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Friday, June 18, 2010

Best Buffy Fights!

Top 10 Buffy Fights
Status: Buffy Month

Well we all know there is TONS of fights in Buffy the vampire slayer. From master kung-fu fighters to slap fights and pulling hair. Now when I look back at the show I think back to the most memorable Buffy fights. The more bizarre and hilarious Buffy fights ever, so let's take a look at what I've come up with for the best fights!

10.) Andrew Vs. The person who stole his hot pocket(Faith)(Season 7): This is not actually a physical fight, but it's extremely amusing. Andrew marks the hot pocket box that's his so no one will eat it and what happens? Faith gets her dirty grubby hands on it and eats it, so Andrew bitches constantly about it. Following Giles around bickering about his hot pocket problem, then stands behind Faith and bitching even more. I love that guy!

9.) Buffy Vs. Darla(Season 1): I neglected Darla in the Buffy villains column, so what better place to bring her up then the best fights! This fight is different from all the others because comically Darla pulls out two hand guns and starts shooting at Buffy. Throughout Buffy we constantly see hand to hand combat and fighting with medieval type weapons. So the fact that Darla pulls out guns had me in stitches, it's like "shit, that's one way to get er done!"

8.) Spike Vs. The Women(Various Seasons): Spike being the "I don't give a shit" hardcore vampire has a tendency to punch a lot of women in the face. It's hilarious to see him do it with such a serious attitude. It's cinematic fighting people, don't get grouchy. Spike has gotten his ass beat by several women and dished a fair amount out. It's just really comedic to watch, especially with Harmony, god I hate that character. Spike may be a ladies charmer, but damn he gets his ass beat a lot. Oh and I would just like to add that the best thing ever was when Spike beat the hell out of Faith in the last season, THE BEST!

7.) Anya Vs. Buffy(Season 6): This is a really intense fight for the viewers, because this is a fight after Anya and Buffy were just friends. But Anya takes her job back as a vengeance demon and starts killing guys again. Buffy knows what she has to do even though no one else wants to come, except Xander(to stop the fight.) He doesn't interfere with the badass fight scene we get to see though. Up until this point we haven't gotten a chance to see much of Anya's fighting style. So we get to see how much of a badass bitch she actually is when it comes to hand to hand combat. Buffy ends up running a sword through her(She's a vengeance demon it takes more than a sword to kill her), but Anya rights the wrong and gets fired from her job before Buffy has a chance to end her life.

6.) Giles Vs. Ethan Rainn(Various Seasons): We can't forget Giles beating the dog piss out of Ethan every time he comes in contact with him, it's glorious! When we finally see Giles fight it's like "damn he's one badass motha". Ethan is Giles old friend from England who used to cause chaos with him. Well he keeps coming back to Sunnydale to make mischief, so Giles has to keep beating that ass.

5.) Buffy Vs. Adam(Season 4): This fight gets number 5 because it's pretty weird. I guess you could say it's like watching Criss Angel as a chick fighting some big doofy demon/robot/human man person with a lot of metal arm weaponry. Buffy has the Scooby gang (Willow, Giles, Xander) invoke a witch god to help her fight Adam, because he's pretty dangerous. The end result is Buffy becoming possessed by the spirit and just annihilating this guy. She turns his bullets into doves, makes a magic force field appear to protect her, and can counter control his every move. Did I mention she has orange eyes the entire time?

4.) Buffy Vs. Angel(Season 2): This is a unique and heartbreaking fight for Buffy, because it's against the only man that she's desperately in love with. Angel, her first love, goes bad after he encounters his one true moment of happiness, and of course that's sex with Buffy. He becomes his treacherous and demonic old self Angelus and begins tormenting Buffy and running evil schemes in Sunnydale with Drusilla and Spike. So to save the world, Sunnydale, and herself, Buffy has to run him through with a sword and watch him get sucked away to hell through a portal.

3.)Giles Vs. Cop(Season 3): In the episode "Band candy" the candy the school kids sell when consumed by adults turns them into teens with raging hormones. Not physically , but mentally makes them a teen again. So Giles and Buffy's mom Joyce start hanging out together and causing trouble. Giles steals a coat out of a store window front that Joyce was admiring and here comes a cop out of nowhere. Well Giles takes it upon himself to solve this problem. He kicks the crap out of the cop and takes his gun. It's a very comic scene, Giles is dressed as a greaser, and oh did I mention he bangs Buffy's mom? Haha!

2.)Oz Vs. Werewolf girl(Season 4): We can't forget any of the werewolf fights because they are some of the most ridiculous fights ever! Seeing two people in cheap Halloween werewolf costumes rolling on the floor like retards. Just the way they run is enough to send me into hysterical seizures of laughter. We get to see Seth Green's werewolf rip out the throat of the female one, and god it's ridiculous. Please watch for yourself!

1.) Xander Vs. Harmony(Season 4): Oh my god, you know I had to make it number 1! For those of you who don't know, let's recap. Xander is trolling through the graveyard when he finds Harmony burning some evidence for Spike. Xander and her have some choice words, and we think we're about to see a potentially badass fight scene. Well they have at it, and it ends up the biggest bitch slap/hair pulling fight in Buffy history. It ends with them tangled together doing the "I'll quit if you do" thing.
Here's the scene, since I couldn't find a video clip.
Harmony & Xander 'fight'
from The Initiative (Season 4)
(woods. Xander sees things being thrown into a pile. Harmony walks out and begins to pour gas on the pile.)

XANDER: Harmony.

HARMONY: Xander?

XANDER: That's close enough. I'm warning you: I've been highly trained to put this through your heart. No mercy, no warning.

HARMONY: I can kill you where you stand.

XANDER: Bring it on, then.

(Harmony slaps him)


(He kicks her in the shin)

HARMONY: Ow! You sissy kicker!

(She slaps him in the arm. The most girly fight ever on BTVS ensues. They slap at each other and circle each other in a menacing manner. More slapping without contact. They end up tangled up pulling each others hair.)

XANDER: Get away! Aah! Cut it out!

HARMONY: Ow, I'm so gonna bite you!

XANDER: Ow... Ok, stop, stop! We should stop, ok?

HARMONY: Ok, I will if you will.

XANDER: On the count of 3...

XANDER: Uh-huh. Uh-huh. 1...2...3!

HARMONY: Right, ok.

XANDER: Harmony, it's been great catching up. Really, I'm just gonna pick up the tattered shreds of my dignity and go home...

We love it!


  1. Great pick as #1...I totally forgot about that awesome "fight".

    I would put Buffy vs Dracula in there too. That was hilarious.

  2. Buffy v. Angel should have been much higher! Awesome sword fights always rank above all else :). But your No. 1 was great... I love how they did the slow-motion in that scene too - made it so much more funny!

  3. Haha, Oh that was a good fight to. He just keeps disappearing, I would get so aggravated. Haha!

    Yeah, that fight had me laughing so hard. Those characters are to funny around eachother, that's why I had to make it 1.