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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Make Out With Violence (2008) Screener Review

Make Out With Violence (2008)
Director: The Deagol Brothers
Status: Screener Review

Alright to punt it bluntly this movies confuses the shit out of me. This boy Patrick (Eric Lehning) has been desperately in love with this neighborhood girl Wendy (Shellie Marie Shartzer). Wendy end up dying (They never explain why or how) and somehow is risen from the dead (They never explain either). Patrick and his twin brother Carol (Cody DeVos) and his little brother Beetle (Brett Miller) find her tied to tree's and decide to take her home. Well home to their friend Rody's house who's on vacation. Anyways the film is narrated by the little brother Beetle, who introduces you to the main characters and the basic plot of the movie. So Wendy somehow randomly dies or is murdered and comes alive to snap a dogs neck and is roped to a couple tree's by someone they never identify. So the brothers find her and Patrick feels it fit to take her back to his friends house and keep her in the bathtub. He's trying to somehow rekindle their non-existent lost love. I guess sometimes certain people's deaths just make already weird people even weirder and sane people insane.They have a funeral and proper burial for Wendy much expecting that she's never coming back. Little do they know that Wendy is a full blown zombie at this point in time. But she's a definition Romero zombie, wobbling around with stiff movements, and only eating flesh and blood things. It's really awkward how Patrick just stays with her alone in the bathroom a lot and begins acting more and more strange. All the kids try to continue on with their lives and you meet other characters. Carol's crush Addy (Leah High), Wendy's boyfriend Brian (Josh Duensing), and Addy's friend Anne Haran (Tia Shearer). Beetle ends up getting into a fight with Patrick and informs Addy that she needs to see something. So they go to Rody's house where zombie Wendy is being held captive by Patrick, and it all ends in tears...and a face being bitten off (which they don't show).

I love the character of Rody (Jordan Lehning). In his introduction he's just a complete nutbag, haha. Beetle stating that he "hates when people get sad or scared". The comes a little montage of him chopping stuff up and firing a shotgun. It's just really humorous considering the circumstances of the movie and what Beetle is talking about. Now there's a couple small things I can pick out that I enjoy in this movie, but all in all I don't like it. I like how they always call Anne Haran, Anne Haran. I have certain friends that I always refer to by their first and last name, so I found it kinda funny. Anyways the cinematography is really nice. Everything is pretty bright and colorful and if anyone loves colors it's meee! So the colors and lighting used were very delightful. I also like the style of clothing everyone wears. Especially with Wendy, her dress was adorable. You have to give credit where credit is due Shellie Marie Shartzer makes a great and sexy zombie. I mean in the way of acting, that would be pretty boring having to sit around like that and only being able to maneuver slightly in short stiff movements. And little Beetle was a good actor as well.

They introduce all the characters and give a little to much pointless information about them. It just really bores me. I was all about seeing this zombie bitch eat a couple people, but that's not the direction they took at all. Instead it's more of a slow paced zombie love story with family undertones. It's not a movie that I'd want to watch more than once. If your interested in more sappy stuff, then this movie is for you. When it boils down to it the main focus is on the relationships between the friends and family, and them dealing with the loss of a good friend. So there's no gore, no zombie attacks (Except on a dog and a rat), and no extreme violence. Which to me was pretty damn depressing. I love a decent story, but I love gore and violence even more. This isn't really in any way horror related. It's more drama filled then anything. It has some dark aspects to it considering their little brother watches Patrick torture Wendy. I mean that has to be creepy as hell from the eyes of a 10 year old (or however old he is). The story branches off into more of a tale of obsession with Carol feelings for Addy and Patrick's undying love for Wendy. The movie drags on with no actual entertaining point.

The build up the last moments of the film way to ridiculously. For the fact that it only shows blood pouring from his mouth after one little bite. It just turned out to be a bit of a disappointment to me. It gave off way to much of a family film vibe and that's not up my alley.

2/5 Stars