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Sunday, June 20, 2010

More Buffy Poll Results

Okay the results are in for last weeks Buffy the vampire slayer poll results. Let's check out what you guys chose!

All leading with 20% each

Dancing/singing hell demon
coming in next with 13% each

Vengeance demon
Both came in with 6%

Flying monkey
Loan shark
Giant CGI snake
Evil mist
Demonic ghost
All got left behind with no votes!

So it's time for a new Buffy poll this week. "Who's your favorite Sunnydale vampire"? So go vote and let me know!
Also there's a new scream queen of the week Alyson Hannigan!
So as Buffy month continues, send in those posts! Or let me know if you have done one on your page and I'll post your link. I'll be getting more Buffy posts up this week, Stay tuned Buffy lovers!

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