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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Good Guys Gone Bad-Buffy Month

Buffy: Good Guys Gone Bad
Status: Buffy Month

Here we will talk about the members of the Scooby gang gone nutty and out for blood. Why? Pure evil or sorrow brought on by horrible accidents. We all have our bad days, but not this bad. Living on a Hellmouth anyone can get sucked into the craziness that they fight everyday, and in more then once instance, they do.So let's take a look at Buffy and her friends gone rogue.

Buffy: Now we definitely didn't expect Buffy to go practically Annie Wilkes on us, but she did in season 6. A flabby fish looking creature that the trio raises sticks Buffy with it's stinger and a type of poison that makes her hallucinate another world in her head is injected into her. In her head she's with her mother and father in a mental institution and they are trying to cure her "mental illness", as they say. Anyways she's so depressed from being yanked out of heaven by her friends that she starts to believe the hallucinations. Knowing she'll be with her mother and father in a "happy" place completely disturbs and distorts her perspective on reality. She thinks that she needs to kill her friends to erase them as fake memories and join her parents in a better place. So what does she do you ask? Well she beats her friends up and ties them all up in the basement, and releases the fish creature on them. A fight ensues until Buffy comes to the realization that she is home.She actually refuses to sit down until Willow extracts the cure from the poison in the creatures stingers.
Also in season 4 Buffy's body is taken over after a confrontation with Faith using a magical gadget, and their souls are switched into eachothers bodies. Mistaking Buffy for Faith the watchers council tries to kidnap her to transport to England for a court hearing, which almost gets her killed. All the while Faith is parading around in Buffy's body being a whore and causing mischief. If it's one thing you do you do not steal Buffy's body!

Willow: Now as I've previously posted, we have a couple different versions of Willow going rogue. The first one barely counts because it's her from an alternate reality, what would have happened if Buffy wouldn't have come to Sunnydale. She's quite a foxy, pleather wearing, seductress Willow vampire. In the alternate reality her and Xander end up eating Cordelia in a very disturbing scene where they both suck on her neck. Eeek! The second evil Willow is the extremely powerful demonic witch Willow. After Warren shoots Buffy and Willow's lover/friend Tara through an upstairs window, Willow loses it completely. She calls on the dark forces to resurrect Tara, but they refuse because she died a natural death. So what does Willow do? She seeks bloody, and I do mean BLOODY revenge. She literally tears the skin off of Warren(the asshole who shoots Buffy and Tara), and goes on a rampage of destruction. It ends when she attempts to end the world, and Xander breaks her down.

Xander: Xander becomes vampire Xander in an alternate reality that Cordelia creates by making a wish to a vengeance demon(Anyanka, oh the irony). Anyways him and Willow are dating as vampire and our vicious killing machines. Vamp Willow is more of a fan of torturing while Xander just chooses to eat his victims. I have to say though, he doesn't make a menacing vampire at all. He's just to adorable.

Anya: I know Anya was bad to begin with, as she was a vengeance demon, but she becomes good for almost all the seasons. Then Xander leaves her at the altar on their wedding day, and what left to do then go back to her old ways again. Granted this time she has stronger emotions for the devious things that she does. For instance she feels really bad after granting a wish that a monstrous spider eats the heart out of some girls ex boyfriend and his cruel friends. Buffy goes after her to kill her, but all ends good after Anya makes everything right again, and loses her job as a vengeance demon of course.

Oz: We all know Oz is a good guy, he's Willows boyfriend for awhile and very quiet and collected. But when the full moon rises he is not in control of himself. After he wolfs out he could kill anyone, that is why he locks himself in a cage to keep everyone around him safe. There's more than one incident where Oz escapes his little cell and runs amok causing some wolf chaos. Most of the time it's not him that actually hurts anyone, so what was he doing? Haha, quite a good question. Anyways he wolfs out for the last time on Tara when he finds out that she's Willow's new love interest, and ends up leaving for good after that season, which sucks.

Giles: Now Giles is never really a "bad" guy, but he does do some foolish things. Such as, injecting Buffy with a serum that weakens and almost gets her killed more then once. He does this because it's a slayer endurance "test" supposedly given to all the slayers to prove something or other. Anyways Buffy gets very cross with him after he pulls that one. And secondly in the episode "band candy" when Giles reverts back to his old teenage ways, he causes some hilarious damage. He bangs Buffy's mom, trashes stuff, steals, and then beats up a cop and takes his gun. He's a total badass in it, haha.

Anyways that's it for my good guys gone bad edition for Buffy month. Anyone have anything to add? Any other characters gone bad that you really enjoyed?

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