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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Buffy Board Games!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Board Game
Status: Buffy Week
Publisher: Hasbro And Milton Bradley

I also wasn't aware that these two Buffy the vampire slayer board games existed, but now that I do, I want to purchase them! The first board game we are going to talk about is the official Buffy board game. In this game you can play with 2-5 of your friends, the playing time is pinned at around 90 minutes and the age of the players is 12 and up. You play as one of the scooby gang and it's up to you to save Sunnydale from the vampire master, the mayor, Adam, and many other villains trying to destroy the town and world. Whoever can beat evil to death first wins! Comes with game board, pewter Buffy icon, Phases Chart centerpiece, 5 Good Player & 13 Evil Player pawns and stands, 84 Evil, Weapon, Research, Help & Artifact cards, 4 Villain tiles, 4 Good Player cardholders, 1 Evil card stand, 10 dice, 10 life counters.
Here's where I got the information for the game(I haven't got a chance to play it yet), check it out if you have any questions about it:

Buffy The Vampire Slayer "Conversations With Dead People" Ouija Board
Publisher: DH Delux, Joss Whedon

The second game they came out with is actually a Buffy the vampire slayer Ouija board. It's a very cool looking board and planchette. It follows the same rules as any normal ouija board, it just has a unique look. If you don't know how to use a ouija board listen up! Okay you and however many of your friends can fit around the board do so, you all place two of your pointy fingers on the planchette (the small piece on the board you move around), then you begin asking questions to the spirit world. Whether you do it in a graveyard, haunted house, or the safety of your own room you may get results. Your supposed to start out moving it a bit slowly and then letting the ghost at hand take it to spell stuff out. Now I can say I've never gotten good results on one of these things, I actually have a awesome glow in the dark ouija board. But hey on a dark stormy night, alone at home, they are extremely fun to dick around with. And especially to scare your friends with.

Anyways hope you enjoyed. My next post coming is about Buffy villains, stay tuned!

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  1. I'm glad you decided to cover the board games too, they really seem awesome.
    Buffy villains? GOD YES! Looking forward to your next post!