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Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Woods (2005)

The Woods (2005)
Director: Lucky McKee

Note: This is an older post I had lost on my broken laptop. So as you can see it's Winter right now and we wouldn't be hiking. HAHA. So I added some stuff and here it is! Enjoy darlings!

The Woods(2005)

So Sunday my boyfriend and I went hiking in Spangler park, which is absolutely B E A utiful! It got me thinking how much I really want to shoot a horror movie in the woods, but not a typical horror movie, something extremely unique. There exists only a couple movies that involve woods that are really special, and really bring a sense of originality to them. The first movie that comes to my mind is Lucky McKee's "The Woods". I just glow and sparkle with joy when I show someone this movie who hasn't seen it. I enjoy watching their awed reactions. Lucky McKee is indeed one of my favorite directors and deserves more recognition for the mind bendingly brilliant movies he creates. Some of his amazing flicks you should check out are "Sick Girl" (he did this fantastic movie for "Masters of horror" starring Angela Bettis and Erin Brown) , "May", and of course "The Woods". And the review starts now, enjoy!

This movie takes place in 1965. "The Woods" stars Agnes Bruckner as Heather a girl who is exceptionally different from other girls, and has a tad bit of a problem with setting things on fire. Her mother and father (Bruce Campbell and Emma Campbell) tire of her antics and send her to a private all girls school "Fallburn Academy", which she immediately grows an extreme distaste for. She off the bat notices there's something definitely wrong with the teachers and school. The actors chosen were all well suited for their parts. They all bring out great personalities or lack of personalities (when certain students are being drained of emotion). Patricia Clarkson made a very subtle yet wicked headmistress. You wonder how she can be so bent on destruction with the calmness she emanates throughout the movie. But the girls are sought out for their "special talents" that they acquire. Heather just happens to have the most important talent of them all, and her friend Marcy (Lauren Birkell) has an important role as well.

The dream sequences have such a fast paced shock quality to them they are wonderfully exhilarating. With such bright and vivid contrast to them (morning shots in the woods) as well. You really get caught up in the seclusion of this school way out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by bunches and bunches of trees. I mean the location is perfect for the cryptic type of forest that Lucky was portraying. The cinematography, especially of the woods is so beyond words. The trees take on their own evil character, and you start to really get paranoid watching scenes of anyone in or near the woods. I totally dig the twisted, vile, and enclosed feeling the woods give off. It's this unspoken evil that you know is lurking out there. Samantha (Rachel Nichols) plays the absolute perfect antagonist as she tries to torment Heather into leaving the school. Because she knows of the evil doings of the Teachers there. It ends tragically for Samantha when the Headmistress hears her trying to clue Heather in on what's going on. Heather even tries to escape a couple times but is prevented by the woods. I also love the myth about the 3 sisters. It's played in such a Grimm's fairy tale manner. As the movie continues on tree's attack, girls are brain washed, and it comes to a bloody fun ending you won't forget. The image of Heather with that red axe is imprinted in my mind. Seriously the axe rampage is beautifully done, and the type of blood used is to spectacular! And of course Bruce Campbell has a kick ass part as Heather's dad who will stop at nothing to save his daughter from the evil teachers. I also love the tree's consuming the girls towards the end. It's a mix of practical and CGI that just works delightfully. And you will rarely ever hear me say that. Lucky pulls it off and it makes for one of my favorite movies!

I also have to mention the soundtrack right here. Basically the entire soundtrack is compiled of Lesley Gore songs. I LOVE LESLEY GORE! I think the one song she is known for is the only song of hers I don't like (It's my party), ring a bell anyone? But seriously some of her very best songs were slapped into this movie, especially "You don't own me". To me it's extremely bothersome if you have a great movie with a bad soundtrack. Because when I fall in love with a movie I have to watch it a good 20 times before putting it back on my movie shelf, and trying to watch one of your fave movies and listening to the same annoying songs or scores really sucks! So when I come across a movie like "The woods" you could imagine how stoked I was. So here's to an amazing work of art!

This movie has been officially AA'd. Aleata Approved!

Also if you're a Lucky fan please be on the lookout for Offspring: The Woman. His new movie in the works.


  1. I totally agree about Lucky McKee, he is a truely gifted horror director and truly underrated. I loved both May and Red. Maybe that's why I was shocked by just how much I hated The Woods, which to me was lazy and uninspired. I know horror movie fans judge horror movies in a different light than normal movie fans like myself, but to me The Woods was just a really bad Susperia knock off with none of that film's atmosphere or dread.

    Nevertheless, the more people who are turned on to Lucky McKee by this review the better, so good job. I will be looking forward to this Offsping film which I didn't even know was being made so thanks for the tip as well.

  2. Awesome review. I love this movie and the soundtrack and the director and yeah. Yay The Woods!

  3. You can't go fsr wrong with a name like The Woods! Awesome!