2: The Final Blog Dun Dun dunnnn..

Blogging Drama Part 2: The Final Blog Dun Dun Dunnnn......

Here we go again. This is the last time I'm saying anything about this mess because it's completely ludicrous. I'd much rather spend my time writing about the things I love then arguing about stupid internet drama. But I'm going to cover everything in this post. As to get it all out of the way. First off I'm not apologizing for anything I've said or I'm going to say now. That's the power we all have being writers/bloggers we can openly speak our minds about how we feel. Secondly there's the Heidi situation. Well let's see yes I'm extremely appalled by her and her actions. She concerns herself more with tearing down bloggers (and good ones might I add) then writing horror. It's truly pathetic. Sorry if your a big Pretty-scary fan, but it's how I feel. And yes I have had a few choice words about her and I'm still laughing about it. People take things way to seriously nowadays. I have a right to speak my mind about it I've been a target to one of her little crybaby fits. As far as that goes I'm not going to apologize for it. She can verbally attack everyone she wants, but no one else can have a say in it? Yeah, pry not! As far as the rest goes, I really don't care. Bash me all you like your just getting me noticed even more! *wink wink* =]

I think it's awesome Rhonny from got nominated for a Rondo award and also B-Sol from over at got nominated as well. So congrats to them and good luck guys! You can vote for them at

I really don't think it matters "how new" someone's blog is, if the blog is good it's good period. People should be supporting other horror bloggers and instead it's a fight in a big popularity contest. Blogging of the undead is what it is, everyone's trying to rip each others heads off. I love writing and supporting horror and that's what I'm going to continue doing without shame or apologies. I also hate how people are insulting each others blogs in a polite manner. If you don't like their blog then DON'T READ IT. Why must they persist in reading them and talking crap about them over and over again. This is an online horror blogging community, come on now.

Now moving onto the Mr. Horror Blogosphere contest. Wow, I really heart Chuck from He's kicking ass over there! I can't wait for the competition. These little friendly competitions help get people's blogs noticed and meet other bloggers. I still think there great! So good luck Chuck! You can count me in! You'll find the first interview for the contest right here:

In other Aleata Illusion news the trip to Chicago was a giant disaster, and I will be covering a post about it. So stay tuned for that it's pretty hilarious.

And I've updated my Tumblr page, add it if you like:

And last but not least my Women In Horror interviews are going to spill over into this month of March. I have about 4 more interviews I'm waiting on. So again I'd just like to thank all the wonderful ladies who participated! They turned out magnificent and I learned a lot of new things about everyone. So thank you and good luck to everyone and their new projects and such this year!

Good Day Everyone!
Aleata Illusion


  1. Aleata, you are my new hero (Beside Amanda Palmer)! Thank you for the support, it really means a lot to me that so many people stood by me throughout this little fiasco, especially you. I don't think I could ever say thank you enough. The one thing im glad about is this little situation has shown me who my real allies are, and you are at the top of my list :) I loves ya! If you ever need anything, don't you hesitate to ask!

  2. Thanks! No problem! I loves ya too chicky! A good blog deserves recognition and you shouldn't have that taken away. The problem is people want to make other people's accomplishments about themselves. If their not up there with you their going to try to drag you down for no good reason and it's flat out ridiculous! I was just sick of seeing this go on, so I had to say something about it.

  3. I don't really follow the whole horror blog thing and just happened randomly upon this one and another one that I don't remember the name of. I am suprised by how much drama goes on between you horror fans. It's kind of amusing really. Good blog though, I do enjoy it.

  4. It's ridiculous how much drama does go on. I keep mine to a minimum and only respond when directly addressed. People just love the drama. Boo to that!

  5. Thanks for the mention, Aleata! I hope we can all put all this stuff behind us ASAP and get back to writing about scary movies!

  6. No problem Brian! That's exactly what I'm doing! Everyone needs to trash the drama and do what they do!

  7. I'm thankful I've managed to avoid drama (knock on wood), but I'm really digging your thoughts on the matter, Aleata.

  8. This all Was So Cool! No better way to promote women in horror than to encourage violence towards them! Girl Power! Grab a Baseball Bat!

  9. If you knew anything you'd know that Heidi started all this mess and SHE was the one bad mouthing various female run blogs.

    OH Totally girlfriend!

  10. the funny thing is, I read that Rhonny mentioned you a few times, however, I never got the chance to open your blog or even look at it. and then Heidi came out of nowhere and bashed my best friend's blog. i opened here blog and Voila! another bashing to another blog! Heidi obviously is helping get your name out, she and Rhonny are the reasons I am reading your blog at the moment, however the way she is doing is wrong. I would like to congratulate Heidi for doing something she never intended to do.
    Alleta and Rhonny, move on and do what you do best write about horror! I love both of your blogs, not equally though Rhonny's more because she will kill me if i didn't lol.

  11. P.S
    I love the look of your blog! it is so awesome!

  12. Haha, odd how things happen like that huh? But thank you so much RK i appreciate the kind words so much!