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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So I'm reading Mr Chuck Conry's( blog and what info do I find? There's a Mortal Kombat remake coming out!
I'm going to admit that I can't control my curiosity, I fucking love Mortal Kombat! Like with a deep, unhealthy, murderous passion! I grew up playing these games and I get a little bonkers when something new comes out. I've already nitpicked the new trailer to death, because I do dislike a lot of stuff in it. The thing is I'm going to see this movie anyways when it comes out in theaters. I can't fucking wait! Sindel better be in it, or I'll start throwing items at the screen and come back and do an angry Aleata Illusion review. I enjoyed the first 2 mortal kombat movies, but I have a feeling I'm going to go hard on this one. They are taking a realistic approach and adding more of the characters backgrounds to it and I don't know how much I'm going to dig that. I don't care about how Reptile got a skin condition, I want to see him beat the dick out of people!

Check out the brand spanking new trailer below:

So any thoughts on the trailer?


  1. Yep this is cool .
    Looking forward to Mortal Kombat Rebirth.
    From what they are saying, this is just a test video.

  2. It just disappoints me that Johnny Cage doesn't survive the trailer lol

  3. Goes to show you any movie given the Dark Knight treatment is awesome, which is why Iron Man 2 sucked balls.