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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blogging Drama 3: The Drama Returns

Note: This post is DRAMA filled, so if you don't want to read it turn back now.

First off I sincerely apologize to all my readers for having to endure this drama. But I would just like to point out and correct some things. I've tried to be polite and respectful about things, but that's just not working out.

Okay do you find it strange that Heidi is harassing an entire group of writers with blogs? One by one she has been writing rude posts about everyone. You do know you review movies, and not bloggers Heidi? Heidi enjoys pushing everyone around and seems to think that no one is going to push back. And I'm getting harassed because I'm bullying the bully? In her latest post she just shows that she's not going to quit. I became aware of this when one of my friends posted something about it. If you recall she started this entire ordeal. I stood up because along with several of my friends I was being belittled by someone that I don't even know. Am I wrong for that? Now I would think that anyone else being harassed would stick up for themselves as well. No one had made any rude comments about Heidi or pretty-scary previous to the "ms horror blogosphere competition", so why is she continuously slandering us? Saying mean things isn't going to make anyone like you more. And seriously someone who reads through various blogs that you really don't like to pick out every single grammatical error that someone has made. Honey you have no life! I can give you suggestions of things to do if you REALLY can't find anything. On a serious note, I really feel bad for you. You have to be a miserable person with a miserable life to create such bullshit over the internet.

Let me correct some comments created about me.
First off, I said that " someone SHOULD punch her in the face" not that I was GOING to find her and punch her in the face. And she probably will get hers for all the negativity that just radiates off of her. It's called Karma. I was making a smartass remark to make people laugh and see the ridiculousness of the situation. Some people obviously couldn't sense the sarcasm...that's not my problem. I love how people are trying to take my words out of context and change them into something they want to hear.

Oh and I've gained more followers and hits on my pages thanks for the free promotion Heidi! As far as her trying to knock my status as a filmmaker. She hasn't seen any of our horror movies. We don't have any posted online, so how can she (and her readers that left rude comments about me) criticize my work? Yeah, it baffles my mind as well. Darling you haven't seen nothing yet. I know you wanted me to respond because you seem to thrive off drama. Well I think you should get a gig with a gossip column. Horror doesn't seem to be your thing.

I'm not a professional (wouldn't care if I was either) and I don't care how this looks to anyone. I have a right to defend my blog and the people who are being harassed. So GO FUCK YOURSELF Heidi! You are a nasty person who shows no respect for others. And to make me out to look like the bad person for defending myself and others, you obviously have lot's of free time. I suggest you get out more. Do you really think your going to discourage me from doing what I love to do? You nor anyone else in this world is going to shut me up. NEWS FLASH your making yourself look bad AND ignorant. That's pretty sad considering old? Come on tell me how much you really hate me (for no reason whatsoever) because your getting me more hits on my pages. Yes, I realize I'm not helping the situation anymore, but it's almost to funny not to poke fun at it now. Just remember I'm laughing at you.

Oh and please editor Heidi spell check my work. I threw in a couple extra mistakes for you to find.

Anything else said about me will be ignored. Anyone who posts anything derogatory on my page about myself or my friends, your comments will be deleted. So don't waste your time.

And I would also like to announce that I've started my new life as a rapper. My first single "get a life" will be out early next month.

Again sorry I had to put everyone through that again. But I have a RIGHT to defend my blog and myself against false accusations made about me. Have a good day.


  1. Are these kids missing school or something? It seems like they've not been able to bully anyone for a while so they're making up for it now. Geez.

  2. Heidi is a snooze. She seems like a bitter bitch who is threatened by anyone else who is working in the same field, so rather than trying to do her best she tries to build herself up by cutting others down. That tactic has never worked and never will.
    I keep discovering interesting new people because of Heidi putting them down. So in that sense, there really is no such thing as bad publicity, I suppose.

  3. I know, it blows my mind how some people think they can treat others.

  4. You see, that's the point to all of this - there is no such thing as bad publicity!

    Aleata, sorry it's come to this - but honestly, you'd be much better served if you just ignored all of this foolishness.

    Now, ROCK ON with your bad self and your blog!


  5. I don't know who this Heidi person is or if her blog is any good because I follow about 2 horror blogs, this one being one of them, but it sucks that this is how she is chosing to use her time. I once co-oped for a newspaper in high school and one of the reporters got engaged and wrote about being engaged every week in her editorial after that and I told her, you have such a powerful position, a powerful voice, you can speak to people and they will read it and you choose to waste that every week by writing about the same nonsense that no one but you really cares about? I feel the same about this little drama war. As bloggers, we have the power to be creative and change the way people look at things and create new and interesting theories and educate people and some people just use that power to start wars. That's sad. You have a quality blog here that I enjoy visiting whenever it is updated and it is unfortunate that this situation has arisen and forced you to stray away from your course in order to report on it. Simply, keep up the good work and forget this girl; you're better than all this.

  6. Thanks guys!
    I will continue on with the writing!

  7. You don't need to apologize. You had drama in the title, people don't want to read about that, they don't have to go any further. It's your blog, speak your mind. Oh and your post rocks and so do you. Cue air guitar noises.

  8. Typos are bullshit, everyone makes them. Plus your posts are more entertaining than hers.

    Also Aleata sent you an award on my blog!

  9. Thanks Patrick and Joe! Seriously I appreciate the kind words at a time like this. I'm so glad there are some people who are sticking by me right now. When I spoke up about all this a bunch of people dropped out of sight, and I don't understand why people would even care what she thinks. The most she can do is write a pathetic little post on her site bad mouthing someone, and it just shows how sad her life is.
    So thanks everyone who's stuck by me. As Rhonny put it now I know who my real friends are.
    And thanks so much for the award Joe.
    I hope everyone is doing good!