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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dead Tone(2007)

Dead Tone(2007)
Director: Brian Hooks, Deon Taylor
Status: Movie Review

Alright, oh this one was a REAL winner. What we have is a story about a group of kids who make prank calls, and somehow always dial the same psycho’s number, who stalks and kills them. This movie is so bad that even Flavor flav makes an appearance in the beginning in a vampire cape, now that is scary! And it doesn’t make any sense, there’s absolutely no point to his appearance. A good portion of the movie is a bunch of boring ass college kids talking and then partying, then the last 30 minutes is a lot of really unoriginal and lame deaths. That movie was way to long for it’s own good, clocking in at 1 hour and 39 minutes. If I wanted to see a bunch of college kids act like retards I’d rent a National Lampoon’s movie. And the killer mysteriously dresses indenitical to the killer in “Urban Legend”. I don’t know why I subjected myself to this torture. I watched this movie because I thought Bill Moseley was in it, and then I realized that that movie was “dead air”. Yeah, I really payed the price for that one.

Then there’s a fucking 20 minute scene of these two ghetto thugs fighting with the killer while a white kid hides behind a door. Seriously it keeps flashing back to the kid like every 2 seconds, it’s regoddamndiculous! Then we get to see the dumbest “twist” in horror movie history. Not to mention after the hooded killer gets stabbed like 20 he gets right back up, what the fuck? The director stars in the movie as one of the final kids, I really hate when that’s done in movies. It’s exceptional if your short on people and have to act, or you make a cameo appearance, but tacky if your doing it intentionally. This movie was a waste of time and film. I’d recommend everyone stay as far away from this pile of crap as you can. I’m cutting the review short right now, because this movie doesn’t deserve any more of my precious time. Thank you and goodnight. *Takes a bow*

Watch this one instead!


  1. Just finished watching the trailer, I will probably not get around to it. You can figure out the twist of the film by watching the trailer.

    There are too many movies out there with college kids getting killed, it's an easy target for the horror genre.

  2. I know, it's so typical. I've been watching a lot of foreign horror lately because I'm sick of remakes and unoriginal crap.

  3. The Orphanage! One of the best foreign horror films I've seen... you should review that.