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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Buffy's Got Style

Buffy's Got Style
Status: Buffy Week

So if you haven't already caught on, I'm a bit obsessed with Buffy the vampire slayer. The movie and the show, there's something about them that's like a drug to me. I've decided I want to do lot's of random posts about Buffy the vampire slayer for Buffy week, so say hell to Buffy's Got Style. Here you will find a little collection of lovely shots of Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy from seasons 1-7. We will see the many faces and awesome hair styles of Buffy through out the years.

The trailer for season 1 of Buffy the vampire slayer:

What was everyone's favorite season of Buffy the vampire slayer?


  1. Season six is my fav, each episode just gets progressively more hilarious.

  2. Aaww man this just makes me wanna rewatch the whole series!
    My favourite season was the 4rth, it was hilarious (like the Superstar ep)plus it has one of the best episodes ever, "Hush"! Also the development of the relationship of Tara|Willow was brilliant...and a few episodes feature Faith, who is one of the most wonderfully annoying characters of the whole show!

  3. Haha Anelis, I totally agree with you about Faith!
    Both good seasons! I think actually season 2 would have to be my favorite!