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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Buffy Movie?

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Sequel
Status: Buffy Week

Has anyone ever wondered why they didn't make a Buffy 2, but with all the television show characters? It still boggles my mind that they never did it, because you know that it would have been a hit with us Buffyites. The movie could have picked up where the television show left off, and could have brought back some familiar characters. I've been thinking more in depth about it in my head lately like: what would happen, would there be any new characters, how would Buffy be in mortal danger this time around, would any old characters be resurrected, and who would die? I've already well established that fact that I would definitely want the television show characters to be in it, and it would have to be a sequel or remake. A prequel wouldn't work with those characters very well. Oh and one more thing THERE WOULD BE NO DAWN! God I despise that spoiled, annoying little twit! I really wanted her to just get eaten by a big hairy blob demon, and shat out, and then flushed away forever into a sewer of doom! Oh and Faith would die! Muahahaha!

Alright I was searching on youtube and I came across this news clip about a remake of Buffy the vampire slayer, it was posted June 7, 2009. So check it out below:

Supposedly it will be a remake and there will be possibly a couple other Buffy movies after that one is made..wait, what? So they're saying they are doing this because of the money that was made from the Twilight craze? Don't get me wrong, I'm ALL for a Buffy remake. But then they say it... None of the characters or actors from the television show will be used in it. NO, damnit! This will ruin my hopes and dreams if it happens! When I think of another Buffy movie, I was really praying(Well maybe not praying) that they would use all the television show characters, just with a new story and such. I was hoping they would continue with those characters before the actors get old and die(I know that sounds macabre)! When will they get a chance to do something like that? Come on Joss Whedon, here my scream for a Buffy movie with the show characters!

Okay let's get back on track, so I go to my number 1 movie information source and search for Buffy. A lot of stuff came up. but one thing in particular that caught my eye. According to IMDB a Buffy movie will be released in 2012, that's all the information that was released about it. So I'm not mad about anything yet, because nothing is confirmed as of right now. Until it does I will be waiting and when I figure it out I will let you guys know first thing!

So what would everyone picture a new Buffy movie to be like? Any characters do you think should be brought back into the mix? What about story lines, should it take place in Sunnydale, or should it start off fresh? Let's here it!

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